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  1. 1. Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología Composition I I CO – 2011 -- ESSAYS-- Student: Carlos Roberto Mora P. Professor: Laura Gang. 1
  2. 2. Composition I I CO – 2011 Essay #1. Carlos Roberto Mora P. Save the whales The protection of the whales in our days is an important actionthat human and some organizations need pay attention, whales need ourprotection now. Also humans are destroying the environment where thewhales live and the problem every time is growing. Nobody denies thathuman have the fault because we are aware that nature and animals needus and we need them too. In the life all is a cycle and we are inside it, inour hands is the responsibility to care the environment and theircomponents. Whales also are beings that need protection, food, care andreproduce themselves but if we kill them or we not care their world, theirfinal is coming. The whales are beautiful animals. Also whales are large,intelligent, aquatic mammals and they have sleek, streamlined bodies thatmove easily through the water. Also whales have wonderful colors and 2
  3. 3. they make a special sound and it is like the way that they have tocommunicate with other animals. Whales belong to the group ofmammals called cetaceans, they are a part of this group along withdolphins. They are strong and have the ability to travel long distances.Whales are known to teach, learn, cooperate, scheme, and even grieve. Inother words, they are very special. For many reasons whales are amongstthe most enigmatic and fascinating of all creatures. Whales live in open sea, where human has gone and they haveinvaded their space. The kill of whales is an activity that happens everyday around the world and there are a lot of people inside this business, adark and illegal business. There are many species of whales that are indanger of going extinct and it seems that this situation does not concernus. Whales are killed by their meat, fins, fat and only for pleasure. Themain countries that kill whales are Japan, Russia, China, Norway,Denmark, Iceland, Korea, Finland, Australia, Nicaragua and Panama.Whaling is a cruel practice in every sense, as the hunters resort to usingexplosive harpoons shot and left by these large mammals in agony, insome cases, for about an hour while waiting for a painful death. Today, the main reason why whaling is to obtain meat, althoughin ancient times to the early twentieth century, there were also other 3
  4. 4. reasons, such as heating and lighting (oil), cosmetics and pharmaceuticalproducts. Whaling is not the only threat to these species. The oceans, oreven more, the human impact on oceans, have changed dramaticallyduring the half century since whales are protected. Among the knownenvironmental threats to whales include global climate change, pollution,overfishing, the weakening of the ozone layer, noise from sonar devices,and collisions with ships. The industrial scale fishing threatens the foodsupply deals whales and a physical risk to them getting caught in fishingnets. The pollution of the sea every year is more. For example the oil spillis a dangerous problem for all species. And in all the cases human have theresponsibility on these acts. Unquestionably we have to do something with this seriousproblem. It is not possible that many species die for our fault. If a whalecan be very intelligent and also dolphins very smart, with all reason thehuman we can be it. So, what happens with us? The answer is in ourhands, and we know what is, the answer is today, tomorrow could be toolate. ---The nature is a Gods gift--- Charly 4
  5. 5. Composition I I CO – 2011 Essay #2. Carlos Roberto Mora P. Places that I have visited at Different Moments I had never before had the opportunity to travel outside the countryuntil two years ago and it was so good. Many people believe that if youwant take a trip wherever you need a lot of money or maybe you need tohave good luck to do it. However if we work so hard we can do everythingthat we wish. In my case I had the opportunity visit two countries, bothnew for me and the experience that I had was unforgettable. Is good tohave the opportunity to know new places and to expand our horizons indifferent moments in our life. In 2008 Ivisited San Andres Island on the Caribbean. San Andres Island isclose to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, nevertheless that Island is property ofColombia. I remember that the flight to go there was so short, 45 minutesapproximately. One can visit San Andres by plane or boat. How this Islandis very close you can decide how go there. San Andres is a little island withmany people and few opportunities to work. The principal activity to makemoney or work is tourism. In San Andres I saw beautiful beaches withclean water; also in this place the weather is very good. I have boughtsome things there because some things are very cheap. 5
