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Box one slides

  1. 1. LibGuide Tutorial: Box #1 What user names & passwords should I have ready for (for login)? public domain photo by Luigi Novi WALL STREET JOURNAL powered by ProQuest
  2. 2. WALL STREET JOURNAL powered by ProQuest the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is one of over forty databases offered by Belhaven’s library in BlazeNet it is one of our most valuable databases
  3. 3. BlazeNet login: Belhaven email login to log into the Journal from either the Library homepage or BlazeNet, have both your BlazeNet & Belhaven email login creds ready
  4. 4. - need help setting up your BlazeNet or email accounts? - need help loging in? p click CURRENT STUDENTS tab (only), don’t open pulldown menu
  5. 5. BlazeNet login: Belhaven email login: to enter the WSJ, or any Library database, have ready your BlazeNet & Belhaven email username/password
  6. 6. login screens will appear a little different, but login instructions will appear atop each screen; you will not need any new passwords
  7. 7. Phone: 1-800-808-5002 librarian on duty, for all hours the Library is open in Jackson: 1-601-968-5948 Reference Questions: Questions or Suggestions: Daylan Stephens, Circulation Librarian
  8. 8. CHATTANOOG A HOUSTON MEMPHIS ORLANDO DALTON DESOTO ONLINE CAMPUS ATLANTA Warren A. Hood Library: serves all Belhaven campuses JACKSON 1-800-808-5002 We provide print & online resources to all campuses