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Edge Amsterdam Profile


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Edge Amsterdam Profile

  2. 2. edge | ABOUT US Edge Amsterdam is an independent elite sourcing creative network that connects brands, creative and media agencies and governments with our community and team to generate fresh, new insights and creative output. This serves as inspiration to further development and activation. We are a creative nucleus dedicated to unbiased collaboration with an inspired design and advertising culture that is influencing entire generations, consumers, brands and business models.
  3. 3. edge | VISION Everything is possible, even things we have not yet imagined. Work in a productive, satisfying and socially responsible way for all partners and never promise what we cannot deliver. Authenticity is not a brand. Design as art in its most potent form, can be frightening and provocative, until it becomes processed, stripped of its initial violence and prepared for the mass culture industry. In our business, it is vital that we find solutions to support all partners, while developing and educating our community. It is important not to simply transfer design and art into advertising, but to provide a platform, which nourishes, protects, challenges and increases the flow and diversity in design with our clients. We believe the advertising industry will grow into a model where young creative talent, experienced creative professionals, agencies, governments and brands will come together through community, developing ideas, design and content for the future benefit of clients, brands and the general public a like. Edge supports clients in bridging this gap. We believe in the network economy and open systems, which enables brands to tap into young creative talents, utilizing their knowledge and vision to anticipate change in consumer behaviour and market demand.
  4. 4. edge | WHAT WE DO Edge provides companies with new insights into branding, design and product, providing innovative ideas and vision. Via events, workshops, single online assignments and portfolio building with young creatives, while building briefs, pitches and creative ideas in co-operation with brands. Other services include online recruitment, magazines, events, creative sessions and award shows. We also support brands, governments, designers and agencies by providing management and consultancy services. Offering a vast range of advertising, marketing and promotional opportunities. Clients included brands, governments, agencies, designers and companies, as well as the public at large. To support the edge platform we have developed other business areas such as the ‘Edge’ design symposium, combined with a bi-monthly magazine focusing on design, technologies, people and brands. Providing provocative and thoughtful content to the industry and a public interested in advertising, design and creativity. We offer a holistic approach that works bottom to top and spreads back down in a way not yet imagined.
  5. 5. edge | OUR SERVICES Generate Consult We activate the creative community We work with our clients on the use to generate creative output by of crowdsourcing and co-creation working on briefs supplied be as a tool for their creativity process. the brands we work with. These Each brief is managed with the ideas and concepts are then used support of Conspiracy Concepts for inspiration for your team or who guide the process to ensure an developed further and activated effective outcome for brands, while into the market. educating and developing the work of the young designers. Involve Engage and educate the creative Match community by involving them Advertising, Design and Media in the process of product and Agencies use the creative network communication development. to scout for new creative talent. This edge recruitment service matches talent with companies and agencies.
  6. 6. edge | EDGE PRODUCTS Elite Sourcing Creative Network Event Organization & Consultancy Services ‘Edge’ design symposium, is a We offer a wide range of services bi-annual creative platform bring to brands, elite sourcing, original the world of advertising to the advertising concepts and design, individual, with access to idea generation, publishing, events, information, developments within product and brand creative. styles, technologies and ideas. We also organise Award shows Human Resources | Job Search with ( The Edge open source network and Masterclasses and directory offers agencies ( exposure for their business where they can upload portfolios to Publishing inspire. Manage and post open This consists of a bi-monthly creative jobs online. Search for magazine and possible catalogues new undiscovered talent through profiling artists, designers, agencies the edge database of producers, and brands, developing ideas designers, and photographers. and giving insight into design, technologies, people and brands.
  7. 7. edge | EDGE PRODUCTS Brands Media Agencies Brands have access to the next Use Edge to provide their clients generation of designers, working with useful, fresh and innovative with and utilizing their knowledge insights into their products/brands, and talents in design concepts while generating creative output. and idea generation, giving you They can also use Edge for creative an insight into what your end and strategic input when pitching consumers needs and wants are. for new accounts. There are also opportunities within communication and marketing and Governments advertising with our events and Societal issues exist in any country, publishing. on crime, violence, environment, traffic, etc. Design thinking can Creative Agencies solve these issues. Creative talent, Use the creative network to scout under the guidance of experienced talent, post jobs and generate professionals can create new ways new and creative insights as an of dealing with these societal inspirational starting point. They issues. This may lead to cheap may also use the network for PR and innovative solutions that can opportunities, market surveys help governments overcome these and briefings. problems.
  8. 8. edge | CREATIVE DIRECTION Edge has the support and structure of Conspiracy Concepts, giving access to highly experienced creative professionals to guarantee optimal quality output. Conspiracy acts as coach for the talents during the creative process, reviewing work and guiding the creative development to the presentation of final work. This ensures brands receive creative ideas ready for further development and activation.
