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Questionnaire Results Presentation


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Questionnaire Results Presentation

  1. 1. QuestionnaireResults PresentationCharlotte Page & Jamie Whitbread
  2. 2. Introduction• The purpose of our questionnaire was to find the preferences and opinions of our target audience, which was 15 to 25 year olds of both genders, for the release of a new psychological horror. We have targeted this age group because they are most likely to attend the cinema and be interested in this kind of horror film.• Here, we have presented our findings visually by presenting our results onto graphs. We have split our results into categories so that we can understand our audience better which will help to influence our decisions when making our trailer.• By considering our audience feedback, we will know how to attract our target audience when we create our media products.
  3. 3. Audience Profile. • Here we can see that our audience is both male and female with an average age of 16 to 25 and are mostly from Harlow so this would be a key place to advertise our films as this is where our target audience is most likely to be. • They are likely to be a full time student but also be part time employed. This could suggest that they have some financial income so they may be more likely to spend money on films. Full Gender Age Employment Status Time 20% 12 10 8 6 4 PartFemale Male 2 Time Part 50% 50% 0 Employ Time Under 16 - 20 21 - 25 26 - 30 31 - 35 36 - 40 41 - 49 50 + ed and 20% 16 stude… Town of Residence 15 10 5 0
  4. 4. Film Consumption • These results show that our target audience are most likely to spend between £6 and £10 on film consumption per month however some only spend £1 to £5 on film consumption per month. • We have also found that our target audience are likely to attend the cinema up to three times per month so this suggests that if we were to distribute our horror film to cinemas our audience would be likely to see it. • Our results also show that our audience are keen on digitally downloading films 1 to 3 times per month so this could be another key factor to distributing our film successfully as due to the majority of our audience being students, the film is cheaper and easier to access on the internet. Money Money Spent on Film spent Cinema Visits per Digital Downloads per month on film£11 Consumption per consu Month 10 - mptio£15 month n per 810% month Nothing 6 0% 10% None 35% 4 1 to 3 2 £1 - £5 65% £6 - £10 30% 0 50% None 1 to 3 4 to 6 7 to 10 11+
  5. 5. Film Viewing that our target audience are most likely • Our questionnaire found Habits to view a film trailer using their computer perhaps using the films website or other multimedia websites such as YouTube. This would be the most suitable platform to release our trailer on as this is where our trailer would get the most views from our target audience. • Similarly, our results showed that our target audience were also likely to use a computer to watch a film therefore we will film in HD so that the audience has a higher quality on a computer and will enjoy the film more. however the cinema is also a popular option for our target audience as our previous results showed. Preference for Viewing a Film Preferred platform for Trailer Viewing a Film10 7 6 8 5 4 3 6 2 1 4 0 2 0 TV Cinema DVD/Blu-ray Computer Phone
  6. 6. Horror Film Preferences • To gain a better understanding of the type of psychological horror film our target audience would be looking for, we asked them to select two of their favourite psychological horror films. We found that the Woman in Black and Paranormal Activity were most popular amongst our target audience as these are modern films which the audience have grown up with so this is the style of film we will be aiming for. • Our findings also showed that our audience are looking for either an intimidating or serious tone in our trailer and would most like to see it set in a modern house. Favourite Psychological Horrors Preferred Language Preferred Setting for a10 9 Style Horror Film 8 7 Woods / 6 5 Forest 4 25% 3 2 1 0 Intimidat Serious ing 50% 50% Modern House 75%
  7. 7. • We asked our audience to select some cinematography elements that they thought would be appropriate to use in a horror film. The top three elements to use were extreme close- ups, point of view shots and jumpy or quick cuts so these are elements we will consider adding to our trailer.• Whispers were the most popular choice of sound although silence was also a popular second choice. We will also consider these results when making our film trailer as it will help to identify it as a film of the horror genre. Preferred Cinematography Preferred Sounds for a Horror Elements Film12 1210 10 8 8 6 6 4 4 2 2 0 0
  8. 8. Magazine Print Preferences• For our ancillary tasks, we have asked our audience their preferences on a selection of film magazine front covers and their reasons why.• Empire magazine received the most votes and when asked why, we found that the picture, colour and layout were all important factors to consider. Magazine Front Cover Why? Preferences Features 5% Text 20% Total Film Layout 25% 25% Empire Picture SFX 55% 25% 20% Colour 25%
  9. 9. Film Poster Print Preferences • We also questioned our audience about their preferences for a small selection of film posters. • Our results showed that The Woman in Black poster was most popular by far and this was due to the picture used. This shows us that when creating a poster, the picture chosen must fit with the genre to attract our audience.Horror Film Poster Preferences Why? Text 5% The Ring 10% Layout 25% The Blair Witch Project 25% The Woman Picture in Black 45% 60% Colur 25% Paranormal Activity 5%
  10. 10. ConclusionTo conclude, our findings have shown that our target audience is both male and female agedbetween 16 to 25 and mainly students who have part time jobs. This shows that our targetaudience do have a small income available to spend on films which not everyone would have.This is supported by our audience saying they spend mostly between £6 to £10 on filmconsumption per month.From our results, our audience digitally download films more than going to the cinema as this is acheaper option so reflects our student audience. However, the cinema was also a popular choiceso these will both be platforms to consider when distributing our film. Similarly, for ourtrailer, our audience would be most likely to see this using a computer which is another factor willconsider.ProposalsFrom our results, in our trailer we propose to use a modern house for the setting and a seriouslanguage style as this was most appealing to our audience. Furthermore, we also propose to useextreme close-ups, point of view shots and jumpy/quick cuts as our audience suggest this willhelp our film fit the psychological horror genre.For our first ancillary task of a magazine front cover, we found that the style of Empire’s: The Jokermagazine front cover was most popular so we propose to use bold colours, and an eye-catchingimage to make our front cover more appealing to our target audience.Similarly, for our poster we have found that the image is the most important factor to making ourposter attractive therefore we propose to use an image that is quite shocking as this will make itmore noticeable to an audience whilst also fitting to the psychological horror genre.