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  1. 1. Anatomical Models About the Library Ask UsStudy Spaces Electronic Resources Reserve Textbooks Print Materials Anatomical Models Miscellaneous Items Interlibrary Loan Information Commons Learning Commons Quiet Study Area
  2. 2. Boxer Library Located in the Basic Sciences Building 32,000 square feet of space Open 24/7 for studying purposes Staff available Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Staff not available on major holidays Copy and printing cost: Black and white .08 and Color .17
  3. 3. We have a space to fit your need… Information Commons Learning Commons Quiet Study Area • Group Study • Open tables • Computers • Cell phone use permitted • Talking is Allowed • Group Study • Open study tables • Study Rooms • Computers • Talking is Allowed • Individual Study • Open study tables and Carrels • Keep voice below a whisper.
  4. 4. Information Commons Front of the library Whiteboard Wall 8 Windows Based Computers Tablet Chairs
  5. 5. Learning Commons Location of the Circulation Desk, anatomical models, and reserve materials, and miscellaneous items Contains printers, copiers, and revaluator Whiteboards 16 Windows Based Computers and laptop stations
  6. 6. Quiet Study Area Includes both the back of the library as well as the lower level Location of staff offices Individual study Area Contains journals published before 1985
  7. 7. Reserve Textbooks Books on reserve are: Located behind the Circulation Desk Textbooks faculty have identified as required Renewable if no one else wants them Note: All textbooks or models must be returned no later than 30 minutes before staff member leaves for the day.
  8. 8. Some Available Models Behind the Circulation Desk: Library reserves the right to shorten the checkout period during times of heavy usage.
  9. 9. Items for Checkout at the Circulation Desk : Whiteboard Markers 24 Hours Power Strips 24 Hours Keyboards and mice 24 Hours
  10. 10. Electronic Resources Selection of eResources Need help? Email:
  11. 11. Where is the print? Print is located in one of three locations: Circulation Desk (Reserve Textbooks) Quiet Study Area (Journals published prior to 1985) L.510 (Journals published after 1985 and non reserve textbooks) To access any print item ask a staff member for assistance.
  12. 12. Get the article you need… InterLibrary Loan Print2PDF Use if: The library does not have electronic or print access to the article or book. Use if: The library only has print access to journal article. Both services are free to you!
  13. 13. Got Questions?Use the Ask a Librarian Page which is accessible through the library homepage. Use this page to look up FAQ or fill out a question form for the librarians Librarians available M-F 8-6PM