*** Question 2 ***


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*** Question 2 ***

  1. 1. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancillary texts?
  2. 2. The Music Video
  3. 3. Magazine Advert
  4. 4. Front of Album Cover
  5. 5. The Digipack
  6. 6. The main image on the advert is a still photo of the opening shot of the music video. By using a photo of the first shot of the music video on the advert, the audience will instantly make the link between the two, and will become more familiar with the artist. I gave the photo a pink hue so that it reflects the whole theme of the song “Do It Like A Dude” – pink is typically stereotyped to be a girly feminine colour. The audience will link the pink photo with the shot in the music video, despite it being pink, because I made sure that the opening shot was very dramatic, powerful and striking.
  7. 7. The album front cover links in really well with the magazine advert because the colour scheme is exactly the same – pink, grey, black and white. Also I featured the album front cover on the front of the advert, so that the audience can look for it in shops, on the internet etc, and they will know what the product looks like. Another way the advert compliments the album front cover is that it has a very simple and elegant design, and doesn’t include too much writing. This reflects the classic and simplistic look of the album cover.
  8. 8. The magazine advert also compliments and links in with the overall Digipack design. The 3 main large images all have the same colour scheme of pink, grey, black and white. When people see the advert or the digipack, they will link the two. This increases awareness for the actual product (the CD) as well as the artist, because when the audience see the advert they will immediately think of the digipack. The digipack and the advert have many similarities – the digipack features 3 large close up images of the artists face, and the advert also features a large image of the artist.
  9. 9. The album front cover and the overall digipack link together and combine really effectively. All of the photos featured on the digipack are still shots that I took from different shots that feature in the actual music video footage. This means that the physical product (the CD) reflects the visual music video really well, which will result in more album sales. This is because the audience will watch the music video on the TV or on the internet, and they will instantly associate it with the digipack when they see the images on the covers.
  10. 10. Jessie J As part of the artist’s branding I used the same typography on both the magazine advert and the digipack design - the font style is called Edwardian Script ITC. It is featured 3 times on the magazine advert and 20 times on the digipack (on the covers with the multicoloured images it appears on each little image in the corner). This means it will be effectively “drilled” into people’s heads – whenever they see this distinctive logo or this type of font they will instantly associate it with the artist, and also it links together the magazine advert and the digipack really well. This style of font is very distinctive and unique because it looks like handwriting or a signature. This means it will stand out to people, and they will recognise it as a logo for the artist.
  11. 11. The black and white colours and the greyscale images look very classic and sophisticated. The pink colour represents the stereotypical theme of the song and music video (pink is considered a girly feminine colour. The grey colour ties in the black and white colours, and this shade of grey looks quite sophisticated. The overall colour scheme of the magazine advert and the digipack covers is pink, grey, black and white. Because they all use the same colour scheme, they are well linked together and compliment each other. The colour scheme could be perceived as a type of branding for the artist – people will identify the combination of these colours with the artist. The music video also includes many shots that fit in with this colour scheme, for example shots in greyscale, and shots edited to have a pink hue. This means the music video is linked to the magazine advert and the digipack.
  12. 12. Because the music video, the magazine advert and the digipack all share the same font style for the logo “Jessie J” and the same colour scheme of pink, grey, black and white, the font and the colour scheme is continuous throughout all 3 of them. There are definite links between all 3 – this means that people will be able to identify these features and therefore recognise that they are all related to the artist Jessie J. This increases awareness for the artist and ultimately increases album sales. So I would say that the combination or my main product (the music video) and the 2 ancillary texts (the advert and the digipack) is very effective.