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Research conclusion


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Research conclusion

  1. 1. Research Conclusion Charlotte Brown
  2. 2. ‘What do the opening two minutes of your 4 deconstructions have in common?’ The four films I deconstructed were The ring , A nightmare on elm street, I know what you did last summer and Scream. All four films start with audio rather than image, this is done to create suspense and makes the audience wonder about the location. Each of the four chosen films have no more than two characters in theopening two minutes, this is purposely done because a scene would not be frightening if there was a large crowd.
  3. 3. ‘What is established during the first two minutes of all four films?’ In all four of the films which I deconstructed the main thing which is established is that the characters which are frightened and threatenedare women and the character causing the threat is male. This shows the gender stereotype of women not being able to look after themselves. Another thing which is established is that the female characters areeither about to get a fright or get hurt, however the film ‘I know whatyou did last summer’ breaks this as it starts very differently with just a man and natural setting.
  4. 4. ‘Similarities in the use of the four technical codes during the opening two minutes of all four films’ The opening two minutes of the films I deconstructed being with diagetic sounds such as machinery, the telephone and a television. However these sounds are quite loud so all of them create a aspect of fright. All four films start with tracking shots to show the characters. This is done to introduce the audience to the character, it can also be done slowly to cause suspense and tension.The scenes in which the four films are located are quite different, two of them are set in ordinary houses another is set on cliff looking over a lake and the last if set in some sort of warehouse.