Zipcar For Business Meet Your New Company Car


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Zipcar for business.

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Zipcar For Business Meet Your New Company Car

  1. 1. meet your new company car
  2. 2. just the jobZipcar for Business can provide your companywith fast, easy access to a network of vehicleswhen you need them. Whether you need onecar or twenty, morning or afternoon, every dayor every now and then, Zipcar fits the bill.You can find Zipcars in 6 UK cities includingBrighton, Bristol, Cambridge, London,Maidstone and Oxford. 2
  3. 3. it couldn’t be simpler cars where you live and workWith Zipcar there’s no paperwork, no restrictions, Your Zipcar account gives you access to every car andno hassle. Simply book online and unlock with van in the fleet. With over 9,000 vehicles across theyour Zipcard or mobile (with our free iPhone UK and North America, you can travel inter-city, safeand Android apps). There are Zipcars near your in the knowledge that your company car is waitinghome and office that you and your employees can when you get there.access whenever you need in style looking out for youWe know that first impressions count. Zipcar With Zipcar you get a dedicated accountonly offers new, class-leading and fuel-efficient manager, round-the-clock support for yourvehicles including the VW Golf and the BMW 1 drivers, and a professional team maintainingSeries. If you need more space, we have 7-seaters the fleet, giving you complete peace of mind.and vans available too. 3
  4. 4. saving yourbusiness moneyAccess to Zipcars means never wasting a pennyon your company’s driving needs. You only payfor the exact number of miles your employeesneed and the time they drive.Rates include fuel, mileage (40 miles free perday), comprehensive insurance, 24/7 breakdowncover and the Congestion Charge. Onlineaccount management means you always knowwhere you stand, and Zipcar’s clear driving ratesmean there are no hidden charges. 4
  5. 5. everyday savingszipcar saves you time• On-demand access 24/7• Easy, convenient locations• Reserve online, by phone or with your mobile in seconds• Use your Zipcard to access the vehicle anytime, day or nightzipcar saves you money• Reserve a car for as little as one hour at a time• Exclusive, low weekday driving rates for businesses• Rates include fuel, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, road tax and the Congestion Charge 5
  6. 6. everyday savingszipcar saves you hassle• Cars and vans within minutes of your home and office• Guaranteed parking space at the end of your reservation• Online access to account information and itemised monthly statements• Dedicated account manager and 24/7 driver supportzipcar saves the environment• Only drive when you need to• Access a fleet of new, fuel-efficient vehicles• Encourage your employees to walk and cycle• Reduce congestion and CO2 emissions 6
  7. 7. how it works Register online and our Reserve one of our cars Walk up to the vehicle, Drive away and return to dedicated business team or vans – for a couple of swipe your Zipcard on the same spot when you’rewill contact you to set up an hours or the entire day. the windscreen (or tap done. (And remember thataccount. It only takes a few Do it online or on your your mobile app), and fuel, insurance and the minutes and your account mobile. Whatever suits. it’s yours to drive. Congestion Charge are can be active today. included too.) 7
  8. 8. clear, simple pricing VW Polo VW Golf BMW 1 Series BMW 3 Series VW Touran VW Transporter Small Medium Medium Large Large Van Hourly £3.96 £4.79 £5.63 £7.29 £7.29 £7.29 Daily £39.17 £47.50 £55.83 £72.50 £72.50 £68.33WEEKDAY 7am-7pm £35.00 £43.33 £51.67 £68.33 £68.33 £64.17 Mon-Fri £145.83 £162.50 £195.83 £245.83 £245.83 £245.83 7 day £229.17 £270.83 £320.83 £404.17 £404.17 £404.17 Fuel, insurance and 40 free miles per 24 hours are included. Additional miles are 20.8p per mile (24.2p for premium vehicles and vans). Annual account fee is £99. Prices exclude VAT. 8
  9. 9. how we compare Compared to traditional modes of transport, Zipcar can save your business time, money and hassle. Take a look at how Zipcar stacks up against car hire, taxis, public transport, pool cars and private mileage. zipcar vs car hire • Only pay for the time you need the car • Collect and return at any time of the day or night • No forms to fill in, queues to stand in or reps to meet“If we had to rent a van from a traditional hire company, we’d be paying for more time than we’d need, as well as having to go and pick up the van from a depot.” Robert, The Water Delivery Company 9
  10. 10. zipcar vs taxi• Keep your luggage in the boot, not on your knee• If your meeting ends early or runs on, your Zipcar is always waiting• Halve your CO2 with fuel-efficient Zipcars that don’t return to a depotzipcar vs public transport• Eliminate the need for expense receipts• Park close to your destination• Don’t let timetables, delays or signal failures affect your journey “Client meetings are sometimes at short notice or there are last minute changes in schedules that cause complications with taxis. Zipcar is pick up and go.” Joseph, Adiuvo 10
  11. 11. zipcar vs pool cars • No administrative hassle or security issues with keys • No need for costly long-term lease plans • No need for extra staff looking after fuel expense claims or the vehicles themselves zipcar vs private mileage • Zipcars are always insured for business usage • No time is wasted managing fuel receipts or expense forms • Simple, precise mileage breakdowns available online for each trip“Zipcar provides a hassle free and flexible alternative to a traditional pool car scheme, with good quality eco-friendly vehicles available on demand. It also allows us to share the benefits of the scheme with our residential and business.” Graham, Kent County Council 11
  12. 12. open an account today Opening a Zipcar for Business account is easy — a quick phone call or email is all it takes and your account can be ready to use the same day. find out more at Once active, employees can request to join account, sign up online and get a brief call-back to confirm their details. To talk about how Zipcar can help you do better business call us on 020 3004 7816 or email 12