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  1. 1. F i n d i n g t h e L o ca t i o n
  2. 2. As part of our planning we had to decide a location in which to film in, are initial idea was to have a place of meeting e.g. a bench. We looked at many different locations and places around our school. We eventually came to the decision that a park wouldlook better, we felt that a swing set could be a good meeting place and a good place to film. We then looked at two different local village parks and came to the conclusion that Creaton park would be the best place. The park is convenient because Alice lives there and it isnt often very busy.
  3. 3. Location 1… This is a bench in our school which we considered for filming, we decided it wouldn’t be suitable because it is normally quite shaded and may not look good on camera.
  4. 4. Location 2… The second location we considered is also a bench in our school. We decided against this location because it is the central part of our school and is often quite busy, this means we would be stopping filming for people to walk past.
  5. 5. Location 3… This was one of our favourite locations to film because there is three benches and we could get shots of the bio pond. However when thinking abut it we realised our filming would distract classes behind the windows and we may get people at the windows looking out at what we are doing.
  6. 6. Location 4… We liked this location because it is secluded from the centre of the school however P.E classes are often on the courts in front, this meant that students could be in the background while filming.
  7. 7. Location 5… After we decided against filming in school we went to the schools village park, we liked the idea of filming a swing set however there is another swing set in the background and we didn’t think it would look good on camera.
  8. 8. Final Location… The Location we decided on is Creaton village park. This park is perfect as it is located in a quiet village where we will not be disturbed. The field behind the park is perfect to show the zombie stumbling in the background. Creaton is also very convenient as Alice lives there and it is a short drive from where me and Morgan live.