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Wind Farm Data Management & Analysis 2012


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Join Windpower Monthly’s 2nd annual Wind Farm Data Management & Analysis Forum on 20-21 November to examine the key challenges concerning data management, analysis and interpretation. It has never been more important to capitalise on the full potential of turbine data in order to ensure costs are kept to a minimum and to increase profitability. Ensuring that your data is of consistent quality, and reducing gaps in datasets is growing to be crucial as O&M decision-making becomes more focused on performance and condition monitoring.

The Wind Farm Data Management & Analysis Forum will offer delegates an unparalleled opportunity to network with industry experts, and will enable you to:

- Learn how to standardise wind farm data supply and management when working with a variety of turbine types
Hear first-hand how to analyse and manipulate data to effectively predict turbine maintenance
Gain insight into what tools exist to manage large and rapidly increasing amounts of data
Discover what external data management devices currently exist, what you can learn from them and how cost-effective they are
Debate the issue of who should own the data and how to ensure OEMs and operators are contented

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Wind Farm Data Management & Analysis 2012

  1. 1. 10751 Wind Farm Data Brochure Updates_10780 Wind Foundations Brochure 15/10/2012 12:37 Page 1 WIND FARM DATA MANAGEMENT & ANALYSIS Successful data management strategies to reduce maintenance costs & improve turbine performance Now in its 2nd year, this award-winning* business event provides an unparalleled opportunity to network with leading experts in using data to improve wind data performance: • Discover how to standardise wind farm data supply & management when working with a variety of turbine types • Hear first-hand how to analyse & use data to effectively predict turbine maintenance • Gain insight into what tools exist to manage large & rapidly increasing amounts of data • Find out more about external data management systems currently on the market, what you can learn from them & how cost-effective they really are • Get the latest thinking on who should own the data & why Radisson Blu Hotel, 20-21 November 2012 Hamburg, Germany Bob Sherwin, Nicola Atkinson, Project Leader, Senior Technical Analyst, IEC RES Group Simon Trist, Kasper Van Lombeek, VP Plant SCADA & Optimisation Solutions, O&M Engineer, Vestas Belwind Book before 2 November & Marc Eickershoff, Product Management SCADA, Dr. Rudolf Zauner, Head of Operations, Save up to £350! REpower systems SE Verbund Renewable Mirjam de Boer-Postmus, Power GmbH Head Operations Benelux, BU Wind Rui Maia, Generation, Head of Operation & Maintenance, Vattenfall Iberwind Joanna McKenzie, Walter Bourgoin, Wind Analyst, Manager Renewables Control Systems, SSE Renewables ESBi Richard Nichol, Volker Arlt, Product Development Manager, Project Manager Central Engineering, Vestas Nordex DON’T MISS THE POST-EVENT WORKSHOP Sponsored By: Data Management Best Practice To Effectively Calculate Power Curve
  2. 2. 10751 Wind Farm Data Brochure Updates_10780 Wind Foundations Brochure 15/10/2012 12:37 Page 2 Successful data management strategies to reduce maintenance costs & improve turbine performance Day 1 Tuesday, 20 November 2012 08:30 Registration & Morning Refreshments • Data analysis for reliability engineering & O&M optimisation – information required to perform reliability engineering & O&M cost 09:15 Chair’s Opening Remarks estimations in relation to the Event List – OMCE Building Blocks to obtain wind farm performance indicators & Simon Trist, VP Plant SCADA & Optimisation Solutions, accurate input for O&M modelling Vestas • Using the processed data for maintenance modelling & performing scenario studies 09:30 Achieving Greater Availability Through Standardisation In Data Management 13:45 How Can Remote Communications & Data Marc Eickershoff, Product Management SCADA, Control Be Improved? REpower Systems SE Walter Bourgoin, Manager Renewables Control Systems, • Standardisation in data structure & communication for easier reporting ESBi – what is in place? IEC 61400-25 • Developing permanent & stable connections to wind farms remotely – what needs further improvement? • Cables, GPRS & satellite connections – outlook of future development of the standard – where does the cost reach parity with the quality? • How to efficiently report live data at first & second communication levels 10:00 Improving The Quality Of Supply To Ensure – process flow between different communication channels • How to deal with the difficulties of integrating data from various site Reliability locations into one live system Dr. Rudolf Zauner, Head of Operations, – different data structures & protocols for data transfer Verbund Renewable Power GmbH – accommodating out-of-sequence data • What type of data needs to be collected to have a clear picture of turbine’s performance 14:15 Advancing Turbine Health Diagnostics: • Creating consistency in flow of data – what are the gaps & how do they occur? Challenges & Solutions • Achieving the best possible estimation of data during reporting Rui Maia, Head of Operation & Maintenance, Iberwind • How to supply & measure higher frequency data • Best-practice methods to manage condition reporting for both • Integrating environmental data into turbine data management mechanical & electrical components – weather & wind forecast – drive train, blades & electrical components – tidal periodicity & seabed fluctuations – how the information fits into SCADA & other existing systems • Integrating SCADA & CMS systems to implement holistic diagnostic 10:30 Morning Refreshments & Networking analysis & reporting 11:00 Better Understand Turbines By Turning Data 15:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Into Useful Information 15.30 Improving Failure Forecasting & Predictive • Data volume strategy: reducing the data you adhere to vs. using the breadth of available tools & managing large amounts of data better Maintenance For Different Turbine Types • Relating SCADA data to turbine health Mirjam de Boer-Postmus, Head Operations Benelux, – how to validate turbine condition information BU Wind Generation, Vattenfall – correlating historical data with the real-time production data • How to use CMS tools to improve forecasting • Calculating turbine production & availability – accurately predicting when failures will occur – how power curves are applied in the production levels calculations • Which prognosis methods & techniques are currently used – performance vs. time-based availability using SCADA • How to accurately predict failure & plan maintenance • Relating condition monitoring data to power production levels – managing the margin for error • Making the most of data by further data mining on Enterprise Resource • Assessing which additional data collection & analysis systems can be Planning level used to better forecast maintenance – how is the data used by O&M & Finance departments? 16:15 Tools & Strategies For Creating The Most 11:30 Data Storage: Handling Increasingly Large Informative Turbine Health Reports Amounts Of Data • Understanding & categorising fatigue & failures Joanna McKenzie, Wind Analyst, SSE Renewables – identifying the best way to clearly & accurately present the warning • Best-practice management of historic turbine performance databases signs • Combining time series data & related information using one centralised • Can showcasing trends identify deteriorating components? software application landscape • Analysing best-practice turbine health statements in the context of • Key consolidation & storage methods to cope with growing amounts of standardisation data – synchronising charts & graphs for turbines components report • How to extract archived data in the most user-friendly manner – visualising information from multiple wind parks of different sizes & technologies 12:00 Networking Lunch • Comparing the best available reporting software systems on the market 13:15 Data Collection & Analysis As Input For O&M If you would like to join this session please contact Heather Smith on Cost Modelling or +44 (0) 208 267 4785. René van de Pieterman, Researcher Wind Energy Systems, ECN • Structuring of raw data for O&M purposes – operational wind farm data as input for O&M cost modelling; ECN’s 16.45 Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day 1 Operation & Maintenance Cost Estimator (OCME) approach – assessing the need for structured data collection Book Now! Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  3. 3. 10751 Wind Farm Data Brochure Updates_10780 Wind Foundations Brochure 15/10/2012 12:37 Page 3 Day 2 Wednesday, 21 November 2012 08:30 Delegate Sign-In & Morning Refreshments • Automatic detection of changes in wind turbine performance – the Change-point Analysis method 09:10 Chair’s Opening Remarks – suitability of the method for large data sets – results of applying the method Simon Trist, VP Plant SCADA & Optimisation Solutions, • Application these methods in automated monitoring and alerting Vestas 12:00 Analysing Nordex Integrated Monitoring 09:15 SCADA Enterprise Systems: Current Status & System (NiMS) To Assess The Benefits Of An Future Developments Simon Trist, VP Plant SCADA & Optimisation Solutions, Integrated Approach Vestas Volker Arlt, Project Manager Central Engineering, Nordex • Using a combination of Condition Monitoring & SCADA data acquisition • Which measurements does the system analyse & with what purpose? to determine turbine health • What are the best existing systems to date & how are they being • Evaluating an integrated system to monitor different parts of the turbine developed further? using standard components – cost vs. function of the systems • Creating one pool of information for easy analysis to quicken failure – flexibility to meet individual needs & requirements diagnosis time • What are the new technology & program updates & what new problems • Advantages of flexible data management for CMS & SCADA data will they tackle? • Building a web based interface: the challenges & solutions • Integrating SCADA with other hard & software solutions on the market 12:30 Networking Lunch 09:45 Creating Harmonisation Between Seven Wind Farms, Five Turbine Types & Three Turbine 13:30 Who Should Control the Data? Manufacturers For A 200MW Wind Portfolio Ulrich Langnickel, Head Of Renewables & Distributed Generation, Martin Elliott, Senior Associate Engineer, BVG Associates VGB