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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Costumes, Actors and Props Costumes: My main six actors will be wearing suits and Donal Trump masks to conform his stereotypical persona. Also throughout video other actors will appear wearing Hilary Clinton masks and/or sombreros. As well as other appearances from actors in ‘Big Issue’ jackets and potentially other ex-presidential masks. The ties worn with the suits will have to be either blue or red. The red represents power and wealth which is why Donald tends to wear that colour, and blue is the only other coloured tie that he I seen wearing on a regular basis. Props/Equipment: 6ooD: The 600 D is my camera of choice because:  It has touch screen and visual display for easy playback of shots.  Very easy to use and has enough technology to create and capture brilliant shots, yet not to confusing.  Smooth to focus and high quality zoom.  The light receptors means can get high quality shots in dim light which is when some of my shots will be filmed. But at the same time when in New York there is a possibility of snow and the camera can cope well with high brightness. Tripod- Some of the scenes I am filming will be filmed from one place and therefore the tripod will be needed to add stability and create a static picture rather than a ‘shaken’ picture.
  2. 2. Premiere pro- I am goingto use PremierProto editmyfootage.Ithas some greateffectsIcan use and I can change thingslightlightingonitto emphasisthe moods. SD card- I will use thistostore the material onthe camera. Actors: My mainDonaldTrumpActor will be Matt Holley. - ThisI because he firstlyhadexperience withinthe actingfieldandhashad previousexperience behindacamera. Thismeanshe will usedtothe directions givenandthe correct mannerinwhichto behave behindthe camera.Notonlythis bithe hashad stage experiencealsoand istherefore notafraidof reallygetting intoa character and I defiantlynot scaredof embarrassinghimself. - Mat isknownaroundthe local area for actingthe goat andplayingupto stereotypesof currenteventpersonandwill inmy opinionformaveryfunnyyetaccurate representationof Donaldandwill relythrow himselfintothe character. Otheractors usedwill varyanddue to the masked figures beingthe mainconceptof the videothis will notbe a problem The varietyinactors is due to the massivelyvariedlocationsI will be filmingin.Thismeansthatat differenttimesIwill have accesstodifferentpeople.Aslongasthe costume and face masksare the same the change inactors shouldn’tmatter.