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A Simple Summary Of Social


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A Simple Summary Of Social

  1. 1. A Summary In Social… We can’t ignore social media…we can’t take it all in either. With so many platforms and such broad scope, read on for a basic guide to 10 platforms around at the moment commonly used across the digital world: 1. Google+ 2. Twitter 3. LinkedIn 4. Facebook 5. IFTTT 6. YouTube 7. Foursquare 8. Stumbleupon 9. Pinterest
  2. 2. Google+ Description: Google's answer to Facebook, an easy to use platform to share news, opinions, photos and status updates. Put people into circles and link to your content. Uses: SEO and urm… SEO. Easy to use and set up company pages. Great for increasing company exposure and ranking if lots of people recommend and +1 your site. Limitations: It's still in its relative infancy (although growing at an astounding rate) and so your friends and peers may not all be on there yet-also, the demographic is predominantly male still...bad luck fellas good news ladies!
  3. 3. Twitter Description: Post anything you 140 characters or less. Mark words or hot topics with hash tags, teach, get taught, share, promote and follow. Outstanding for it's ability to share news rapidly. Uses: Promotions, interaction, customer service and "going viral", if you hit a nerve with a hot topic or blog you can receive a lot of attention, commence a debate and consequently increase followers, site traffic and exposure. It's also compatible with pretty much any application you can think of! Limitations: Lengthy posts cannot be made, urm...that's about it-We love twitter!
  4. 4. LinkedIn Description: King of the professional social network. The "serious" one where you upload your resume. Posting your plans for the weekend and embarrassing photos not really suitable for this one! Uses: Fantastic for business networking. Recruiters often search this platform to locate candidates, so if you’re looking for work, upload your CV and complete your profile. Participation in online discussions can be great for your profile and brand exposure. Become part of the community to get the most out of this platform, in terms of SEO making your profile public and claiming your URL are good additional steps to take. Limitations: In terms of versatility, I don't find it easy to maximise and it isn't the most straight forward platform to use. You need to keep your professional head on at all times too so be careful what you say!
  5. 5. Facebook Description: With over 800 million's fairly popular! Update your friends with what you are doing, from going on holiday to eating dinner...yes people do post that. Post photos and stay connected with your nearest and dearest, fast, immensely powerful and easy to use. Uses: Massive traffic driver and great for promotions (we’ve all received the invites…). Social signals are also used in ranking and I believe Bing uses Facebook likes within its algorithm. A great platform to be casual and transmit your message quickly, to lots of people with no stress in a relaxed format. Limitations: I personally feel this works for a particular demographic and isn't suitable for all industries.
  6. 6. IFTTT Description: “If This Then That”. Fancy automating some of your social sharing? You can tailor your social sharing to specific requirements to save you time and help coordinate your campaign. Uses: Sending thank-you to new followers, retweets and receiving notifications about certain hash tags or tweets from those ur following Limitations: Platforms have their own individual characteristics and one tone may not suit them all. being personable is one of the main appeals of social networks, taking this away might reduce your network or authority.
  7. 7. YouTube Description: Primary platform for video upload. Fame machine. Career breaker. Second biggest search engine behind Google. Easy to use. Arguable essential for SEO and social presence. Enough said! Uses: Completing your brand image with a visual tool. Easy to use and quick to learn, you can search for anything from the sublime to the ridiculous. A fabulous platform. Sharing and SEO are the vehicles through which YouTube works its magic. Limitations: Conversation around a video is limited and number of views the only metric by which to measure the success/impact a video has had.
  8. 8. Foursquare Description: Application to check-in wherever you are. From Tesco’s to the train station to the club, check-in and add your thoughts. You can also view who else has checked in at your location. Also great for recommendations. Uses: Connecting this app to your social networks helps keep others up to date with what you are doing and where you are. If you’re searching for the nearest coffee shop, this app can help. Limitations: Privacy is an obvious one. Letting people know where you are at all times can be an issue if linking to your social network. Only keep those you trust privy to your whereabouts.
  9. 9. StumbleUpon Description: Stumble through content and give it a thumbs up or down. Keep your favourites and enjoy the content, rarely have I found any of the search results to be uniform, low quality or sub-standard. Uses: Driving traffic and content promotion. A fabulous social bookmarking tool to generate some incoming links and increase exposure. Limitations: Try to create and share quality content, something that is different and that people will want to read, share and link to. Putting anything up there and expecting views is unlikely to work.
  10. 10. Pinterest Description: Rather than content, bookmark or share images you come across on the web that you like. Follow people to see their pins and recommend and see others recommendations in a lovely visual format. Uses: Great for branding campaigns and SEO, linking back to the sites you recommend. Colourful and vibrant representations. Limitations: I have tried to join and it appears there is a waiting list unless you are invited. A wonderful way to share, the only real limitation I can see for this platform is through abuse of it from spammers.
  11. 11. Uses: Easy to use and you have access to statistics showing how many people have visited your page and some other demographics. Limitations: Not necessarily that well-known and widely used in the UK. People don’t chat or watch here – they explore. I am unsure of the reasons people would keep coming back????? Description: A place to collaborate your blog and all your social networking accounts into one easy, all-access area. Write a bio about yourself and customize your page. Claim your URL too.