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My media campaign power point


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My media campaign power point

  1. 1. My Media Campaign By Charlotte McLaren.
  2. 2. My Initial Idea My dvert go targe i ea print a s be ng to t aud creat age tw e be i en uld li ke to he advant an d 1 en th teen ce is e I wo t hting net. ag e 9a e a ag y piec ine highlig inter a m whe s I th ges e girFor m agaz of the i o ls mand a advantag es an ajor re th nk thi f 13 d p e s is the can art o inte is thand d i r fu a f rne e tur lso je their ti e. op live s ard s is e I would like to highlight how employers can look at their web pages, effects of cyber bullying and breaking down what a cyber bully is, benefits such as keeping in touch etc and danger of the internet.
  3. 3. llying r-B u s nk I thi lts. ng a g adu e yi bull youn ill b r ybe and his w y c ,t ll be agers fetyC wi sa z ine t teen ternet be. aga s mos in ill m y m ect ct s of azine w cu s of at aff r aspe mag ai n fo hing th ss othe s in myTh e m somet addre pread is ill s t hat ugh I w t of the o os Alth hat m be w I think this will be effective as I can use news stories such as: • The Amanda Todd story • The girl with the fake ‘boyfriend’ Josh and others that may be in the news at the moment or in the past.
  4. 4. My MagazineThe name of my magazine will be‘STAND UP’. I will use Demi Lovatoas my celebrity endorsement In my magazine I will use celebrity reference as young girls look up to certain celebrities and often listen to what they say.
  5. 5. Drafts.This is what Iwould like myfront cover tolook like howeverI would needsomebody toact out the roleof Demi Lovato.
  6. 6. The main focus will be my magazine however I will also be doing a print advert using similar techniques and stories as the magazine.
  7. 7. Examples ofsimilar posters to mine.