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Aypa katarzyna


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Aypa katarzyna

  1. 1. Are You Paying Attention? By Katarzyna Gorska
  2. 2. The five-star luxurious Dwór Oliwski Hotel is locatedat the very heart of Tri-City at the historical district ofGdańsk -Oliwa in Poland. It is a magnificent place -one of my favourite places in Poland. It is very alluringand inviting.
  3. 3. Small Luxury Hotels of The World - isnt it enticing? ;-)
  4. 4. The door to the restaurant in Dwór Oliwski is closed. It is beautifully made and decorated- The Halloween Atmosphere. It says: Welcome and Happy Halloween.
  5. 5. The name of the hotel - Dwór Oliwski - it shows you the Five Stars of thehotel and the sign lettering is big and visible from faraway.
  6. 6. Mysterious & Charming 17thCentury Manor House.
  7. 7. The roof of the hotel is very sophisticatedand original. It is made of straw.
  8. 8. All the buildings are painted in white or off-white colour. The White Colour makes mefeel calm and pure. WHITE is associated with illumination, spirituality, innocence, purity,perfection and heaven.
  9. 9. The park surrounding Dwór Oliwskiis absolutely marvellous.
  10. 10. The Magic of the Park.
  11. 11. There are many little bridges made of wood in the Park.
  12. 12. The Calming Presence of Water - there are many little streams and pondsin the Dwór Oliwski Park. The reflections of the trees and the buildings on thewaters surface awake my imagination.
  13. 13. There are many sculptures in the Park. They are all made of metal.
  14. 14. Outstanding Sculpture in the Park - Dragon - 2012 The Year of the Dragon inChinese Astrology. Dragons are associated with wisdom, longevity, water, magicand supernatural power.
  15. 15. There are many beautiful very old trees in the Park.
  16. 16. The mushrooms growing on the tree. :-)
  17. 17. The Fountain is gorgeous.
  18. 18. The benches - there are many of them in the Park.Day-dreaming on the bench in the Magical Park.
  19. 19. The Restaurant - The Pink Salon -Happy Halloween!
  20. 20. The Pink Salon is decorated all in pink colour. The floor, thewalls, the furniture and the table cloth are Pink.
  21. 21. The Restaurant is a lovely, intimate,romantic place for a wonderful dinner.
  22. 22. The little lovely thing you can find in the Restaurant - itreminds you to wash your hands before eating. :-)
  23. 23. The Autumn Flavour.There are plenty of heather flowers onthe tables and by the windows in the Restaurant.
  24. 24. The view from thewindow in the Bar.
  25. 25. The Coffee Bar isinviting and cozy.
  26. 26. The WineHouse.
  27. 27. Grands Vins de la Valléedu Rhône
  28. 28. The Wine House - there are many old photos of DwórOliwski - they were taken before the renovation.
  29. 29. The Mystery of TheWine House.
  30. 30. The SPA in Dwór Oliwski -sublime experience.
  31. 31. SPA - SANUS PER AQUAM -Health Through Water.
  32. 32. SPAOpeninghours.
  33. 33. The Paintings - there is many paintingsin the restaurant, hotel and SPA.
  34. 34. The ceilings in therestaurant are beautiful.
  35. 35. The Green Salon makesme feel at home. :-)
  36. 36. The WindowFantasy.
  37. 37. The mirrors are on thewalls in all Salons.
  38. 38. The little lamps are in allSalons by the windows.
  39. 39. The littlelanterns.
  40. 40. Dwór Oliwski - the littlefunny doormat.
  41. 41. The Autumn inthe Park.
  42. 42. The wood forthe fireplace.
  43. 43. The Park - makesme feel ecstatic.
  44. 44. The family ofducks.
  45. 45. The heather flowers are inside of the hotel andrestaurant and also outside - delightful!
  46. 46. HappyHalloween!
  47. 47. Dwór Oliwskiby night.
  48. 48. Unique location of Dwór Oliwski Hotel just beside the Tri-City LandscapePark. Exceptionally fresh air and wonderful scent of the forest.
  49. 49. Dwór Oliwski