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  1. 1. Media as - Evaluation BEFORE I DIE CHARLOTTE BERRY
  2. 2. BEFORE I DIEI chose to focus on the film from the entire brief given as thisis what I want to learn about and I thought I could produceand achieve a professional looking opening to a film. Fromthe preliminary task brief I chose to focus my 30 second clipin an interview as I thought I could use the angles such asmedium shot to show the relationship between the twocharacters and also over the shoulder shots to makes theaudience feel involved with in the film. Additionally I used theediting techniques of match on action, and I believe thisshows the realism with in the clips as well as linking the clipstogether to look more professional. Furthermore from themain task brief and with the research I carried out, I decidedto create the opening of a film with the genre of ‘drama’ as Ithought with certain contemporary media technologies andexperimenting with different ideas I could create anemotional and passionate film focusing on a teenagersuffering with a terminal illness. To make the opening moretechnical and professional I used the camera shots such asclose ups to show the emotion of my characters, over theshoulder to make the audience feel and relate to how thecharacter feels, establishment shots to add to the feeling ofmy film, and medium shots which also add to the effect ofmise en scene to show her movement and the costumes of
  3. 3. In what ways does you media product USE develop or challenge forms and conventions for real media product?When researching in to the media of films, I used the forms and conventions that are used in realproduction films, that I thought were effective and important. I used non diegetic sounds such as music atthe opening of my film because this is what is usually used to create a certain emotion as I found outwhen researching films such as ‘twilight’. I created a slow instrumental track on the program garage band,to put over the opening of my clip and I thought this worked well with the drama, of my film as it createsthe emotional side in my target audience. Furthermore, I also tried to use the same types of cameraangles use in the films that I researched as this would make my film look more professional and modern. Ithought it was important to start off with an establishment shot, like my other four films as this shows thesetting that the film is in and gives the audience an idea of what the films about, so I think this was aneffective and good idea to use. I did this by creating a wide shot of the beach, half being the sea and sandand the other half being the sky, I then focused and zoomed in on the a bird in the sky as this connotedthe characters feeling of lonely as the bird was alone.
  4. 4. In what ways does you media product develop orUSE challenge forms and conventions for real media product?Additionally I used other camera angles such as close up shots, medium shots and over the shouldershots, which I have seen in films such as The Hangover and Love Actually. I decided to use these shotsas its shows the emotion of my film more clearly as the audience will feel the emotions my characters isfeeling through the angles I have used. For example, I used an extreme close up shot of the top half of herface, as this clearly show the emotion in her eyes as they fill with tears, because I put this in slow motionas it creates the audience to focus on her eyes more. I have added a video in, to show the extremelyclose up that I used with in my film. When researching in to the media of films with the genre ‘drama’ I found out that they are based around a big problem, so I then used this with my film as my films’ genre is drama. I believe that from the films I have researched, it was always more interesting and an engaging opening when it was based in a setting that suited what the film was about. For example in the film ‘twilight’ which I researched, its set in a small town in the south of the USA and starts in a forest which I think is engaging and interesting. This was why I decided to film mine on the beach on a cold day as this is an engaging setting which also reflects how my character will be feeling.
  5. 5. In what ways does you media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions for real media product?Furthermore, I decided to develop the forms and conventions for a real media product by using avoice over at the start of my opening, I did this because I thought it would create my film to be moreeffective than using normal diegetic dialog with in the opening. When I watch film that have a voiceover in them, I always find this worked well and engaged me more as a part of the audience. This iswhy when watching my film, I believe I connected more with my actress and how she was feelingbecause I used a voice over, this is why I kept this as a main part in my film as I think this is aneffective technique to use. In the first two minutes of a film I researched, it shows the exposition ofa character and instead of showing this using flashback or other technique, I decided to do this withthe voice over and I believed this worked well as its extremely intimate. I need it to be in timebecause otherwise I don’t think it would have the emotion that it has. Also if it was not on time, Idon’t think it would attract the audience as much as they would be focusing on one thing and notanother, whereas because it’s in time, they can easily focus on everything. Although I did find thisdifficult when editing my film together, to cause my film and the voice over to relate and be in timewith each other, if I could do this again, I would spend more time on getting it accurately on time.
  6. 6. In what ways does you media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions for real media product?The films that I watched and research allhad two or more main characters in themso when choosing how to challenge my filmI tried to approach this differently for theones that I watched. I wanted there to bejust one central protagonist and for thewhole film to be focused around just her.Furthermore the fact that solo female mainare extremely infrequent in films. I thoughtthis would be more effective for the genrebecause I have gone against the usual stylemodel of the films and used a central soleprotagonist. I believed this worked well asthe audience could relate and get to knowthe single girl character more.
  7. 7. How does your media product represent particular social groups?I think through the opening of my film, it represents at least two different types of social groupsjust from my main character. I show the typical blonde, pretty and innocent character throughoutthe first two minutes, I emphasise this social group more, with the costume of my actress, Icreated her to wear lots of clothing which was quite dull to cover up her body and also a hat tocover up her face so that she looks innocent, and because she needs a vulnerable need ofprotection.I think this works well with the other social group I represent of somebody suffering with aterminal illness. I think the slow instrumental music in the background creates a more dramaticeffect of her feelings. I think I could have represented the social group better by using certainprops to create her to look more innocent and fragile, for example I could have used big objectsaround her, which looks like there suffocating her in which can relate to her illness andfurthermore to her being innocent and fragile. I would think about this more if I had to reshoot theopening of my film.
  8. 8. What kind of media institution might distribute you media product and why?I would use Universal Studio’s as the media institution to distribute my media product, this isbecause I believe that my film would be a mainstream film targeting at a mainstreamaudience, as I want to aim for the possible maximum audience, using multiplexes in both theUSA, as this is a huge cinema industry with a lot of culture, as well as the UK. I wouldconsider using Universal Studios as they will create a wide spread distribution for my mediaproduct as this would ensure it would have premiers and lots of promotion on the weekend ofits release. As well as this universal are a well known, reliable and trusted brand of bothcinema release and DVD release, which would cause my media product to have longer termswith in the cinema, meaning it would have more screens and show for longer which wouldmake more in the box office and on DVD sales. Lastly, I would consider using UniversalStudio’s to distribute my media product as it would help to promote my film making and Ibelieve it’s a potential choice for a target audience of 16 -35 year olds.I also created my own sign which was like universal studiosas I wanted my film to be produced by me and my company‘berry productions’
  9. 9. Who would be the audience for your media product?Considering the genre for my film is based around a drama and an emotional storyline, Iwould say that the audience for my film would more likely to be females than males as theycan reflect on the storyline and feel more attached to it. Additionally ‘couples’ is usually afrequent cinema going group. Furthermore because I didn’t think many males would beattracted to my storyline, I made the main star of the film an attractive blonde female as thismight create them to want to watch the film to. The ages of my target market would probablybe 16 – 35 as I would say my film is adult themed and has a more adult approach as itsdealing with a terminal illness which people under the age of 15 wouldn’t properly understandand be able to relate to. Furthermore older teenager are who are becoming to exercise someconsumer power in their choice of film would consider watching before I die. Considering thatI want my film to be a mainstream British success, this would mean that my target audiencewould be seeing it as couples or nights out of the same gender such as going in a group ofgirls. I believe it would be targeted at a British nationality because it has a British location andactress staring throughout it. Furthermore it shows the British icons and language which willshow the culture in Britain which I believe the British nation will want to watch. I think thepeople would want to watch my film for the enjoyment and escapism of the storyline andcharacters staring in it, as well I believe the audience will get emotionally attached to the storyline and the audience might like this with films.
