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Still image analysis


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Still image analysis

  1. 1. The cinematography being used the beginning of the trailer is a high angle wide shot. I think it is very effective because the use of the slight high angle is straight away presenting the characters in the bed as vulnerable. It also presents the setting which we can tell is someone's bedroom. This shot is also showing us there’s a time “1:34:15 AM”, this created the idea we are seeing this through the eyes of a video camera which immediately creates the idea that something is going to happen and these characters are in danger- is as if the camera is ready and waiting to capture the horror that awaits. That and the use of the low key lighting which is fantastic for creating a gloomy and dangerous atmosphere, all signs that this is a horror film. This next shot is another high angle wide shot. There is the continued idea that what we are seeing is camera footage from the clues such as the date and time; this to me creates a sinister fear that’s more convincing than other horror films because they are creating the idea that this is real life, this was caught on someone's run of the mill security camera. The wide shot is helpful for establishing the characters location. We can establish from the low key lighting that this is during the evening which makes the audience question why this woman is leaving a house in a calm manor with a naked child, It creates tension for the audience and makes them want to know why this is happening.
  2. 2. This next shot type is a close up, is allowing to vaguely make out a womans features but not well enough to properly distinguish a face-its creating a lot of mystery. With the already formed concept of the trailer being security camera footage, this particular shot is creating the idea that this person is approaching the camera in a very sinister like fashion, as if purposely, like its letting these people know something; it wants to scare them and in turn successfully scared the audience and puts them on edge as they know this person is in the house but nothing more. Who is this woman? Could it be the woman from the previous shot? It is very effective at evoking interest. The continued low key lighting is a reminder that this is a horror trailer and what is happening is very dangerous- creates atmosphere. This final shot is another close up, and is presenting the idea of this character being very shocked and scared by something which in turn backs up what we have seen in the rest of the trailer. We can tell by this girls facial expression that she is scared and it makes us want to know what she is scared of, she is shown as being vulnerable and it makes the audience sympathise with her. What happens to this girl? The low key lighting is effective as it helps the trailer reach its climax because it represents the dark forces in the house surrounding her, the dark demonstrated danger and the girl is in danger. This is conventional because its ending the trailer on a cliff hanger, people will want to know what is actually going to happen-which is crucial in a teaser trailer!