  6. 6. The following year I visited El Salvado,r a poor country but so beautiful.I was in the coast that its name was Salinitas. Salinitas always has hadmany mountains and nice beaches where the people can go and enjoytheir vacation. You can go there by plane or bus because there is animportant road that is called Interamericana Street or American Street.El Salvador is next to Nicaragua and Nicaragua is next to Costa Rica, so thetrip is short. The coin in this country is the dollar, and that is good becauseno matter if the country is small they use a big coin. The culture in thiscountry was very interesting because they had many traditions andcustoms. I was in that place where a mortal earthquake happened; todayis a mountain, a forgotten mountain. The town that was there was SantaTecla. Also in Costa Rica we have many beautiful places where we can findbeaches, mountains, rivers, volcanoes and historical places. I like themountain so much. However I have traveled to the beaches and to manytraditional towns. Our country is a good destiny to many people that livein other countries, has a good position, good weather, friendly people andis a country where the peace exists. For example in my town there aremany mountains and every time that I go there I feel so happy, becausemountain is one of my favorite places. There is a specific place to a specific moment. The most important isfeeling ourselves very happy no matter the place where we are or withwhom we are there. Every country has a beautiful places, has a cultureand traditions that are part of people. Travelling is good and is a niceexperience, however to know new people and new things about a specificcountry is good opportunity. Every place can teach us something new, 6
  7. 7. each person can show something else that we know about them. In everyplace where I have been, they were important for me and also they gaveme knowledge, fun and entertainment. It is good when I know a place andlater I hope will there again. That is living! 7
  8. 8. Composition I, by Carlos Mora P. I CO - 2011 A different Word Today, in our world, there are many situations that are changingour reality, so all the situations that are happening can affect us in manyways. All the actions that we make have a cause and therefore an effect.Humans need to take a responsible position towards their actions. It isgood think fist and act second. Consequently, we know that we are inconstant develop but also, all the decisions that taken are important for usno matter if we are agree or not. The result is important for us and foreverybody. It is time to make a different world, we need it and the planetneeds it because we are living in a false world where money and oil aremore important than our lives and families. 8
  9. 9. Humans always have been very ambitious and for that reason,have looked for many ways to make grow up their interests. Pitifully thehumans do not have had care in their acts and they have acted in anirresponsible way. The advancements of the person and of cities are goodbut in a good measure. Also each person is responsible of his or heractions, we can decide what is good and if something is not good for us wecan say no or not do it. Our planet needs a change right now, is notpossible see around the world destruction all side. Another point is globalization. Certainly permits an increase inthe level of global output but also it makes that our lives and our worldchange. Globalization must be expected to influence the distribution ofincome as well as its level on each country and it expects that all countrieswill benefit and of course also people. But by the moment that all thatprocess happens, poverty is growing. The destruction of many forests tobuild happen everyday. The impact of the globalization is eminent. Wecan see it and many people in the entire world are benefit and others not. 9
  10. 10. Another problem is the destruction of the ozone layer is a bigproblem, because the global warming affects the entire planet. There aremany factories that their pollute is too much and that affect rivers, air,towns, sea, animals and obviously persons. Some people kill animals tosell their meat or for many reasons. Many animals are endangered andhuman do not care them. But human not only destroy things, they destroythemselves. How? Killing with wars. Today many countries are sufferingwars and for that reason thousands of people die. Why wars? There aremany reasons, money (oil), politics, religion, territory and for the power. We need to imagine a peaceful world, a world full of peace andfull of love. Today children need a clean planet, animals need forests withlife and we need to have sustainable development. This land is our world,we need to care for it. Our planet and our life is a God gift, so we need tobe conscious with our reality and our position and our responsibility.Today is when, tomorrow could be too late. 10
  11. 11. Composition I, Carlos Mora P.The Review Essay Dead Poets Society There is an interesting movie that its principal idea is change thethinking way that we sometimes have. The author is very clear in his wayto say o express the ideas. This movie was made in 1989 by Peter Weirand a time where in many colleges there was a bounded way toexpression and thinking. The gender of this film is drama. The movie doesa strong critic in the academic process that there are in many schools andinsists that is necessary to change it to improve itself. The film exposes the adolescent awakening to the pleasure ofpoetic language, the romantic, the search for identity and the channelingof vocational possibilities. The movie becomes indispensable for teachersconcerned about the education of children and young people, either forpurely vocational and motivational level of the mind or analyze teachingmodels and teaching methods in the teaching proceed, and to offer 11
  12. 12. information on a rigid period but not very common, possibly to continuetaking place in some schools, high school and boarding. The main themechallenges the rigid and rote practice of traditional schools are contrastedand challenged by this former student now become a teacher, who isdetermined to break these forms of teaching and learning. But more thanteaching as a personal initiative, it does so as a personal need to savethese young people how harmful it can be a bad formation. One teachercannot focus only in one area and close by himself, he needs create newmethods or strategies that can help all the students. The film shows some conflicts facing young students inclassrooms where teachers impose their authority, leaving aside the realinterest in education. It also exposes the conflict of their students andtheir parents, the difficult situation that many teenagers have in theirhomes, because their parents are authoritarian in a high level. Todaychildren and teenagers are exposed to many situations that can affectthem in many ways. For example drugs, sex, money, pornography, smoke 12
