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Zombie horror1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Zombie horror1

  1. 1. Zo m b i e H o r ro r Charlotte Brown
  2. 2. Zombie- ‘A term used to represent a corpse which has been brought back to life, the term describes ahypnotized , unconscious and unaware creature however someone who is able to respond to its surroundings.’ Horror-‘Something which is set out to frighten its readers/viewers, this includes feelings of horror and terror. An eerie atmosphere is normally created. Horror can be both supernatural or non- supernatural’
  3. 3. T h e C a b i n e t o f D r. C a l i g a r i This was the first ever zombie film tobe shown on screens. some of the characteristics from the cabinet of dr. Caligari resembles the present ‘living dead’ possess.The zombie had no hunger for human flesh, as this was not what zombies were originally used for. George A Romero created the ‘living dead’ we all know now, that need human flesh to survive.
  4. 4. Night of the Living DeadWas created in 1968 by the famous director George A. Romero. The films was anAmerican independent zombie film. The storyline is of a typical zombie film , itcontains seven humans trapped in a farmhouse in Pennsylvania trying to escape fromthe corpses outside.Night of the living dead turned out to be very controversial as many claimed it hadtaken delightfully scary to a new level and it had now became ‘unexpectedlyterrifying’.
  5. 5. Dawn of the Dead 1978Written by George A Romero, dawn of the dead was the follow up to the successful ‘Night of the living dead’. Romero managed to change the whole view of zombies, the movie was made more violent by showing scenes of he changed the whole view of zombies. Making the movie violent, by showing scenes of the zombies feasting on the human flesh.• Shows a larger scale of zombie epidemics.• Heavy gore content.• The films contains a film of unknown dead species preying on living flesh.• This causes mass hysteria.• The film was shot over four months in late 1977 – early 1978.• The films was filmed in the Pennsylvania cities of Pittsburgh and Monroeville.
  6. 6. Return of the living deadReturn of the living dead is a zombie film with comic relief. The film was released in1985. The hit was written and directed by Dan OBannon.Night of the living dead introduces the concept of zombies being brain eaters ratherthan just flesh eaters. In this film three men and a group of teenage punks accidentallyrelease the brain hungry monsters on to their unexpected town.
  7. 7. 28 Days Later• 2002 British zombie horror film.• Directed by Danny Boyle.• Screenplay written by Alex Garland.• Focuses on four survivors trying to rebuild their life after it was ruined by the highly contagious "rage" virus.• The film is widely recognised for images of a deserted London.• Set in normally bustling parts of London such as Westminster Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Horse Guards Parade, and Oxford Street.• In order for these locations to look desolate, the film crew closed off sections of street for minutes at a time, usually in early morning to minimise disruption.• Budget of about £5 million.• In the UK, it took in £6.1 million, while in the US it became a surprise hit, taking over $45 million.• Earned $82.7 million worldwide.
  8. 8. Dawn of the Dead 2004 The remake of Dawn of the dead was directed by Zack Snyder. The storyline was slightly altered and had a higher gore content.• The film focuses on a group of human survivors living and hiding in a shopping mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.• The film grossed over $102 million worldwide.• The zombies in the remake are a lot faster and agile compared to the original zombies.• The cast was a lot smaller in the original film.
  9. 9. 2 8 We e ks L ate r• 2007 British/Spanish film.• Sequel to 2002 hit ‘28 days later’.• directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.• Focuses on flesh eating zombies who are contagious with the virus ‘rage’.• Spread over the course of twenty-eight weeks after the outbreak.• Gained generally positive reviews.• The film made $9.8 million in its opening weekend, coming in second place at the box office, behind Spider-Man 3• Made an overall profit of $64.2 million.
  10. 10. History• 1920’s Zombie films first appeared.• It began with the classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.• 1968 zombies impoved. A small budget black and white film was released called ‘Night of the living dead’• 1978 The release of ‘Dawn of the dead’ pushed zombie films in the right direction, they became increasingly popular• 1980’s• Films were released such as ‘Dead and Buried’ , ‘The Return of the Living Dead’ and ‘The Dead Next Door’ were realised in this decade.
  11. 11. History• 1990’s - Zombie films began to lose their way in the nineties, this resulted in few successful films being created.• 2000’s - This decade produced many successful zombie horrors such as ‘Land of the dead’ and a remake of ‘Dawn of the dead’.
  12. 12. 1920’ horror films first appeared in the 1890’s to early 1900’s. the sub genre of zombiehorror began in 1920’s with the rise of cinemas. It began with the classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. At this time zombies did not prey on human flesh, they were summand by voodoo.
  13. 13. 1960’The 1960’ was the birth of the modern zombie , a small budget film called ‘night of the living dead’ was released in 1968. Zombie films became a lot more gory, zombies would be increasingly violent. They would appear to have missing limbs and big wounds.
  14. 14. 1980’The zombie genre was fully established in the 80’s and became a success. This wasdown to many fantastic writer s and directors. Many well known zombie films werecreates in the 80’s e.g. ‘return of the living dead’. Zombies had now changed fromslaves to flesh eating monsters.The 80’s also defined the rules of zombie horror , these rules included things such as;• - Zombies must have died to be a full zombie. - Zombies are not cannibals, they do not feed off each other only living flesh. - The only way to kill a zombie is to hit it on the head with weapons such as hammers. - Intelligence is not zombies strong point. - Only when humans are bitten by zombies do they become zombies themselves.
  15. 15. 2000’After the fall of the 90’s the 2000’s looked promising with hit zombie films beingreleased such as resident evil , quarantine and zombieland. The 2000’s introducedmore of a comedy aspect to zombie films with films such as Shaun of the dead beingreleased.
  16. 16. Zom-ComsThe first signs of the genre zombie comedy was back in 1941 with kings ofzombies, however zomcoms did not become successful until the 2000’s . Films such as‘Resident evil’ and ‘shaun of the dead’.These films were hugely popular as they still had a slight senese of horror and violencehowever the comedy aspect outweighed that, this made this films more suitable to ayounger audience.