Ancestors script charlotte & jamie


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Ancestors script charlotte & jamie

  1. 1. ANCESTORS byCHARLOTTE PAGE and JAMIE WHITBREAD Friday 18th January 2013
  2. 2. INT. Scene one is set in the past. The living room has adull and gloomy atmosphere where two children are playinghappily with their toys on the living room floor.Black screen appears with the sounds of children playingand laughing in the background. Fades into the next shot. CHILDREN (LS) Happy and excited, children are playing with their toys.Camera pans across to the right to show old photographsplaced on the fireplace. CHILDREN (CU) Continue playing with toysCamera pans back to the left to show the same photographsalong the fireplace yet this time the doll has appearedin one of the photos. TOYS(CU) Children’s hands are seen to show a close-up of them playing with the toys. CHILDREN (LS) Doll from the photo appears in between the two children. (ECU) Dolls face accompanied with eerie sounds.Tracking shot of the MOTHER’s feet walking towards anopen door. MOTHER (POV) Looking at the children through the doorway. MOTHER(CU)Shot of mother’s feet standing together at the door.Shot cuts to the doorway where MOTHER, screams before theshot cuts to a black screen featuring the company logofor PERPLEX PRODUCTIONS. Her scream is still heard, butbecomes distant.
  3. 3. EXT. Scene Two switches to the present day. A long shotis used to show the setting, a modern day street, wherethe main character is first introduced. ASHLEIGH(MS) Character is seen walking down the street. Close-Up shot of her legs show her approaching the front door. ASHLEIGH (MOA) Uses a key to open the door from the front before switching to the door opening from on the inside.INT. Setting switches to inside the home where thecharacter is standing in the hallway. The stairs arelocated to the right, the kitchen straight ahead and thedoor way to the living room on the left. ASHLEIGH (POV) Camera is from the perspective of the characterwhereby she starts to walk from the hallway to the living room.A long shot is used from the door frame to show a boxwhich appears on the table in the living room. ASHLEIGH (MS, TRACKING) Camera follows the character’s feet walking towards the box which appears on the table.Camera PANS up and over the box that is on the table andZOOMS IN to a CLOSE-UP show the phrase “do not open”scratched on the top of the box. Eerie, suspense soundsaccompany the panning movement.Cuts to a shot with text featuring the ANCESTORS sloganthat is written in a ghostly style, “every family…” ASHLEIGH (OTSS, HIGH ANGLE)Hesitantly opens the box.Shot shows old items from previous generations inside thebox including old ornaments and the photographs that wereseen in the previous scene. Faint scream can be heard inthe background.Sharp cut to an EXTREME CLOSE-UP of the dolls eye whichis visible in between all of the objects.Cut to a shot, which continues the ANCESTORS slogan,which is written in a ghostly font “…has their secrets.”
  4. 4. INT. At nighttime, the house is dark and gloomy. A lightis flickering.Cuts are quick and show the doll gradually gettingcloser. (MS) Doll appears to be thrown on the floor. (CU) The photos that previously featured are now scratched and torn. Photo frames appear smashed and broken.Camera zooms in and pans across the photos. Faint scream can be heard in the background. (CU) Dolls face. ASHLEIGH (MS) Door slams, character looks scared. (ECU) Dolls eyes (CU) Cuts to a mirror where, “I know your secret…” has been written. (LS) TV has white noise ASHLEIGH(CU) Phone rings, the character answers the phone however no one is there, just a white noise sound. Cuts to the release date, “This Halloween” ASHLEIGH(CU) Character is visibly scared, breathing heavily. The torch she is holding lights up her face. (CU) Doll appears to be behind the shoulder of the character. Cuts to the film title, ANCESTORS Cuts to social networking details, for Twitter #Ancestors,and the film’s official website address is shown underneath.