  13. 13. and others vicious that are very dangerous. So here is the importance andthe important role that parents have in the way that educate their sonsand their daughters. In the movie we can see a parent that he is very strictwith his son and for that reason he decides commit suicide because hebelieves that he has not exit. It is clear; the pressure that his father hasover him is too much. Finally the teaching that movie gives us is the importance of thequality at schools, the academic preparation of teachers and obviously ofthe way that schools use for teach. No matter if the school is public orprivate, the message is for all. The education is the base of the knowledgeand for that reason it needs to be very prepared with good methods andresponding to the necessities that the school community have. Is veryimportant be aware that education is essential in each person, but notonly is go to the school and no more, also the education at home isimportant because it make us better people and it incorporate to us in thesociety and there we can fight by a better world. 13
  14. 14. Composition I, I CO – 2011.Carlos Mora P. Teen driving There is a problem in many countries with teenagers that aredriving irresponsibly. The problem is that many teens are not aware thatdrive a car is a big responsibility and they only think that have a car is joyand fun. They need to understand that a car is not a fashion, a car is atransport that is helpful but we need be careful with that. Today thestreets are very dangerous and we have not security there because thereare many crazy people driving to their whim. It is time to be very awarewith this problem, parents and laws have the responsibility to stop theparty that many teens have in the streets. We can see on the news that everyday happen many accidents onthe street and many times the guilty are teenagers that are driving thefamilys car or another car. Also many people die on the street victims ofthese irresponsible people in a bad and sad way; they could be peoplewith family, with sons and daughters. Also the murderer that was drivingthe car dies, and is victim of his or her tap. Obviously, the pain is for both 14
  15. 15. families, because they suffer the accident and for that reason theconsequences of that. It is very sad to see the pain of one person thatloses a loved person for the fault of crazy and neglected driver. Another important point in this problem is the drunks that aredriving and drinking alcohol. Many people are beginning drinking atyounger ages and they are more likely to drunk. Driving and alcohol-related crashes involvement is for alcohol dependence is not acceptable.Young drivers are over-represented in alcohol related driving accidents,and is only for a bad driver education. The reasons why teens and otheryoung people are driving very drunk are because they are inexperienceddrivers, they are relatively inexperienced consumers of alcohol, also theyare more likely to use illegal drugs and also they have a false sense ofinvincibility and immortality. Nevertheless, the responsibility is not only of teens, also parentshave an important position in teens lives. Many parents think that themost important is the money for their kids and they work a lot only tomake money. But what about the home education of children and teens?Unquestionably in that way, teens and children have a lot of freedom. Onthe other hand the government needs create new laws that be very strict.Here in our country we hear many things about the new law of transit and 15
  16. 16. some people think that all those laws are too much. But in the same timemany people are dying in our streets for the fault to bad drivers. Certainlyone driving license is not only the most important thing that we need todrive, also we need two things more: responsibility and knowledge. In conclusion, it is time to stop this slaughter that there is in ourstreets. Each person have the responsibility when is walking on the streetor when that person is driving. How much time we need to wait for seesomething new about this problem? How many deaths more we needheard? This country has the tools to do something about it, buy whathappens? There are the tools but the people with courage not yet. Nomore, no way! Now is when, tomorrow could be too late, we have familyand also we have rights, we have a voice that needs be heard. We requirerespect for us, for our families and for all the people. 16
  17. 17. Composition I FINAL ESSAY I CO – 2011. Addictions on people There are different addictions and each one has differenteffects. However, before it is important known what is the meaning of theword addiction. An addiction is when somebody starts doing somethingand every time is more and more. Usually one addiction requires muchtime for do it or in different times by day. In general addictions are verydangerous and can destroy to the person that is addict and their family. Inside on this topic we have many addictions. For example thefollowing: gambling, alcoholism, pornography, drugs, sex, food, beauty,television, internet, video games, smoking, marijuana and more. Allthese bad habits are very common today. It is amazing that children,teenagers and adults be are within the addiction´s world. Gambling is verycommon in the casino. Nevertheless people that have this addiction theycarry the casino to their houses and there they play every night. Also thispeople play betting a lot of money. After, they bet cars, houses, jewelsand other things with of value. Usually when the person is playing issmoking and drinking. Three addictions together! Alcoholism is a serious problem. It is when the people drinkalcohol, beers or wine a lot. This people lose their control and they do notknow that are doing or saying. It is very common to see on the streetpeople that drink a lot because they do not have house or their families 17
