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  1. 1. Mast Head- Because the mast head is well known the main image can overlap it and people will still know what it is- On this one Cory Taylor is overlapping it and hiding the R,R,A.. this gives a good effect as it shows the originality and well known-ness of it. Mast head is at the top and Big and bold Lure/Hook- grabs the reader’s attention “win new Macbeth trainers every month for a year” – lures the reader in because there is a chance you could win something- that is new out and fashionable to wear, so it persuades the reader to buy the magazine in order to have a chance at winning. Also the win a free poster will make the target audience buy the magazine because not only is the band relevant in the magazine for its genre it also is giving out something free. Cover lines- this shows different important things which are included in the magazine and draw the audience in to buy it and read up on the latest gossip with rock stars. Main image- powerful, well known lead singer or that type of genre, is looking directly at the audience which gives a immediate connection between the audience and the front cover Mode of address is informal “hot” is a word young adults/ teens say to describe how something is good – this shows the target audience is aimed at the younger generation House style- Red, black and white
  2. 2. Masthead- big bold, well known Rule of 3 Brand identity- black white and blue, shows rocky/dark genre Main cover line- catches the audiences attention Not much writing to make the front cover effective and not give away information to make it a lure Barcode bottom right because its the last place you look on the front cover Cover lines of lots of famous people- lures you in Selling line – lures audience in- people will want to buy the magazine for a free poster Mass media Sinister looking photo yet somewhat sexy for the target audience of girls who like rock. Lit up face to make it more effective and draw the audience in as he is looking strait at you which immediately gives the audience and front cover a relation
  3. 3. Brand identity- mast head Main image Capital letters to show and express how important it is Lure/hooks the audience Lures audience in to read- orgy is to do with sex and people will want to read about sex so this shows it is for varying ages from 15- 30 Barcode/ online address Main coverline Selling line Mode of address- informal because “tit” is slang Brand identity -red -white -black Powerful main image, Liam is wearing glasses which reflect his band members so it will be to do with his story on his band members and how he reflects on them
  4. 4. Ordered contents for most popular and interesting articles in magazine. In chronological order so it is easier to read and makes the presentation more understandable. Main image is a powerful one. Shows a good looking male which will draw in females who look at the magazine and males will idolise and aim to look like that Different pictures for different things in the magazine. Shows rock bands people will know and all pictures are live- no photo shoot to emphasize how real the article is. 1 2 3 Rule of 3- to split information up and give the page order and make the presentation better Maximum of 3 different fonts to improve presentation and make different things stand out so it isn't all the same font which would look boring House style- black white and yellow Bolden headlines to make the title stand out Most popular page number- which is why the image is big and stands out from the others Mode of address “swag” – means this magazine is informal
  5. 5. House style – black orange and white - 1 2 3 Rule of 3 Contents in chronological order to make it more presentable and understandable Main picture- powerful and it is of someone performing live to emphasize how real the star is Different pictures of different articles in the magazine of lots of well known rock bands which fit into target audience who idolise rock people Date of magazine
  6. 6. Colour scheme coincides with the band members clothing- especially the main singer in the middle Mode of address- informal “i was tripping balls” slang language Main image in centre dominates the whole layout of the page and creates a effective presentation to draws your attention first to the title “dirty little secrets” then to the image and t the text Linking colours Similar font throughout Picture overlaps both pages which makes it more effective in the rule of 3 Writing organised into columns Bold easy to read font which contrasts with black background to make it look more effective and stand out. Orange headlines to make it more effective and give a better understanding of what the article is about Title of article Informal address “rejects” Rule of 3- powerful and effective 1 2 3
  7. 7. Rule of 3 1 2 3 Powerful main image over double page in the centre Quotes to advise target audience and make them listen . House style is informal because the band member is talking to the audience in a friendly advisable way House style- red, black and white White writing in contrast to black background. Bands clothing fits into house style. Tattoos and serious looking at camera to create a bond between audience and dps. Attention drawn to the picture in top left and makes the reader want to read the text underneath to know what the picture is about Writing organised into paragraphs to make it easier for the reader to read.
  8. 8. Linking colours Similar font House style is the same colours throughout Writing organised into columns The picture is across the double page spread to draw your attention to it Mode of address “some f*ckin’ stupid little twat”- informal Same tone of photo 1 2 3 Rule of 3 A catchy sub-heading to draw the audience in to want to know what happened in oasis’s past
  9. 9. Same colours throughout Name of magazine to remind the reader what magazine it is structured/ chronological order to make things more neat and readable and easier to use Page numbers for best articles in the magazine Date line page Mode of address talking to reader from their opinion to make more of a relationship to the reader “a very good move” Most interesing page number- the largest with a capturing image in the same style as the front cover and the double page spread