  10. 10. How did you attract/address you audienceWhen thinking about how to involve and attract my target audience, I firstly decided to use non- dietetic sound by putting a voiceover, in the opening of my film which lasted two minutes. Using a voice over will involve the audience as they will listen to what thecharacters saying more clearly as though my actress is talking to them personally. I think this works well with my film because, thegenre of my film is drama and the opening is very emotional. Using the voice over, it exaggerates the emotion in my actress makingthe audience share the same emotion as she does. As well as this, I used the camera shot, over the shoulder as this will cause theaudience to feel as though they are with the actress as they can see what she is seeing and because of the voice over, they can alsofeel how she is feeling. I think this shot works well at start of my film because from the very start of the film we feel what she feelswhich starts to create sympathy for the character. Furthermore when my actress is showing her emotion of crying, I used close upshots and extreme close up shots of her eyes, I think this will cause the audience to pity her and the emotion as they can really seehow she is feeling while she is talking about it. Additionally in the shot of her crying, I have use the editing technique to slow downthis specific scene, as I think it captures the moment of sadness which the audience will sense. Lastly, I believe I used patheticfallacy with in the first two minutes of the opening scene, as the weather is very grey, cold and windy which relates to how she isfeeling. This will cause the audience to feel a dull and serious emotion as soon as they see the first clip of the beach and sea. OverallI believe that the composition of my film attracts the audience as it shows the connotation of isolation and vulnerability. The video’sbelow show the two shots, I used to attract the audience.Close up shot Over the shoulder shot
  11. 11. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?I have learnt to use lots of different technologies fromcarrying out this project and the process ofconstructing this product. The main thing I learnt touse was the filming and editing of the movie and howaware you have to be of the process. I learnt how touse the camera correctly and professionally which Ifound easy when filming both my preliminary task andmy main task. I had continuity issues with this, so if Ireshot my film, I would concentrate more on theplanning of my film and making sure I had shot everylittle bit that I needed.
  12. 12. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?I realised after filming my preliminary that you have tobe completely aware that everything is the samethroughout filming. I had a problem when editing mypreliminary task, as when I shot the match on actionshot, after she walked through the door, my actresscloses it, when later on in the scene it’s open, so thiswas a problem I came across because it didn’t lookprofessional and I believe the audience would noticethis large mistake I had made, but I made sure I didn’tdo when shooting my main task. Furthermore I learnthow to edit my film on the program iMovie, which I alsofound easy and a much organised way to put my filmtogether to look as professional as possible. The onlyproblem I had with iMovie was when I had to place myvoice over in the exact place on my movie images,because it took me a while to make it fit. If I didn’t fit inplace then it wouldn’t have look professional, that’swhy it was essential I got this right.When I edited in the music to go in the background Ifound the voice over worked extremely well. One of thethings I enjoyed the most was creating the music formy film on the program garage band because I’m not amusical person, I found this hard but I think my overallinstrumental song went well and influenced theemotional felling throughout the opening of my film. Ichose instrumental as I thought this would work wellwith a voice over, because it wouldn’t drown out myvoice when talking. Furthermore, it created a lot ofsympathy towards the character. Overall I believe Ilearnt about many different techniques, which showthat engaged with the contemporary mediatechnologies as well as showing my developmentthough out the preliminary task to the main task withexperimenting with different ideas.
  13. 13. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full project?When looking back at my preliminary task, before planning and filming my main task I noticed that I mademistakes and I could have planned out my film more, so this is what I decided to make right when filming mymain task. I learnt that you need to have full focus and everything has to be exactly the same when filming, as Imade the mistake in my preliminary task, of closing the door but later on its open and my audience wouldnotice this and not think it was professional. Furthermore the lighting has to be completely natural unless usingprofessional lighting, as I believe when comparing my main task with complete natural lighting to mypreliminary task which was shot indoors, the lighting looks more professional and clear on my main task.Additionally I believe the costume adds a lot of information to the audience in a film, for example I did not planthe costumes in my preliminary task where as I did in my main task and I believe this looks more effective andprofessional because this adds to the character because I am giving signs to the audience about the characterand about her illness. I learnt that from practicing filming with the camera, that using a tripod looks completelydifferent to using hand held, this is why I used a tripod when filming my main task because it gives a better andproficient look to my film. Overall I believe the editing, camera shots and my planning was developed a lot frommy preliminary task.