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Learn about the latest in Alcoa Fastening System's news.

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Alcoa november edition

  1. 1. Alcoa Fastening Systems Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”“One Great Connection ” TM November 2011Keeping you updated with the lastest in the fastening industry Edition 2 In this issue...
  2. 2. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”Bobtail ... ® Did you hear about... Well, yes. Just today. I thought it was a very good idea..
  3. 3. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”Tradeshows...
  4. 4. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”Rivets ... ®
  5. 5. Alcoa Fastening Systems“One Great ConnectionTM” Want to win?
  6. 6. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”Competition... 1. What markets do Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) look after Globally? 2. In the Industrial section, what are the three brands that AFS manufacture? 3. Name five applications for AFS fasteners i.e. Solar… All answers can be found at: Competition ends 15th November 2011 Please send your answers to:
  7. 7. Alcoa Fastening Systems“One Great ConnectionTM” Latest news about Alcoa Products
  8. 8. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”Product highlight...Bobtail ® The Next Step in LockBolt Evolution A permanent, mechanically locked fastener Unlike conventional nuts and bolts, they will not work loose, even during extreme vibration Pintail-less design eliminates material waste, reduces installation noise & improves corrosion resistance
  9. 9. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”Product highlight... Recoil Trade Series Kit Reminder: Trade Series Kit will replace the Standard and Pro Series Kits from 1st October 2011.
  10. 10. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”The Trade Series Kit...The Next Step inThread Repair EvolutionKit includes: High Speed Steel Drill HSS STI Tap Combination Tap and Installation Tool* Magnetic Tang Removal Tool Quantity of Inserts Easy to follow instructions All contained in a quality caseThe Recoil Trade Series Kit includes only the best qualityHSS taps which make them suitable for aluminium,magnesium, cast iron and most machinablesteels. Everything you need forcomplete thread repair inone handy case now available!
  11. 11. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”Fastener Flashpoint... Marson Marson Rivets: Battery Increased Powered Rivet range in Industry Tool: standard box sizes 14.4V – Nov 2011 – Jan 2012Marson Rivet Nuts: Large & small flange ribbed and Hex – Jan 2012
  12. 12. Alcoa Fastening Systems“One Great ConnectionTM”Alcoapeople
  13. 13. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”People moves... Sarrah Firth Katie Hutt Hui Ling ChehIt is with regret that we farewell Katie comes to Alcoa with 6 years Hui Ling is coming into the ExportSarrah Firth from Customer Service experience in Customer Service role from Compliance Administra-in September. Sarrah has been & Logistics (Domestic & Export) tor within Alcoa Fastening Systems.with Alcoa for 5 years, and has within the Mining sector. With Hui Ling will be looking after Inter-taken on roles as Customer Service strong applicants applying for the company Sales, and some of ourRep and Team Leader. We wish role, Katie stood out with her skill key clients in the South East andSarrah well as she embarks on the set structured on client relation- North West Asia region.wonderful road of parenthood with ships, business management andher husband Glen. change management to continue Customer Service’s strategy to be considered “Best Practice” within the AFS Group.
  14. 14. Alcoa Fastening Systems“One Great ConnectionTM”What’scomingup?
  15. 15. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”Trade shows... RTAA: 26-27th October AusRAIL PLUS 2011: Clyde Yard, 322 Parramatta Road, 22-24th November Clyde NSW Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Dubbed the biggest and best outdoor Centre AusRAIL is the only rail event rail exhibition in Australasia. to have the official endorsement and active participation of the main railway associations in Australasia and the broad support of the rail industry.
  16. 16. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”The BrandsWhile Recoil, Huck and Marson are the big three brands. We also distribute POP Rivets, AVK inserts, Tenconi (Benkler)Insulated Joints and Axion Composite Railway Sleepers for the rail industry. Please take time to view our website www.afsglobal.netLockbolts, Structural Blind Rivets, Hydraulic and Non-Structural Blind Rivets, Structural Blind Thread Inserts, Thread Repair Kits,Pneumatic Installation Tools, Hydraulic Powerigs® Rivets, Hand Tools, Pneumatic Installation Tools Installation Tooling, Taps and GaugesThe Industrial Alcoa Fastening Systems team offers over a century of experience creatinginnovative fastener products and solutions serving the commercial transportation,automotive, industrial, and construction markets. Our fasteners and installation tooling areused to assemble everything from trucks and truck trailers, buses, railcars, and automobilesto HVAC equipment, satellite dishes, electronic cabinetry and shopping carts. Our extensiveproduct line includes blind rivets, blind bolts, Lockbolts, and a full line of pneudraulic andhydraulic tooling and installation equipment.
  17. 17. Alcoa Fastening Systems “One Great ConnectionTM”Key Contact Details NSW – Ed Lucas Major Accounts ManagerAFS SALES +61 412 802 253 Aust-Asia Pacific &Ph: 1300 363 049 New ZealandFax: 1300 363 154 QLD – Peter Leach Ian NorrieEmail: +61 439 204 386 +61 419 249 546Sales Account Managers W.A & S.A – Sean Hetel Rail, Mining, Gas & OilVIC/TAS – Simon Lake +61 419 130 969 Glen Woodrow+61 437 192 706 +61 437 093 135Alcoa Fastening Systems Industrial Products Solution Needed, Solution ProvidedClayton Business Park Make our engineers part of your team at the concept1508 Centre Rd Clayton Vic 3168 Australia stage. Their unrivalled knowledge of advanced fastenerPO Box 144 Mount Waverley 3149 Australia function can make the impossible possible. A standardTel: Sales Australia 1300 363 049 fastener in our range may provide your answer. If not, International +613 8545 3333 we can produce a cost-effective tailor-made solution.Fax: Sales Australia 1300 363 154 International +613 8545 3390Email: information contained in this publication is only for general guidance withregard to properties of the products shown and/or the means for selecting suchproducts, and is not intended to create any warranty, express, implied, or statutory;all warranties are contained only in AFS’s written quotations, acknowledgments,and/or purchase orders. It is recommended that the user secure specific, up-to-date data and information regarding each application and/or use of such products.©2011 Alcoa Fastening Systems Ltd. All rights reserved.