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9 Steps To Nail Your Video Marketing Strategy


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New to video marketing? Or want to boost your current video ROI? Here's all the tools you'll need to build the most effective video campaigns that get results.

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9 Steps To Nail Your Video Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. C r e a t i v e C o n t e n t S t u d i oC r e a t i v e C o n t e n t S t u d i o 9 Steps To Nail Your Video Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. Define Your Goals And Objectives 1 Getting time to do the strategic, “thinking” part is half the battle… but if you want a campaign that’s measurable and successful, you’ll need to consider what you actually want your videos to achieve. 87% 49% Of online marketers use video content* The %growth in revenue experienced by marketers that do use video* *
  3. 3. Just think… • What’s the purpose of your videos? • Who will be watching your videos and where will they do this? • What are the key messages you want to communicate? • How will the videos play into your wider business objectives? • What do you plan to measure to monitor their success?
  4. 4. Know Where Your Audience Are 2 Knowing what your audience likes will help you decide on your videos’ content, but knowing where they hang out digitally will ensure you’re actually reaching them. Google Analytics is a great place to start in learning which social channels are most popular in bringing traffic to your site.
  5. 5. Optimise assets to suit the device most commonly used by your audience. Change the size formatting of your video depending on the social platforms your audience use. 86% 72% Of B2B viewers consume business-related video via desktop* * Of businesses using video content do so via social media* Make the length of your videos fit your chosen platforms. (Ideally less than 1min for Social Feeds and less than 2mins for YouTube). Be sure to…
  6. 6. 3 Plan Content Around Key Events Think about public events/holidays coming up in the calendar that are likely to resonate with your audience and tie content in with these. Equally, tying video in to events happening within your business is a great way of raising your brand’s profile and reach.
  7. 7. Business events could be brand-focused, e.g… …or customer-focussed, e.g… CSR Activity Public Relations Promotions & Competitions New Product Launches 81% Of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video* 85% Of people say they’d like to see more brand video throughout 2018* *
  8. 8. 4 Plan Content Around Your Stills Shoot (…and vice versa) It’s important not to view your assets in isolation. Often you can create multiple assets, combining stills and video, all from the same shoot and crew to save on the cost of starting from scratch! Click here to find out how to get video out of stills Click here for your guide to Stop Motion & stills
  9. 9. 5 Plan For Economies Of Scale Look at the demands for video across your business, rather than just the needs of one department. Sharing content evenly throughout the year will get you a good spread of engagement, but shooting it all in one hit will ensure you get a cheaper cost per video through economies of scale. After all, no one likes to find out they’ve paid 3 times for 3 videos of a mince pie!
  10. 10. 6 Tackle Video From Various Angles • Educational • Testimonials • Interviews • ‘How To’ ideas • Humour • Animation • Life Hacks • CSR focus • Webinars • Brand Culture • Behind-the-Scenes • Micro content • Case Studies • Teasers • PR • Interactive • Product Demos • Events • Competitions • New Releases • Brand Heritage • Brand Stories • Influencer • Live Broadcast
  11. 11. 7Be Equipped To Stand Out From The Crowd Invest in creative ideas that will give your brand an identifiable style - not just with content but also in how you distribute it. 1.5 The number of hours of video content we consume in a typical day** 500m+ The number of people watching video on Facebook every day* * **
  12. 12. With ,you might make the most of it’s square wall display with split-screen video? For , why not try out your own branded TV Channel and build a loyal, engaged audience? Some ideas to get you started… Play to the strengths of different social channels and adapt your asset delivery in unique ways to set yourself apart from the crowd.
  13. 13. 8Get Tracking Know the KPIs you want to track based on your objectives and measure results that specifically link to your goals. Examples include… Likes, Comments, Shares, Follows & Watch Time for Engagement Click throughs, Enquiries & Emails Captured for Boosting Leads Media Mentions, Quality Linkbacks & Webinar Attendance for Thought Leadership 76% Of marketers in 2017 say video helped them increase sales* 76% Of marketers in 2017 say video helped them increase traffic* 59.1% Of marketers worldwide name video as the type of content with with best ROI** * **
  14. 14. 9 Be Prepared to Adapt Once your assets are out there and the results are in, it doesn’t stop there! Keep looking for ways to improve on those metrics and re-visit your content to boost results further. This could include: • Re-editing video length if you’re commonly experiencing drop-off at a certain point? • Changing a call to action if it’s not having the desired effect? • Posting at a different time or day to attract your audience at a time that works for them?
  15. 15. For more tools to build better campaigns, visit: 0113 204 7000 Powerhouse Office & Studios: 1912 Mill. Sunnybank Mills. Leeds. LS28 5UJ