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Evaluation Question 2


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Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Charlotte Page
  2. 2. A Promotional PackageOriginally, the assignment brief for this project was tocreate a promotional package for a new film. This had toinclude a teaser trailer, together with a film magazine frontcover that featured the film and also a film poster.Since the teaser trailer is the main product, the purpose ofthe ancillary tasks are to support and help promote the filmby raising awareness of its release through multipleplatforms. This is known as synergy as Ancestors is beingpromoted through various subsidiary platforms.For the ancillary tasks to successfully promote theAncestors trailer, both the poster and magazine cover havea similar house-style to the main product to ensureconsistency.
  3. 3. Existing ProductsFirstly, here is an example of an existingproduct. This is a promotional package forthe film Insidious (2010) consisting of atrailer which is supported by its film poster.These products are successful since theposter supports the trailer as it should, dueto the well developed house-styleconsisting of the same colours, darklighting, font styles and settings. Thismakes the film recognisable across twoplatforms.One of the most noticeable aspects tothese products is the choice of font for thetitle. The same has been used for both thetrailer and poster making the title becomesignificant to the films identity.Similarly, in the trailer, a shot of the houseis shown and this is mirrored on the postersuggesting the house will be significant.
  4. 4. TitleThe style of the title for any film becomeslike a logo or unique identity for the mainproduct. Therefore, to allow our ancillarytasks to become consistent with ourtrailer, all three of our media products usethe exact same style of title.This includes using the same font, thesame colours and the same size text. Thisis to ensure that the ‘Ancestors’ brand isnot only consistent but so it becomesrecognisable across all platforms.For instance, the ‘O’ in the title can beseen as symbolic for the red eye of thedoll and forms a brand identity.Likewise, the colours can be seen aseffective since the grey could connote theghostly and chilling atmosphere portrayedin the trailer whilst the red symbolises anelement of fear or danger. Therefore, evenin our ancillary tasks through the title, thethemes of the trailer are stillcommunicated through print.
  5. 5. FontAside from the font used for the titles,the same text style has been employedfor the slogan on the poster as it is in thefilm trailer.This font style is one which wedownloaded online as we thought thiswas successful in symbolising thechildhood plot of the film as it appears tohave a child-like style to it.Furthermore, as our storyline is basedaround the idea of generations and thepast, the grey colour of this text and theshadow behind it could connote the ideaof the past and history.By using this font for the slogan on theposter supports the themes that areportrayed in the trailer and even thoughon print, the storyline of the trailer is stillcommunicated to the consumer.
  6. 6. ImagesThe images used for the poster and magazine frontcover are very similar to the kinds of shots which featurein the trailer and therefore this is another way that theancillary tasks support the main product.Firstly, on both the magazine cover and poster, the dollfeatures. As something that is so prominent in the trailer,it is clear that this is central to the plot of the film whichis reflected in the ancillary tasks.Furthermore, the shots of the doll used for the ancillarytasks are close-up shots in which this is a shot type thatis regularly used in the trailer, allowing the tenseatmosphere created in the video to be mirrored in theposter and magazine since only its face is seen.On the magazine cover, the same actor has been usedas in the trailer. In the trailer, the actor can be seen toreflect the target audience since she is young andcurrent and so appearing on the magazine coverenforces who the target audience of Ancestors is,making the combination of the magazine and trailereffective also.
  7. 7. Colour & LightingThe colours used on both the magazinecover and poster are very similar with theblack background used on each, grey andwhite fonts with dark shadows and hints ofred throughout. These colours are allstereotypically associated with horror,connoting the idea of the unknown, danger,and evil in which these colours feature in thetrailer too. Through colour, this is anotherway that the ancillary tasks are consistentwith the trailer as the horror genre isemphasised across each platform.Furthermore, with the poster and magazine,the lighting that has been used is very dark.Particularly low key lighting emphasising theshadows. This is something that has beenemployed in the trailer whereby shadowsform and the darkness adds to theunknown. Again, making the productsconsistent.
  8. 8. House StyleOverall, I think that the combination of our main productand ancillary tasks is effective since the house-style iscontinuous across each platform with the same colours,fonts, shot types and overall style being employed. As aresult, the combination of the main product with theancillary tasks is successful as the connection can bemade between each of the products as they all appearsimilar.Since these products are consistent, it becomes easier forthe audience not only to be able to recognise the horrorgenre but allows the Ancestors brand to become morerecognisable meaning synergy has been successful as theproduct is being promoted through all of its subsidiaryplatforms.