Noli me tangere .. Chapter 8


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Noli Me Tangere published in Berlin

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Noli me tangere .. Chapter 8

  1. 1. Published in Berlin (1887)
  2. 2. The Bleak winter of 1886 was memorable in the life of Rizal. 1. It was a painful episode for he was hungry, sick and dependent in a strange City. 2. It brought him great joy, after enduring so much sufferings, (Because his first novel Noli Me Tangere came off the press in March, 1887)
  3. 3. How did Rizal published the novel?
  4. 4. Like the legendary Santa Claus, Dr. Maximo Viola, his friend from Bulacan arrived in Berlin at the height of his despondency loaned him the needed funds to publish the novel.
  5. 5. Idea of Writing a novel on the Philippines
  6. 6. INSPIRATION OF RIZAL Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin  Which portrays the brutalities of American slave-owners and the pathetic conditions of the unfortunate Negro slaves.
  7. 7. Of the Filipinos In the Paterno Residence in Madrid January 2, 1884 Rizal proposed the writing of a novel about the Philippines by a group of Filipinos. Approved by: Paternos (Pedro, Maximo and Antoia) Graciano Lopez Jaena, Evaristo Aguirre, Eduardo de Lette, Julio Llorente, Melecio Figueroa and Valentin Ventura
  8. 8. What happened to Rizal project Proposal?
  9. 9. Rizal’s project did not materialize Those compatriots who were expected to collaborate on the novel did not write anything. Almost everybody wanted to write on women. Rizal was disgusted.
  10. 10. Why Rizal was disgusted?
  11. 11. Rizal was disgusted at such flippancy He was more disgusted to see that his companions instead of working seriously on the novel, wasted their gambling or fliting with spanish señoritas.
  12. 12. What was the ?
  13. 13. Write the novel alone
  14. 14. The Writing of the Noli Me Tangere
  15. 15. End of 1884, Rizal began writing the novel in Madrid and finished about one-half of it. In Paris He continued writing the novel (Finishing one-half of the second half) In Germany He finished the last fourth of the novel.
  16. 16. In Wilhemsfeld (April-June 1886) He wrote the last few chapters of Noli In Berlin (Winterdays of February 1886) Rizal made the final revisions on the manuscript of the Noli.
  17. 17. What happened to Rizal because of sick and penniles?
  18. 18. In a momentary fit of desperation, he almost hurled it into the flames.
  19. 19. “I did not believe that the Noli Me Tangere would ever be published when I was in Berlin, broken-hearted, weaked, and discouraged form hunger and despiration. I was on the point of throwing my work into the fire as a thing accursed and fit only to die.”
  20. 20. VIOLA, Savior of the Noli
  21. 21. Rizal received a telegram from Dr. Maximo Viola who was coming to Berlin. Dr. Maximo arrived before Christmas day of 1887.
  22. 22. At what moment did Dr. Maximo saw the living of Rizal?
  23. 23. Rizal living in poverty and deplorably sickly due to tack of proper nourishment. Dr. Maximo agreed to finance the printing cost of Noli. He also loaned Rizal some cash money for living expenses.
  24. 24. After Rizal put the finishing touches on his novel. He deleted certain passages in his manuscript, including a whole chapter of “Elias and Salome”
  25. 25. February 21, 1887 The Noli was finally finished and ready for printing. They went to different printing shops in Berlin to survey the cost of printing. Berliner Buchdruck-Action- Gesselschacft Printing shop they found which charged the lowest rate, that is, 300 pesos for 2,000 copies of the novel.
  26. 26. Thank You for Listening.. 