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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. QUESTIONNAIRERESULTSBy Charlotte Joyce
  2. 2. Gender When I asked 15 Gender people what gender they were 8 people were girls and 7 Females people were boys Males therefore I will aim my magazine at both males and females.
  3. 3. Age When I asked 15 Age people what age they were 10 people said 15 years they were 16-21 year old or younger olds, 3 said they were 16-21 15 year olds or year olds younger and 2 said 22-29 they were 22-29 year year olds olds. Therefore I will aim my music 30 years old or magazine towards 16- older 21 year olds.
  4. 4. Spending power When I asked 15 Spending power people how much they were willing to 99p or spend on a less magazine 11 people £1-£2 said £1-£2, 2 people £2-£3 said 99p or less and 2 said £2-£3 £3-£4 therefore the price £4 or of my magazine will more be £1.50
  5. 5. Genre When I asked 15 Favourite genre of people what their music favourite genre of Pop music was 7 people said it was Dance indie/alternative, 4 Indie/alter people said pop, 3 native people said RnB and RnB 1 said rock. Therefore Rock the genre of my magazine will be Other indie/alternative.
  6. 6. How often they buy a magazine When I asked 15 How often they buy a people how often they magazine buy a music magazine 7 people said every month, 5 every week people said every every week and 2 said they month rarely buy one and 1 rarely said they never buy never one. Therefore my magazine will be sold on a monthly basis
  7. 7. Favourite music magazine When I asked 15 Favourite music people what their magazine favourite music magazine was 8 people said NME, 6 people said Q and 1 Q people said NME Kerrang. Therefore I Kerrang will make my magazine to be similar to NME.
  8. 8. Features their ideal magazinewould have When I asked 15 people Music magazine ideal what features their ideal music magazine would features offer them 8 people said interviews with new Exclusives upcoming artists, 4 said on their exclusives on their favourite favourite artists and 3 artists people said reviews on all their favourite Interviews bands/artists. Therefore with new my magazine will include and all these features and upcoming more. artists Reviews on all their favourite bands and artists
  9. 9. Favourite music magazine name When I asked 15 Favourite music people what their magazine name favourite magazine name was 6 people said the sound, 4 people said Beats unplugged, 3 people The Sound Unplugged said Forum and 2 Forum people said Beats. Wired Therefore the name of my magazine will be The Sound.
  10. 10. Favourite font When I asked Favourite font people what their favourite font was 6 people said this 1 4 people said this 2 and , ,3 people 3 said this 4 and 2 people said this Therefore the font of my magazine will be this