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Charlotte assistive tech ppt

  1. 1. Working with students who have special needs Inclusion is very fair and beneficial to all students, those with special needs and those without  Special needs children  Rise to the occasion and try harder to do things instead of having them done by others  Develop social skills by interacting with other students and observing positive role models  Children without special needs  Accept those that are different from them  Peer tutor and help those with special needs  Boosts self confidence  Helping them further understand topics by helping others understand
  2. 2. How can you describe working with special needs students? Challenging  Have to adapt almost every lesson to meet their needs  All needs are different  As with all learners, not just ones with special needs  Often have to do re-teaching  Helpful when you have a SPED teacher and/or paraprofessional, as I do (I have both!) Rewarding  Seeing that “light bulb” go off in their eyes is amazing!  They know they are different from the other students, even in kindergarten  When they have the same or similar product as their peers, or know the same information and can share it, they feel more equal Eye-opening  I have learned about so many assistive technologies, electronic-based and otherwise  Hoping your students will learn something and actually seeing them learn it are two different things  Seeing and knowing that these children deserve the same education as their peers because they can do it, and they can do it in an inclusion classroom
  3. 3. Assistive technology in my current classroom FM system for a student with hearing problems  I wear a microphone and he has a small speaker that he gets every time we sit on the carpet (which is a lot)  It makes it easier for him to hear; sometimes, when we both forget he needs to take it with him to the carpet, he is more easily distracted and does not even try to pay attention because he cannot hear me very well
  4. 4. Assistive technology in my current classroom Dynavox  My student is nonverbal (except for noises) and she uses this computer-like machine to communicate with people  peers, teachers, parents, etc.  She navigates it very well, opening and closing different windows to locate the words she wants to say  Voice that speaks sounds like a little girl, so it seems more realistic that she is the one talking  The other students love it! They love to hear this student “talk” using her “box” and enjoy having conversations with her, too
  5. 5. Assistive technology in my current classroom Slant board  Helps with student writing skills  Helps a lot with their letter formation  Benefits how they hold their pencils and overall work products
  6. 6. Assistive technology in my current classroom iPad  We have a lab in our school for all students to access 30 iPads  Have apps for all student needs  I use them mostly for extra practice for students who are struggling in a specific area  ProLoQuo2Go  Similar to the Dynavox  Allows people to communicate without talking  We do not have this app, but it would be beneficial to some of my students  Because they are nonverbal or are difficult to understand due to speech difficulties
  7. 7. Assistive technology I have learned about and would like to use TouchWindow  Screen that fits over a computer monitor and makes it a touch screen  One of my students has a lot of difficulty using a mouse, and this would enable her to easily navigate a computer
  8. 8. Assistive technology I have learnedabout and would like to use Mimio board  Using a projector and a small mount on a whiteboard, your regular whiteboard is turned into an interactive board!  Allows you to stream anything from your computer to the whiteboard  Provides lesson plans and allows you to create lessons to be interactive for your students  Can make anything on your computer interactive  PDF files  Word files  PowerPoint presentations  Web pages  You (and your students) can add, delete, and change all of these to teach about any topic  Especially beneficial kinesthetic learners because they are actually “doing” instead of just sitting and listening  Special needs students would benefit from larger print and ability to interact with the lesson instead of just watching (as with all students)
  9. 9. Sources fault.htm 4?ign-mpt=uo%3D4&mt=8 US/Products/MimioTeach-Interactive-System.aspx  For some images