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My DigiPak Design

  1. 1. The Design Of The DigiPak
  2. 3. Album title “Do It Like A Dude” is named after the first single released of the album – the audience will automatically associate the song with the album. It looks unusual because it is written downwards, so it instantly grabs attention. Also because the writing is pale pink it stands out against the black & white image, creating a contrast with the dark background, which is very eye-catching. Although the album title is written in bold capitals, it is more subtle than the artist’s name, which needs to be very large so it stands out and instantly draw attention to it. This is because she is a new artist, so will need to strongly advertise her name to the public. The main image on the front cover is in black & white to make it look more striking, and so it will stand out from other album covers and will draw attention towards it when the public see it. Black & white photos also look more glamorous and classy, and the photo portrays the artist as beautiful but also with attitude (the branding image/style I planned to market my artist with). I added the ‘parental advisory’ label because her lyrics contain some strong language which wouldn’t be suitable for young children, so it makes it clear who the artist’s target audience is. Also it helps to reflect and add to her unconventional, non-conforming, attitude image that I wanted to portray her as through her branding. The artist’s name is written in very large bold font which grabs the audience’s attention and is very eye-catching especially as the pale pink contrasts the black & white background. Also the name is in italic font that I chose to look like hand writing so it looks more personal to the audience, like it could be her signature (which will be even more appealing to them). When I took the photo I did her make up and chose the pose (looking away from the camera) so that she was portrayed on her album cover as looking very glamorous and beautiful – which will be very appealing to her target audience. Also the close-up of her face is quite a personal angle which will attract the target market even more.
  3. 4. I chose a typical layout for the track list so it would be quick and easy for the audience to see what tracks are included on the album. The bold black font contrasts the pink image so it’s clear to read, but the font isn’t too large, so it doesn’t ruin the overall look of the back cover. The font that lists the featured artists on the album is in italics so it’s separate to the song name (so the song names draw the most attention to them) and also the italic font complements the italic style of the artist’s name written on the bottom left. Still have the artist’s name written on the back cover like on the front cover, but on the back cover it’s more subtle - the colours are the same as the image and don’t stand out. Although it does look aesthetically pleasing because it adds a design feature to the overall layout, and also it creates a kind of branding for the artist – the artist’s name is repeatedly written in the same font many times on the digipak, so when the audience see ‘Jessie J’ written in this style of font they will associate it with the artist automatically. For the back cover I decided to use the same image as I did on the front cover, but instead I used a pink coloured version of the photo so that it carries on the same theme over between the front and back covers. Also the colour scheme used it the same colour scheme used on the front cover – pink, white and black. This makes the overall digipak product aesthetically pleasing because it has a theme running throughout it. I chose the pink colour because it reflects the theme of the first single ‘Do It Like A Dude’ which is all about ‘girl power’, so the pink colour creates a girly image, but the expression and pose in the photo suggests attitude which contrasts the girly colour.
  4. 5. The left inside cover is another close-up photo of the artist to make it look even more personal and easy to view for the audience. Also the pink black and white colour scheme is included in this image within the interesting pink stripy effect. The photo was cleverly chosen because she is wearing a boys hat which looks quite manly, but the image has pink stripes running through it. The girly colour contrasts with the manly styling and it accurately reflects the lyrics and theme of the song ‘Do It Like A Dude’. The middle section is where the CD will be held in a protective plastic holder so that it doesn’t snap or get scratched. The right inside cover is the same as the cover that flaps over, and is of many of the same image that is repeated in different colours. It is aesthetically pleasing and interesting to look at, and is inspired by the famous pop art photos of Marilyn Monroe – the audience can associate the artist with her glamorous and beautiful image. The bright colours make the album cover look very fun and modern which reflects the style of her songs. Also the same font is used for ‘Jessie J’ as it is used throughout the digipak to add to the branding again. WHEN THE DIGIPAK IS OPEN AND LAID FLAT: