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Development Diary for Ancestors Trailer


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Development Diary for Ancestors Trailer

  1. 1. Development DiaryOnce we had completed our edit decision list, we began creating our trailer byadjusting the length of the clips.To begin piecing our trailer together, we firstlyneeded to decide where our shots were to beginand where they were going to end. To do this weused the ‘I’ and the ‘O’ keys on the keyboard totrim our clips so that we had the section that wewanted. Once we had decided the starting pointof the shot, we pressed the ‘I’ key on thekeyboard so that this point would be where theclip would begin. To end the clip, we used the ‘O’key to end the shot at this specific point. These inand out points are shown by the blue arrows onthe image to the right.Some of our shots were slightly too dark sowe adjusted the lighting using the colourcorrector tool. To do this, using the effectstab, we clicked on video filters and thenselected colour correction followed bycolour corrector.We then adjusted the white balance thatmade the shot look brighter by addinglighter tones.The screen shot below of the doll showshow dark the original shot was whereas thenext image shows the end result after usingthis tool.
  2. 2. We also used this same technique to make the lighting brighter on other shotssuch as when the camera tracks across the photographs on the fireplace.When editing, we have tried to use different editing techniques, one of thesebeing a match on action. For instance, the screen shots below shows how wehave edited the character entering the house from the outside before the cameraswitches to the inside to show her entering.
  3. 3. Before we began to piece together our footage, we had downloaded some soundsusing the Internet and Soundtrack Pro. We have used one of these sound effectsfor when the front door to put emphasis on the tense atmosphere. To do this weimported the sound using the file tab, and selecting the import icon to find oursound effect saved within our folders. To ensure that the sound effect was intime with the door shutting, we turned off the snap tool so that we could add thesound to the exact moment when the door closes. If the snap tool were on, thesound would begin at the end of the previous shot and so be out of time.To add text, we used the text icon that opened a box thatcould be added to the film timeline. Once we had typedwhat we wanted the text box to say, we edited thesettings. Beginning with the font style, we have used thesame styles throughout, not only in our trailer but thesame as our ancillary tasks so that our house style iscontinuous across all platforms.We change the font style by selecting the control tab andchoosing Buttons the Bear font which we downloaded online as this has achildlike feel which is relevant to our film. To add a horror feel to this text, weadded a drop shadow using the motion tab which we then adjusted the offset,angle, colour and softness of the shadow.
  4. 4. To create the fast and tense atmosphere that is typically found in a horror trailer, we have cut some of our shots so that they appear quick. We did this by taking a clip and cutting it in various places using the razor blade tool. This sliced the clip so that it is played in sections. With the black space with have placed in between the clips we have cut with the razor blade tool, it appears to be flashing quickly when played which creates a tense and horror atmosphere.The music in our trailer has been found using Soundtrack Proand the Internet, particularly YouTube. On Soundtrack Pro, wesearched through the sound library to find sounds that wethought were ideal. When we had found something suitable,we saved this as a Wave file in our student folder so that itcould be imported onto Final Cut Pro.With music found on YouTube, we have chosen songs that theowners have given permission for us to use in theirdescription. Using an online video to MP3 converter, we thenchange the video to just sound and saved it with the sameprocess that we did for the sounds from Soundtrack Pro.
  5. 5. We have used various techniques with the sounds including fading in and out.We did this using the pen tool on Final Cut Pro and drew points on the soundtimeline to indicate where we wanted the music to fade in and where we neededthe sound to fade out. To make the sound fade out, we dragged these pointsdownwards to select the point when we wanted the music to fade and how longfor. From the screen shot below, our fades are quite quick as the line has a sharpdrop. For the title of our trailer, to keep the consistent house style across all three of our products, we have taken an image of the title from our final poster to use on our trailer. This will allow for consistency, and allow the title to become a brand identity for the products, as audiences will be able to recognize the brand easier. On Photoshop, we used the crop tool and saved the title as a separate image. We then used the importing process that we used to import sounds onto Final Cut Pro. We then added a dissolve to the title however this time we used a dissolve that was pre-set on Final Cut Pro. Previously, our clips were not long enough to use these video transitions and so this is why we used the pen tool to manually create a fade effect. To add this dissolve, we selected the effects tab, then video transitions and selected the fade in and fade out dissolve to do this.
  6. 6. On the final shot, we have added thefinal release date for the film that is inthe same font style as the sloganpreviously featured so that our style isconsistent. We have also added theproduction block and ProductionCompany details which we haveinserted as an image from our poster sothat all details and style is the same.We have also included our websiteaddress and a hash tag which can beused on twitter as this is most likely tobe popular amongst our target audienceso not only advertises our film but raises awareness of our film’s release throughsocial networking.Once our trailer wascompleted, we decided tochange the look of theopening sequence, as wewanted this to appear old,as if from the past like amemory. To do this weselected the effects tab thenchose the video filtersoption. Within this we wereable to desaturate thecolour using the imagecontrol option. This tookaway any colour to create ablack and white look thatwe were pleased with as itreflects our plot of passingthrough generations beforeswitching to the presentday.The purpose of a trailer is to create mystery according to Barthe’s Enigma Code.This can be applied to our trailer, as there is an element of mystery surroundingwhom the main protagonist is because her face is not seen until the tense endingof the trailer. There is an element of mystery surrounding the doll, as theconsumers are not told it’s history and that this is the antagonist in the film. Wehave tried to also create an enigma with the text by having the slogan ‘Everyfamily has their secrets’ which aims to get audiences thinking about what thesecret is.