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Infinitives and gerundives 1


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Infinitives and gerundives 1

  1. 1. Infinitives and Gerundives Verbs Followed by an Infinitive *She agreed to speak before the game. agree consent have offer shoot aim continue hesitate ought start appear dare hope plan stop arrange decide hurry prefer strive ask deserve intend prepare swear attempt detest leap proceed threaten be able dislike leave promise try beg expect like propose use begin fail long refuse wait care forget love remember want choose get mean say wish condescend happen neglect Verbs Followed by an Object and an Infinitive *Everyone expected her to win. advise choose have love remind allow command hire motivate require ask dare instruct order send beg direct invite pay teach bring encourage lead permit tell build expect leave persuade urge buy forbid let prepare want challenge force like promise warn Note: Some of these verbs are included in the list above and may be used without an object. Verbs Followed by a Gerund *They enjoyed working on the boat. admit delay finish permit resist advise deny forbid postpone resume appreciate detest get through practice risk avoid dislike have quit spend (time) cant help enjoy imagine recall suggest complete escape mind report tolerate consider excuse miss resent waste (time) Verbs Followed by a Preposition and a Gerund *We concentrated on doing well.admit to depend on plan onapprove of disapprove of prevent (someone) fromargue about discourage from refrain frombelieve in dream about succeed incare about feel like talk aboutcomplain about forget about think aboutconcentrate on insist on worry about
  2. 2. confess to object to
  3. 3. VERB + INFINITIVE = VERB + GERUNDThese verbs can be followed by either an infinitive or a gerund, with NO DIFFERENCE IN MEANING. He began to shout. He started to shout. He continued to shout. I like to read. I love to read. I prefer to read. I hate to wait. I cant stand to wait. I cant bear to wait. = = = = = = = = = He began shouting. He started shouting. He continued shouting. I like reading. I love reading. I prefer reading. I hate waiting. I cant stand waiting. I cant bear waiting.
  4. 4. Practicing Infinitives and GerundivesI. Circle the letter that precedes the option that best completes each of the statements below.1. I remember _____ the Queen in London. a. meet b. to meet c. meeting d. to meeting2. Did you remember _____ the letter? a. post b. to post c. posting d. to posting3. Im not used _____ up this early. a. get b. to get c. getting d. to getting4. I used _____ to the cinema a lot. a. go b. to go c. going d. to going5. I regret _____ Mary about the wedding. a. tell b. to tell c. telling d. to telling6. Mrs. Jones, I regret _____ you that your credit limit has been exceeded. a. inform b. to inform c. informing d. to informing7. Stop _____ this terrible noise at once! a. make b. to make
  5. 5. c. making d. to making 8. I wanted to stop _____ some presents, but we didnt have enough time. a. to b. to buy c. buying d. to buying 9. Look, its starting _____ . a. rain b. to rain c. raining d. to raining 10. I started _____ English when I was four. a. learn b. to learn c. learning d. to learning11. I am interested ______ your class. to take to taking in taking in took12. They enjoy_______ movies. Watching Watch to watch to watching13. She refuses_____ to her mother listen to listening to listen listening14. We agreed ______ together. working to work worked to working15. I need ______. studying to study in study
  6. 6. to studying16. Im curious ______ to Africa. about traveling to travel traveling on travel17. They postponed _______ the game because of rain. playing to playing at play at playing18. They want ______ good grades. getting to get to getting get19. Michael Jordan is good _______ basketball. playing at playing with playing in play20. I regret not _______ my parents. hug with hugging to hug hugging21. The criminal admits _________ the money. on taking take to take Taking22. Many drivers avoid ______ in traffic. driving to drive to driving Drive
  7. 7. 23. The gambler was angry _______ his money. with lose to losing to lose at losing24. Good teachers always offer ______ their students. help to help helping to helping25. I would like _______ a movie. to see seeing to seeing see26. The president wishes ______ violence. to ending on ending ending to end27. She is sick _________ in traffic. of driving to drive driving at driving28. We feel like ________ pizza. eat with eating to eat eating29. We look forward ________ the Olympics. at watching to watching with watch Watching30. I am bad __________. on ice skating at ice skate
  8. 8. at ice skating with ice skating31. She dislikes ________ junk food. to eat with eating eating eat32. I cant imagine _______ out of an airplane. jumping at jumping to jump jump33. The boss would like __________ more. us to work we working us work him working34. They allowed ______ home early him to go he to go him going we to go35. We invited ________ with us. him come them coming she to come them to come36. We resent __________ us. not helping her not help her not helping they not helping37. The neighbors are fed up ________ his house. with him not clean to him not cleaning with him not cleaning at him not to clean
  9. 9. 38. The mother wont tolerate ________ up late. Sara to stay she staying Sara staying her to staying39. I persuaded ________ the team. him to join his to joining he to join him to joining40. She is nervous ______ alone. about we traveling with us travel about us traveling at us to travel