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How did you use new media technologies in


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How did you use new media technologies in

  1. 1. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. During the research for my ancillary texts I found Google and YouTube highly effective on helping me out during the process. Google helped me research a mammoth amount of research, such as directors and using so it filtered to which ones I eventually chose. Here I had to find out as much as needed about musicvideo directors and about previous work they’ve done and Google sorted me out! It provided me with information such as music career background, such aswhich artists they’ve worked with in the past and what videos they’re mostly famous for. I also found YouTube without doubt as useful for my research into music directors too. I searched certain music videos that the directors had directed and from this I spoke about what it was that I found most interesting abouttheir pieces of art! For example, Anthony Mandler was one that I researched with Google and YouTube with; I found out that he had collaborated with Rihanna and The Killers, two completely different artists. What I liked the most about his work was what he portrays in these videos with Rihanna and then The Killers; his style tells a story in a unique way that shows off the song and the artist. These two particular music videos both come across as a short film, which I find impressive to do with in just under 6 minutes. Google
  3. 3. • When in the process of editing my music video I used a very helpful programme, Adobe Premier Pro. Using this programme enabled me to use special effects and to edit my films which were HD. For example, it allowed me to mirror images, speed up, slow down, edit colour, and add special effects like a “roll” onto it. I did come across some difficulties where it was hard at the start to get back to remembering where everything was, however within half an hour of editing I got the hang of it again. Using the programme also allowed me to download my music video and export it as YouTube video. Without this it would have been difficult for me to get it onto my blog to be able to show what I had created to the class as well as teacher etc. Another difficulty I came across was right at the end of the editing journey. I had exported it so it was enabled to be put onto YouTube (YT), however, when uploaded onto YT the “roll” affect that I had edited in did not work, so I had to go back and see if by exporting it to different export it would work, again it did not. In the end I did have to take the edit out, however, I have still got the previous exported videos so I will send one off on CD to the exam board and see if it works on that if not then I still have the other