PowerTech e.V. • Knowing what to specify for the system requirements vs. trusting the • Who is the owner of the data? SCADA supplier to inform what is needed – who should be in control of the data & why? • Examining the costs – who is responsible for the quality of the data? – external & internal budgets • Negotiation of the data supply – visible & hidden costs – which data should be included in the contract? • Access to data: understanding the challenges beyond the technical • How can the parties work towards one goal to improve turbine reliability & – exploring the availability & reliability of source data production levels? – filling in the gaps, the benefits of manual editing compared with auto fill • Analysing the acceptance criteria for testing & ensuring like-for-like 14:00 Delegate Discussion: End Of Warranty: comparison • Foreseeing challenges post handover: testing the transparency of routine Transition To A New Data Management data processing System – spotting exceptions • Assessing the risk of taking on full service at the end of the manufacturer – transitioning from “hands on” to “light touch” approach warranty – evaluating the quality of data supply throughout the warranty contract 10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking – conducting full turbine diagnostic analysis before taking over O&M – estimating the costs of future maintenance 10:45 Analysing External Data Management • Data management transition strategies: – case studies demonstrating effective warranty exit process Systems & Their Integration Into Established • Costs associated with a change of information management & New Wind Parks infrastructure Jessica Cameron, Asset Analyst, Natural Power Graham Gow, Head of Operational Systems, Natural Power 14:40 Using SCADA Data To Assess Turbine • Overview: what data measurement & analytical systems exist today Performance • Are operators’ requirements well targeted & flexible? Nicola Atkinson, Senior Technical Analyst, RES Group – building a strong vision of what the needs & wants are • Intensive analysis examining developmental factors in relation to data • Achieving the best value for high quality software & hardware system management installation • Exploring causation of failure in order to find underlying principles in • Pros & cons of integrating external & internal applications into one system regards to wind turbine data analysis • How does post-construction performance compare with pre-construction 11:30 SCADA-Based Condition Monitoring & estimate? Automated Detection Algorithms • Trending turbine performance using KPIs • Monitoring turbine behaviour Michael Wilkinson, Engineer, GL Garrad Hassan – are the turbines behaving as expected? • How to maximise the value of data already collected in turbine SCADA – has a control setting changed? systems to predict impending turbine failures and detect changes in performance and controller behaviour 15:10 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking • SCADA-Based Condition Monitoring – how this compares to traditional ‘high-frequency’ Condition Monitoring – a review of the different approaches available – which sub-systems are most suited to SCADA-Based Condition Monitoring? – case studies highlighting the value of this tool Book Now! Visit
  4. 4. 10751 Wind Farm Data Brochure Updates_10780 Wind Foundations Brochure 15/10/2012 12:37 Page 4 “ Great opportunity for networking, and keeping up with innovations.” International Project Management, Availon Inc Thursday, 22 November 2012 Data Management Best Practice To Effectively Calculate Power Curve 15:40 When To Use Farm & Nacelle-Based Lidar To Assess Performance Rozenn Wagner, Scientist, DTU Wind Energy • Measurement height: turbine nacelle tilts & their affect on lidar beams • Wind speed measurement accuracy: verify the wind speed measurement as well as the measurement range • Wind direction: the difference between yaw error situation & horizontal wind shear 16:10 IEC Standard: Currently Applied Rules & Further Standard Developments Bob Sherwin, PT 61400-26 Project Leader, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) • What is the current status of IEC Standard on data collection systems? – what needs to be addressed to reflect industry needs • Challenging the IEC standard on time- vs. performance- based availability measurements – what are the parameters & how do they need to be altered to reflect reality? Separately Bookable Workshop • Park performance testing: what are the right parameters to be used & standardised? – what is a definition of wind speed in the context of the entire park & Richard Nichol, how can this be turned into robust data – correlating data among turbines to reflect overall & individual Manager of Product Development, Data Acquisition & performance Management, Plant Solutions, Technology R&D, – correlation output power & input wind speed for the entire park Vestas • Standardising technological advancement in the area of performance testing & wind farm monitoring 09:00-12:30 (Registration begins at 08.30) • Investigating the financial gains derived from standardising data management processes in the IEC Which data should you specifically use during 16.50 Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day 2 calculation of the power curve output? • How to make sure the data is