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CPMG March Meeting


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See what went on at our March Meeting (which was snow snow snow but we still had a lot of good folks turn out!)

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CPMG March Meeting

  1. 1. !"#$ !"#$%&''()*"&'&+$#*",)-(('.*)+$&.* March 2010
  2. 2. Main Meeting March 2010
  3. 3. Tonights Agenda ✓General Housekeeping ✓What We Did ✓What We are Doing ✓Pro Contest Results ✓Assignment Review ✓Jayne Hunter, Intellectual Property
  4. 4. Housekeeping
  5. 5. Housekeeping Find Start Login Sign up New Features Help a Meetup Group a Meetup Group Home About Meetups Ideas Members Photos Message Board More Join us! Welcome, Charlotte Photographers! Meet fellow shutterbugs near you! Come to a Photography Meetup to talk about the latest gear, swap tips and techniques, share your images and stories, and have fun doing it! From beginner to pro we welcome all brands and think that everyone can learn from Charlotte, NC each other. We have a group of great diversity and that brings out new perspectives. 1,056 Come to enjoy, learn, and participate, but leave your ego at the door. (115 comments) Photographers Please note, we are not affiliated with any other area photography group. As far as we Meetups Founded know we're one of the oldest and largest of the Charlotte regional groups. 156 so far January 29, 2007 We have rules and policies on group usage, we ask that you please become familiar with them before broadcasting to our group: Supporting Members $42.00 - a year We are a very friendly group with a few monthly meeting to gather and share lessons (more info) & tips, reports from our special interest groups, and a foundation for the month ahead. Organizer: We encourage you to come if you can but if not find an event or meetup more central CPMG to you. We encourage everyone to participate to help make the group the best it can email me be. We're only going to be as good as our membership so your help is appreciated. Asst. Organizers: Andy, Fiveoff, June Wess, We offer a yearly dues for those who want to participate a little more often, or enjoy a
  6. 6. ocial Networking Meetup Groups Women essional Housekeeping Latest activity George H Holt added 58 minutes ago 8 new photos to Coffee and Strobes Featured Meetup Mar 2 Charlotte Photography working #18 March Meetup Tuesday 7:00 PM Charlotte 30+ men's Meetup - We will be meeting at St. brating Experience Johns UMC off Monroe Rd. ( : olina 40+ Singles Google Map ) Meetups: This up meeting is designed to help you get a feel for what we are Something doing around the area and histicates where you might like to put your participation.… Read more lotte Young essional Women Who's RSVP » attending? roups in View Album | All Albums Casey Sussman added a 1 hour ago See all… new photo to Coffee and Strobes #18 79 Yes ! 7 Maybe Upcoming Meetups Daniel Stowe View Album | All Albums RSVP » Botanical Garden (DSBG)
  7. 7. LP 1 - Light Waiting List Painting is available. Meetup #1 Housekeeping Monday Mar 08, 6:00 PM 12 Yes ! 8 Waiting View Album | All Albums Morning RSVP » Coffee, Sharing, Questions and Terie Christmas Davis 2 hours ago Chat replied to a discussion (latest of 2) Tuesday Mar 16, drumSTRONG 2010 May 15th & 16th 9:00 AM "I'm excited about going to this myself" 3 Yes ! 0 Maybe Reply | View Thread | All Discussions 15 spots left saturday Waiting List Scott replied to a 3 hours ago afternoon is available. discussion strobes #2 Saturday Mar 20, 2x 32GB CF Cards for $99 2:30 PM "page not found" 12 Yes ! 4 Reply | View Thread | All Discussions Waiting Daphyne joined the group 4 hours ago Note: Pro Contest Deadline Tuesday Mar 30 Greet | View Profile Note: International Pillow Fight Day Adam started a new 5 hours ago Saturday Apr 03 discussion 2x 32GB CF Cards for $99 156 past ! 5 upcoming "Just wanted to give people a heads up about a great deal on some CF cards... has 2x 32GB 300x UDMA
  8. 8. Housekeeping
  9. 9. February Roundup
  10. 10. February Roundup • SIGs • Social Outings • Beginners/ Intermediates • Morning Coffee & Q’s • Afternoon Brews & Q’s • Coffee & Strobes • Afternoon Strobes • Northside • Northside Strobes
  11. 11. Upcoming in March
  12. 12. Upcoming in March • 6th, DSBG, Picture Perfect • 8th, LP 1 - Light Painting • 16th, Morning Coffee & Q’s • 20th, Afternoon Strobes • Random Outing? Check the Let’s Shoot Forum! • Got an Idea? Suggest it! • Can lead an idea? Let us know!
  13. 13. March Assignment & Contest Love
  14. 14. Runners Up Mike / Oryngo Henk Jonker
  15. 15. Third Place Brandon Dierker ★“Love is very patient and kind...” ★Sweet. ★Thematically layered. ★It depicts the products, symbols, and objects of love all at the same time. ★Staple of newborn picture books. ★A little too soft. ★Would have liked a bit more contrast.
  16. 16. Second Place Mike Newcomer ★“I Love Playing with Lights” ★Creative and clean use of light painting. ★Great technical execution. ★Creative and difficult to achieve. ★Theme was a little lacking.
  17. 17. First Place Lindsay Birmingham ★Basic, not at all. Detailed setup. ★Very cool shot. ★Very Balanced, color & light. ★Was this hand arranged? Lots of time involved. ★Copyright and lack of link to the details was off-putting.
  18. 18. March Prize • Lumiquest 80-20 LQ-102 • The 80-20 enlarges and redirects 20% of the light at a 90’ angle from the flash and allows 80% of the light to pass on.
  19. 19. April Assignment & Contest
  20. 20. April Assignment & Contest Luck
  21. 21. April Prize • 8gb SanDisk USB Key • Photo/Video/Storage
  22. 22. !"#$ !"#$% &''()* "&'&+$ #*",)- (('.*) +$&.* Presentation