  18. 18. they left them. This people are called drunks. This addiction is frequent inadults and sometimes in teenagers. Pornography is when the person sees sex material. For examplemagazines, movies, web sites. The person needs think in sex. When theperson sees pornography feels the need to have sex. Moreover the sexaddiction sometimes is the product of to see pornography. The sexaddiction it is common in men and women. The age is not an importantaspect. But this addiction is very dangerous. Why? Because there aremany sexual Illnesses, for example AIDS. The condom it is useful but not issecurity. Drugs addiction is an international problem. Every time thereare many people consuming drugs around the world. There are manytypes of drugs. For example: cocaine, crack, ecstasy, heroin and others.Also, marijuana is a drug. Sometimes we talk about of legal or illegal drugs,but it depend of the country that we are talking. Sometimes some drugscan help to the people that are sick. But in others cases the drugs areconsumed for pleasure. The buy and sale of drugs is a big business in theentire world. There are many bands called drug traffickers. They haveserious problems with the law. These bands commit crimes and murders.The jails are full of them. Smoking is another addiction very common inteenagers and adult. These people smoke for the need of to have thenicotine inside. The best characteristic is the anxiety in these people.When the person smokes the smoke affect their selves and ourselves. Theorgans that are affecting are the lungs. After appears the lung cancer. It isthe similar with the marijuana but the effects can be different. Themarijuana affects the brain and the smoke to the lungs too. 18
  19. 19. Finally we have the food addiction. Some people eat but a lot!They eat many times in one day. The person is sedentary and for that isvery fat. The person does not makes exercises, not goes to the gym, onlyeats and sleeps. In their free time, when is not eating or sleeping, isplaying video games or watching TV. The obesity is also a disease.Assuredly, with about the food there are two diseases: bulimia andanorexia. Both are very dangerous and fatal. In conclusion, is good to have free time and sometimes to bevery busy. But in both cases we need to be careful with that we are doing.The stress is not good and some people say that for the stress they have aspecific addiction. Depending of the addiction the person could needprofessional help. The addictions always have causes. One reason is thatstarts and another is the consequence. We need care of ourselves, of ourfamily, of our bodies and our money. It is great to have a good self-esteem. That can help us. One addiction can destroy everything. For thatbe careful with it we are doing. May be we think that is normal becauseeverybody do it, but that thing that we are doing could be an addiction.And after can be too late for us. 19
  20. 20. Out lines Composition I I CO – 2011 Carlos Roberto Mora ULACIT Outline Topic: Teen drivingI. IntroductionA. Hook Teen driving is problem that affects to all.B. Connecting information Driving a car is a big responsibility.C. Thesis All the people, especially parents have the responsibility to teach in a goodway their kids, people to drive with security, and the government everything aboutlaws.II. Body Accidents Alcohol / Drunks, drugs General responsibility Laws in our countryIII. Conclusion Reflexion of why is important to have a good driver education. Lifes respect 20
  21. 21. Composition I I CO – 2011 Carlos Roberto Mora ULACIT OutlineI. IntroductionA. Hook A travel is a good opportunity. My personal opportunity.B.Connecting information Different placesC. Thesis Expand our horizons is good for usII. Body The places that I knew Names Ages Descriptions Similarities in places Comparisons in places (countries) Traditions and peopleIII. Conclusion Why travel is a good chance and why is good for us. 21
  22. 22. Composition I I CO – 2011 Carlos Roberto Mora ULACIT OutlineI. Introduction Something about the movie-A. Hook 1. An interesting movie that its principal idea is changes the thinking way.-B. Connecting information 1. About the author 2. Date 3. Kind of movie-C. Thesis The educational system that there is in many schools, that is necessary to change it.II. Body 1. How are some schools (academic system) 2. The influence of the parents 3. The problematic that have teenagers 4. LearningIII. Conclusion1. The importance of a good education 22
  23. 23. Composition I I CO – 2011 Carlos Roberto Mora ULACIT Outline Topic: Addictions on people (Final Essay)I. IntroductionA. Hook Addictions are a problem that affects many people.B. Connecting information Kind of addictions and different problems with each one.C. Thesis Addictions are very dangerous and they can destroy our lives.II. Body Name of some addictions Consequences People affected The most common kind of addictionsIII. Conclusion Addictions on people can affect the life, body, feelings and more. Do not consume drugs and be careful with those problems. 23