  9. 9. edge | WHO WE ARE Charly Heusschen, Norbert Pollemans, Derek Ariëns, Managing Partner Managing Partner Managing Director - Charly is co-founder and partner Norbert is co-founder and partner Edge Amsterdam of Conspiracy Concepts and Edge of Conspiracy Concepts and Edge Derek started out as marketing Amsterdam. Conspiracy is an Amsterdam. His last position was manager for the Spanish football independent creative agency in at O’Neill Europe as European PR magazine Don Balon. After 3 years Amsterdam with a client base that and Media Manager, responsible in Barcelona, he returned to the includes ING, Samsung, Kempen for O’Neill’s media strategy, PR/ Netherlands to work for TRIPLE i, Capital Management and Nationale Communications and media buying. a financial publishing company. Nederlanden. Charly’s roots are He started his career at Leaf Holland In 2009, he founded Edge together firmly entrenched in the advertising as brand manager for brands such with Charly and Norbert. Derek is industry. He has worked for Young as Xylifresh, Bentasil, Lakrisal and responsible for day-to-day business. & Rubicam in Amsterdam, Barcelona Ben Bits. and Portugal, and subsequently for ON, a joint venture of Heineken and Sony. Garry Maidment, Val Foster, Stategy and Business Creative Director Development Director Val Foster is an awarded designer Garry holds a broad business with a wide breadth of experience knowledge, combined with at high-profile design firms, strategic thinking and magazines, and most recently understanding of international in advertsing where she has markets. His experience spans honed her talents on identity publishing, advertising, design, systems, campaigns and brand brand creation and event communications, both in Canada production with a primary focus and the Netherlands. Clients on lifestyle and leisure, arts and include BMW/Mini Cooper, Insigner culture sectors, creating design de Beaufort, TELUS, WestJet and communication platforms and Surfrider Foundation. that inspire and activate change.
  10. 10. edge | CASE STUDIES GDR Creative Intelligence Description GDR Creative Intelligence is a London-based research consultancy that specialises in identifying innovation in design with a focus on the retail and hospitality industries. They publish an exclusive trend research publication - the Global Innovation Report - every three months, which documents their latest research findings and trend analysis. Challenge Their July 2011 issue was themed consumer trends, the consumer is the trend and crowdsourcing is the tool. To practice what they preached GDR asked Edge Amsterdam to take care of designing the cover with the creative network. Approach In co-operation with Volkswagen we designed a briefing for our creative network that then started working on it. After 3 weeks we collected the creative ideas and reviewed them with creative professionals to ensure quality output. The short list of ideas was presented to Volkswagen who then chose 2 concepts to be further developed with their feedback. Finally Volkswagen chose one concept as a winner and they decided to involve Conspiracy and Edge in the further production of samples of the winning gimmick. Results In total 12 designs were uploaded and on of them, Lennart Gaebel, has won the challenge and has seen his work being printed. GDR have been very satisfied with the result and were pleasantly
  11. 11. edge | CASE STUDIES Volkswagen Description Since 1988 Volkswagen is the official supplier of the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) and has a relatively high brand awareness since about 115 Olympic athletes drive a Volkswagen with stickers on the side of the car that say: Olympic Athletes Drive Volkswagen”. Challenge Volkswagen will be introducing a new model The Volkswagen UP in 2012. The Up falls with in the so-called A00 segment of the car market. In this segment are amongst others Mini, the Fiat 500 and the Volkswagen Lupo. Volkswagen wanted to use the Olympic Games to create awareness for the new Volkswagen Up and asked Edge Amsterdam to involve their creative network to create a gimmick and activation of that gimmick for their Olympic Sponsorship activation. Approach In co-operation with Volkswagen we designed a briefing for our creative network that then started working on it. After 3 weeks we collected the creative ideas and reviewed them with creative professionals to ensure quality output. The short list of ideas was presented to Volkswagen who then chose 2 concepts to be further developed with their feedback. Finally Volkswagen chose one concept as a winner and they decided to involve Conspiracy and Edge in the further production of samples of the winning gimmick.
  12. 12. edge | CASE STUDIES Eneco Description Eneco were interested in building 1-on-1 relationships with their clients. This meant connecting as many fans as possible by offering relevant and interesting content, while keeping fans connected on a regular basis via Facebook. Challenge More and more people are active on social networks, sharing information, content and experiences. An increasing number of Facebook users are also utilizing the platform as a communication channel. Eneco believed that a big part of their future was on Facebook. Not only for the increasing number of users, but as well the better possibilities for brands to express themselves. Eneco Facebook as an important medium to connect and bond with their consumers. The Question was how do you communicate sustainable energy via the medium to obtain an increasing fan base? Approach Eneco set a brief that which we reviewed and adapted for use within the edge network. On completion we collected the concepts ready to presented to Eneco. Once they had chosen their winning idea it then went back to the designer for refinement. The second presentation was pitched by the designers to Eneco’s agency FHV BBDO. The reception and effect was positive with the students then having the opportunity to work and develop the ideas in conjunction with the agency.
  13. 13. edge | CASE STUDIES Heineken Description Heineken acknowledges that media consumption is changing and so to the communication mediums towards their target group. So with this and with the decline of ‘’ The BeerTender’’ sales decide to counter act this and look to the development of a social and online campaign Challenge To develop ideas to create interaction with consumers and ultimately increase sales of the ‘The BerrTender.. Approach By keeping the brief concise and open we managed to inspire more creativity out of the edge community. We decided to limit the time to 2 weeks as it was the holidays and therefore most students were not attending school. One of our interactive art directors was on hand to work with the students in developing ideas and fast ideas ready for presentation Results We managed to generate 20 creative concepts in 2 weeks time of which we presented 6. Heineken used the winning ideas as inspiration tools for their own marketing team and to further brief their online agency AKQA. This resulted in a substantial cost saving since Heineken far better knew what they wanted in social media and therefore could brief their agency better.
  14. 14. edge | CONTACT US Edge Amsterdam is a worldwide creative network with offices located in the creative hub of Amsterdam. For enquiries, please contact Derek Ariëns. Edge Amsterdam Helicopterstraat 3 1059 CE, Amsterdam T: +31 20 623 6543 E: + Map + Facebook + Twitter + Blog
  15. 15. THANK YOU