You Me At Six Save It For The Bedroom Analysis


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You Me At Six Save It For The Bedroom Analysis

  1. 1. All Time Low This is a still from the music video entitled ‘ Poppin’ (Champagne)’ by All Time Low who are also classed as a pop/punk band. This video was their first video to be widely recognised and shown on music channels such as Kerrang!. and included many different costumes and designs but was always set in the same location. I decided to use this image from the video as I believe that this still clearly represents the unconventional, immature and fun loving nature of the band and this is how I wanted to represent my chosen band when it came to creating my own music video.
  2. 2. All Time Low This video is very different to that of You Me At Six and Blink 182 as there seems to be a link between the song and the video. The song is all about being taken in by the idea of fame and Hollywood and how this could turn out to be a bad thing. This is emphasised by the lyric; ‘I’m at it again, caught up in the moment, but not in the right way .’
  3. 3. All Time Low On the other hand, the video itself seems to portray the complete opposite. For example, throughout the video the band can be seen in a club surrounded by many fans living the celebrity lifestyle.
  4. 4. All Time Low However, even though they are being surrounded by fame, the band are shown to be coping with it and also to be behaving in the way that they usually would; immature and childlike. This is emphasised in the picture that I have chosen and also by the other costumes used in the video.
  5. 5. All Time Low For example, one band member can be seen wearing an oversized clock around his neck, while the other can be seen wearing matching multicoloured clothes and diamond glasses that he can’t see through. However, the band is also shown in a professional way through the few live shots featured in the video.
  6. 6. All Time Low I believe that, once again, this video idea is a very good idea to look into as, even though it’s about a serious matter, it also allows the viewer to see the band in a positive, fun light and allows them to show their personality and this is exactly what I want to do for my band.
  7. 7. Camera Angles The camera angles used within this video are usually at eye level with the viewer, however, as you can see from these images, sometimes this is not the case and instead the camera is tilted up causing the band members that are featured within the shot seem much more superior and powerful than other people within the shot and the people watching. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis
  8. 8. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis Despite this one use of a high angle shot, most of the camera angles used represent the narrative behind the video; they are becoming famous, but their personalities aren’t changing. This can be seen as even though they are clearly seen enjoying a very expensive and private looking party, the camera angles are still level with the audiences eye, showing how the band believes that they are equal to their fans.
  9. 9. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis Setting The main location used within this video is a night club, however, the night club is altered for the live scenes to make it look like a live stage. I believe that, unlike the other videos that I have looked at, this location clearly represents the lyrics within the song.
  10. 10. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis For example, the song is about the party lifestyle and the over drinking of the rich and famous, and this is emphasised by the lyric, ‘ You’ve got me poppin’ champagne, I’m at it again, caught up in the moment, but not in the right way .’ This lyric is all about how the celebrity lifestyle could ultimately take over and cause you to lose your individuality, personality and dignity. To anchor the idea that the band are not a part of this ‘fame’ lifestyle further, they mock it by using close ups of themselves drinking Red Bull rather than alcoholic drinks as the song insinuates.
  11. 11. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis When the location changes for the live scenes, however, the ‘feel’ is very different. At the back of the club they have the bands name oversized, in lights and the floor is covered in amps. This shows the lifestyle that this band have chosen to follow and how they are not going to fall into the trap of fame. Also, I believe that it has been used to allow the bands to show their own personalities in the video.
  12. 12. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis Colours The colours featured in this video frequently change from being rather bright to being quite dark. The bright colours, such as white, blue, red and yellow, can be seen on the band members; the main colour used for their outfits being white. This could have been done to connote how young the band is, and the innocence that they possess, maybe surrounding the idea of fame.
  13. 13. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis The darker colours, however, are featured on the backing dancing and as the décor for the club. This contrast in colours could connote the difference between the band and the lifestyle of the people in the club; the band are still young, innocent and having fun whereas the location they are in is a dark place that can cause people to change, but not in a good way.
  14. 14. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis Costume The costume used within this video is stereotypically bright and vibrant. This is non-conventional of this genre. As with all other videos within this genre, there are frequent costume changes throughout the video. For example, in one scene the band members can be seen wearing posh and expensive looking suits
  15. 15. … and in the next scene can be seen wearing very bright, colourful loud clothes. These costume changes can be linked to the story behind the song. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis
  16. 16. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis Although the costumes do not directly link, the fact that they keep changing their appearance emphasises the idea behind the song; that making it, becoming famous and Hollywood itself can cause people to change and become someone they’re not.
  17. 17. As with the other videos that we have looked at, the band are dressed in their own, usual attire during the live shots. This could connote how the band are not like the people they are singing about; they can become famous and still be themselves. All Time Low – Poppin’ (Champagne) Analysis