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Interview Tips: Do's and Don'ts in Interview


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Do's and Don'ts in an interview and different interview tips are shown in this presentation which can help you in clearing the interview.

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Interview Tips: Do's and Don'ts in Interview

  1. 1. -By Charles Martin
  2. 2. Introduction When you are appearing for any job interview, keep in mind that your appearance will create an initial impression in the mind of the interviewer. Make this first impression the lasting one. Initial preparation before your personal interview will definitely generate confidence in you. Here are some basic interview tips and some interview questions to help you clear the job interview.
  3. 3. Do’s in Job Interview Dress properly for the job interview. Wear a decent formal pant and light color shirt. Your attire shows that you take the interview seriously and you are interested in the position. Know the location and exact time of the interview. Arrive 10-15 minutes early before the scheduled time.
  4. 4. Do’s in Job Interview Ask for the permission to enter the interview room and greet the employer with a smile. Do not hesitate to offer a handshake and make an eye contact with the employer. Sit straight on the chair and avoid crossing your hands or legs. Do ask some questions related to your applied job. This will show your interest in the position.
  5. 5. Don’ts in Job Interview Do not chew a gum during the interview. Don’t depend on your job application to get you hired. You need to market your specialized traits and skills during the personal interview. Your selection will completely depend on your performance in the interview. Do not smoke before the interview.
  6. 6. Don’ts in Job Interview Don’t interact with the employer as if you are not in need of the job and you have plenty of offers in a row. Also, don’t show that you are too desperate for the job. Stay calm and answer the interview questions properly and carefully. Do not lie in the interview. Employer may cross check the information by contacting your previous employer or reference provided.
  7. 7. Interview Tips These are some basic but important tips to help you during your meeting with the employer. You can also go through the sample interview questions and get appropriate answers for them. With all these interview tips, you will definitely make a good impression in the minds of recruiters.
  8. 8. Thank You For more information check out: tips.html