CHED Information System Strategic Plan (ISSP)


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CHED Information System Strategic Plan (ISSP)

  1. 1. Information System Strategic Plan: HEMIS (HEDP)/COMIS Office of Policy, Planning Research & Information MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM DIVISION 22 August 2007 Charlie V. Calimlim Chief, MIS Division Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  2. 2. HEDP: MIS/GTS GOALS • Better planning and management of higher education by CHED • Better parental and student choice of individual HEIs • Improve the quality and market relevance of higher education training in the Philippines Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  3. 3. HEDP: MIS/GTS TARGETS/INDICATORS • Better processing and dissemination of statistical information by CHED; • More timely and accurate information on higher education for planning purposes, e.g. Normative Financing; • More objective information on the quality of individual HEIs Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  4. 4. PART II. INFORMATION SYSTEMS STRATEGY A. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS Support for corporate strategy decision; generation of new management styles and business models ☻ One-stop service system ☻ Acceptance of client input ☻ Fee accounting Client Services Help Desk Policy 2U 1U 1U 1U 1U Setting management strategy Assessing productivity/ growth Assessing cost conditions Corporate Strategy ☻Transforming management ☻ Supporting management innovation GOs/NGOs CHEDwide database Knowledge creation infrastructure HEIs Workstation Group Workstation Group Organizational Role Higher Education MIS (HEMIS) CHED Office MIS (COMIS) Figure 1. CHEDLINK Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  5. 5. PART II. INFORMATION SYSTEMS STRATEGY A. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS Knowledge Management E-Learning Knowledge creation & application ☻ CHED Web Portal ☻ Electronic Mail ☻ Short Messaging System In-house Knowledge Portal Client Services CHED KM System EVCS & SOAIS CHED Knowledge creation infrastructure SAS AMPS FDIS HEInfoSys DMS DTMS ISAS RMIS LMS ENGAS GTSIS SUCs CMS Higher Education MIS (HEMIS) Commission on Higher Education (CHED) FSMS PMS_ CS GISDSS CHED Office MIS (COMIS)
  6. 6. PART II. INFORMATION SYSTEMS STRATEGY A. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS – HEMIS HEInfoSys ☻ Enrollment statistics ☻ Graduates statistics ☻ Faculty statistics ☻ Curricular programs profile ☻ HEIs profile RMIS ☻ Research data ☻ Researchers profile ☻ Research centers ☻ Research funding agencies ISAS ☻ Student profile ☻ Curriculum profile ☻ Subject profile ☻ Faculty profile ☻ Students accounts ☻SUCs profile ☻ Program offerngs ☻ Research outputs ☻ Income generating projects GTSIS ☻ Graduates profile ☻ Employment data ☻ Employer/Company data SUCs CMS Higher Education MIS (HEMIS) Higher Education Management Information System Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  7. 7. PART II. INFORMATION SYSTEMS STRATEGY A. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS – COMIS ☻ Special Order numbers ☻ Name of graduates ☻ Curricular programs ☻ Date of graduation ☻ HEIs and registrars ☻ Certificates (CAV) ☻ Employee name ☻ Employee salary ☻ Employee attendance ☻ Employee leave credits ☻ Employee loan data ☻ Employee deductions ☻ Name of student scholars ☻ Curricular programs ☻ HEIs ☻ Amount released ☻ Grades ☻ Duration of scholarship EVCS & SOAIS AMPS ☻Type of document ☻ Office of origin ☻ Office concern ☻ Action taken ☻ Date received ☻ Date released ☻ Name of faculty scholar ☻ Program of study ☻ Delivering HEI ☻ Sending HEI ☻ Duration of scholarship ☻ Amount of scholarship SAS FDIS DMS DTMS LMS ENGAS Financial data of: ☻ HEDF funded projects ☻ GAA funds FSMS PMS_CS ☻ Title of collection (book, CD, journal, research output, thesis, dissertation) ☻ Author ☻ Vintage ☻ HEI GIS-DSS CHED Office MIS (COMIS) ☻Name of student ☻ Country of origin ☻ Nationality ☻ Program enrolled ☻ HEI enrolled in ☻ Visa type ☻ DMS policy ☻ CHED en banc resolutions processing ☻ CHED memoranda processing ☻ Financial documents processing ☻ Accounting documents processing ☻ Bid documents processing ☻ Project profile ☻ Project implementor ☻ Project deliverables ☻ Project cost ☻ Project cost released ☻ Project duration ☻ HEIs spatial data ☻ Digital maps ☻ Enrolment forecasting model ☻Graduates forecasting model ☻ SUCs budgeting model (NF) ☻ Graphs and charts CHED Office Management Information System Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  8. 8. PART II. INFORMATION SYSTEMS STRATEGY A. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS – Knowledge Management System (1) Risk analysis (2) Review of priority action taken (5) Assessment (4) Daily operation and supervision Internal Information Portal – Gateway to information utilization Commission on Higher Education (CHED) (3) implementation of counter measures Information Security Management
  9. 9. HEDP: MIS/GTS UPDATES a. Improve data gathering process • 2005 Revised CHED DEM • Unified data gathering forms b. Enhance SUCs/ZRCs resources • SUCs WCMS • IT equipment for HEIs c. Graduate Tracer Study • GTS survey Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  10. 10. HEDP: MIS/GTS UPDATES d. Develop information systems • RMIS (in-house) • HEInfoSys (in-house) • FDIS (P275K) • EVCS/SOAIS (P552K) • DTMS (P300K) • ENGAS (P210K) • New CHED website (P148K) • Purchased IT equipment Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  11. 11. HEDP: MIS/GTS UPDATES d. Develop information systems (ongoing) • SAS (P276K) • GTSIS (P394K) • PMS-CS (P495K) • WGISIS (P625K) • ISAS (P1000K) Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  12. 12. HEDP: MIS/GTS UPDATES e. Produce and disseminate information materials • Career guidance materials • CHED scholarship materials • PRC results – Nursing, LET Elem and Secondary Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  13. 13. CHED-ISSP Investment: • • • • • 2007 = P38.31 2008 = P45.72 2009 = P14.36 2010 = P12.64 2011 = P38.11 Total = P148.73 M Urgent: CHEDRO IT Staff Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  14. 14. “Small deeds done are better than great things planned” SALAMAT PO! Commission on Higher Education (CHED)