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  1. 1. A Crash Course on CreativityStanford UniversityConnect and CombineKatarzyna Gorska
  2. 2. Items Required:One PumpkinOne Nylon Stocking
  3. 3. Even though pumpkins and stockings areessential for the operation of everyhousehold, sometimes a person justhappens to run short. With pumpkins,its best to go to the store and buyanother one. It is NOT advisable tosteal one from your neighbours garden.This is illegal and could result insevere financial penalties and evenimprisonment...
  4. 4. Nylon stockings, however, are somethingcompletely different. Rather than taking onefrom the lingerie drawer, the recommendedprocedure is removal. This is a very sensitiveand precise endeavour. Removal of anylon stocking takes many hours of practice.It can be a very creative experience...
  5. 5. GASP!!!
  6. 6. First you insert thepumpkin in the stocking.Then you tie it firmlyaround your ankle...
  7. 7. Objective:Participants race around a predetermined course. Atimekeeper is appointed to determine the winner.The timekeeper counts out “One, one hundred,two, one hundred...” since he doesnt have a watch.The participant with the shortest time wins!Carrying of the pumpkin is forbidden. Asmashed pumpkin results in immediatedisqualification.
  8. 8. SuggestedCourse
  9. 9. Ready?Set...Run!
  10. 10. The timekeeper has an extremelyimportant job and should beselected very carefully..
  11. 11. Beware of hazards.
  12. 12. The Winner!
  13. 13. Enjoy the spoils.Pumpkin pie.mmmmmmm......