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  1. 1. Props The term 'props' refers to any moveable item, which is meant to be visible on film. This huge range of objects includes: "Dressing Props" - the furniture, drapes, flooring, etc., used to dress sets "Hand Props" - items which are used or held by Actors "Hero Props" - objects central to the action in a scene "Stunt Props" - replica items made of soft materials "Mechanical Props" - which may move or illuminate
  2. 2. WHY? Used for effect to create tension and to frighten the audience and give them a shock. Twig WHEN? The scene where the twig will be used to when Abhi is running through the woods. used to emphasize artistic content and will show the audience the importance of the breaking. “Breaking” will symbolise the breaking point of her life.
  3. 3. WHY? This will emphasise or point out to the audience that Amelia is going away for a period of time and will show its not just a weekend away, this will also show the audience that Abhi will be left alone. SUITCASE WHEN? This is at Birmingham airport scene where Amelia and Abhi say their goodbyes.
  4. 4. Birds WHEN? This will be in the woods scene when Abhi is running. WHY? This is show there is fear nearby Abhi This will also signal and symbolise fear, as birds can sense danger quickly. WHEN? This will appear when we film in Staffordshire, Tamworth castle WHY? This will show Abhi’s thoughts to the audience, on why she thinks bad things were happening to her as the castle has past hauntings and Abhi is shown on the news about recent hauntings nearby. Castle
  5. 5. TV WHEN? This will be shown on the scene at the party and the lights will go down and the TV will fuzz. WHY? This will show the era and will emphasise the news on the TV about the Tamworth castle hauntings. WHY? To show Abhi is throwing a party as she will use it to invite her WHEN? Just before the party scene. iPhone
  6. 6. AEROPLANE WHEN? At Birmingham Airport scene. WHY? To emphasise that Amelia is gone and that Abhi is left alone. WHY? To show Abhi’s thoughts without having to speak WHEN? After the party scene. DIARY