complete & reliable • Methodologies applied to power curve measurements • What is not covered in the IEC standard Follow us on Twitter Find us on LinkedIn @WPMEvents Windpower Monthly Monitoring technologies available for use during disagreements • How useful are the farm & nacelle based lidar for assessing performance? • Theory vs. reality: can rules be applied to imperfect wind farm conditions? • Lidar, met masts & anemometers: how can these three measuring *We are proud to announce that 2011s systems resolve the problem? Highly • Comparing offshore & onshore monitoring technologies to collect data Wind Farm Data Management Forum received “Highly Commended” for the Commended IEC Standards exclusions that prevent Best Energy Conference 2012 award. successful power curve claims Assessing reasons for underperformance allegations & understanding the data used to Media Partners: validate them Book Now! Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  5. 5. 10751 Wind Farm Data Brochure Updates_10780 Wind Foundations Brochure 15/10/2012 12:37 Page 5 “ This event allowed/forced like-minded individuals across race, gender and generation to openly share in a small group setting through short sound bite topics. Great job! People were here until the very end, what a compliment! Your entire team was engaging, kind, supportive and competent.” Senior Vice President EHS, PCG Wind WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Heads, Managers Analysts of OM Heads, Managers Analysts of SCADA Asset Managers Engineers Technical Support Engineers Specialists Data Managers Analysts Heads, Managers, Specialists Analysts of Windpower Monthly is the leading wind business Condition Monitoring publication with over 25 years in the market. Maintenance Performance Engineers Windpower Monthly Forums focus on bringing industry professionals together to provide an agenda-free platform to exchange experience, benchmark and discuss cutting-edge solutions to today’s – and tomorrow’s – industry challenges. All topics are developed through in-depth research and vetted by senior wind practitioners. Thus, we make sure that the content of each presentation is technical, solution-focused and up-to-the-moment. 01 02 03 WHO WILL YOU MEET? 04 09 ATTENDEES DIRECTOR 56% LEVEL OR HIGHER 08 07 06 05 21% President/Owner/CEO/ CIO/CTO/CSO/CXO 13% Vice President Available* contact Reserved* 22% Director *Correct at time of printing 31% Manager RELATED CONFERENCES 11% Staff Offshore Operations Maintenance 2% Other 9-10 October 2012, London, UK OVER 15 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED Wind LATAM - Brazil G UK ..............................................14% 26-28 November 2012, Sao Paolo, Brazil G Germany ....................................17% G Denmark ....................................12% G Netherlands ................................10% WindLift Onshore Offshore G Spain ............................................6% 27-28 November 2012, London, UK G Belgium ........................................5% G China ............................................2% G France ..........................................6% WindConnect G Ireland ..........................................7% 23 January 2013, London, UK G Norway ........................................4% G Sweden ........................................3% G Italy ..............................................3% Wind Resource Assessment 2013 G Japan............................................2% 27-28 March 2013, London, UK G Portugal ........................................2% G Other ............................................7% Book Now! Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  6. 6. 10751 Wind Farm Data Brochure Updates_10780 Wind Foundations Brochure 15/10/2012 12:37 Page 6 FEATURING SPEAKERS FROM: Book Before 2 November Save Up To £350! WIND FARM DATA Book before Book after MANAGEMENT 2 Nov Saving 2 Nov Saving ANALYSIS Two-day Forum only Two-day Forum + £1400 £100 £1500 – £1649 £350 £1749 £250 workshop Successful data management strategies to reduce maintenance costs improve Additional options Details* turbine performance Post-Event Workshop only £449 Speaker notes £199 (No VAT) 20-22 November 2012 Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg, Germany *All rates will have VAT @ 19% added ** vs booking items seperately at standard prices Further Information For Delegates 3 WAYS TO BOOK Email 1. Online: 2. Email: Let Us Manage Your Event For You Haymarket Events organises a variety of event formats on behalf of third-parties, including associations, not-for-profit organisations, the public sector and corporate 3. Call: +44 (0)20 8267 4011 clients. We work to the client’s objectives to produce dynamic events that deliver exceptional results. For more information, please contact Barney Roe on +44 (0)20 8267 4063 or email Full Terms Conditions available online at time of booking Sponsorship, Exhibition Business Development Opportunities Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to increase your exposure amongst Conference Code: 17181121559 decision-makers looking into data management solutions enjoy face-to-face time with potential customers; contact Heather Smith on +44 (0) 20 8267 4785 Brochure code: WEB or email today. Wind Farm Data Management Analysis is produced by Haymarket Conferences