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Published in: Technology, Design
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Social media web links

  1. 1. Resource Links Using the Social Web for Training LeadersCharlotte McCorquodale, PhDcharlotte@ministrytrainingsource.orgwww.ministrytrainingsource.orgArticles: Pope Benedict XVIs message for the 45th World Communications Day History of the Web The Web is Dead: Long Live the Internet Creating free iPhone apps Bishop Herzogs Speech at the November 2010 USCCB MeetingSurveys/Polls: Kwik Surveys Survey Monkey Poll EverywherePresentation Sharing Slide ShareOnline Classroom Site or LMSBlackboardVideo: Vimeo Wingclips Keep VidScreen Capture/Video Chat/Conferencing: Screenr Oovoo Skype Vod Burner Super TinTin Pamela for Skype E Camm Jing
  2. 2. Online Conferencing/Meeting Scheduling: Free Screen Sharing Adobe Connect (free trial) Wiz IQ (free trial) Meeting Wizard Time Bridge Any MeetingAnimation/Movie-making: Animoto Go Animate!Notekeeping: EvernoteSocial Bookmarking or Document Sharing Delicious DropBoxMass Messaging (voice/text): Calling Post List of SMS GatewaysAudio Recording/Editing: AudacitySign in Sheets/Registrations: Sign App NowFonts: DaFonts Your Fonts (no longer free)Sound Effects: DJ Soundbox (mobile app, not free)Electronic Invites:
  3. 3. Paperless Post EviteEasy Technology Explanations: Common CraftInternet Safety and Sites for Catholic Youth: Net Smartz Disciples Now Life Teen YoursphereAnother List of Great Sites for Technology & Ministry: Ministry Training Source Favorites