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My proposal unit 9


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my proposal

Published in: Art & Photos
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My proposal unit 9

  1. 1. My proposal By charlie karelus
  2. 2. My topics For my Exhibition topics I have decided to do a mixture of macro and portrait photographs. I chose to do macro and portrait because I love some of the photos that have been produced and they look really good. Macro portrait
  3. 3. My exhibition title For my exhibition title I chose “Charlie karelus’s exhibition; Through My Eyes.” I chose to use this exhibition title because I am using portrait and macro photographs so it fits in really well because it is like you are seeing the photos through my eyes.
  4. 4. Photo location I used a range of locations for my photos and they include my house, Ringwood, Bournemouth and school. I chose to take photos in these place because it fits in with the exhibition title I chose.
  5. 5. My inspiration For my topics my inspiration I look at a range of images from the internet, book and magazines. I was looking through google images and I found a lot of portrait and macro photographs and I liked them so I decided to use macro and portrait for my topics.
  6. 6. Budget; equipment/ cost • Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR Camera - £390 • MaxRam 16GB Class 10 SD SDHC Memory Card - £10 • DURAGADGET Professional Multi Functional Aluminium Adjustable Tripod - £15 • Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 - £60 • X3 train ticket - £5.50 • Waterproof Camera case For - £15
  7. 7. Schedule Week Activity Detail 1 Research into types of photography Classroom/computer 2 Research into favourite photographers Classroom/computer 3 Practise types Classroom/computer 4 Plan/proposal Classroom/computer 5 Taking images School site / Out of school 6 Taking images School site/Out of school 7 Editing Classroom/computer 8 Editing /mounting Classroom/computer 9 Evaluation Classroom/computer 10 Evaluation Classroom/computer
  8. 8. How will I exhibit my images To present my images I will display them in a wooded frames so the images are presented with a high quality.