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Representation Of The Band


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Representation Of The Band

  1. 1. Representation Of The Band<br />From the music videos that we have looked at, we have found that the bands of the genre all seem to be represented in similar ways. Throughout the video, they will be portrayed as almost ‘heroes’ who in turn save people from becoming identical to one another. All the videos show how they can stay individual no matter how many people try to stop that. However, in all the videos, the band members are also represented as individuals and musicians. This allows the audience to see the band members in a natural and more realistic light. It also allows the band members to show the audience their individual personalities and, in almost all of the cases, the members are shown to have a very immature and childish personality.<br />
  2. 2. Representation Of The Band<br />Another aspect of music videos that is very important is the costumes that the band members are clothed in. For example, like in the images you can see below, it is clear to see that the childish / individual personalities of the band are being represented through their clothes. When creating my own music video, We believe that we will need to take a lot of care over the costumes that we choose to ensure that the costumes anchor the ideas that we am trying to get across to the audience.<br />
  3. 3. Representation Of The Band<br />We have also found that the band is usually represented within a positive mind frame as it is coming from the band’s management, the record company or the band themselves. All bands have to be shown in quite a positive light in their music videos as these videos are the advertisement for their new single. If a band was portrayed in a very negative light in their music videos, they are less likely to sell the single that they are promoting. This seems to be true for nearly all genres. This is a technique that I am going to have to use as we need to represent our chosen band in the best light possible, so that as many people as possible would want to buy the single that the video is aiming to promote.<br />