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  1. 1. Overview All of the covers seen above are front covers from the Top of the Pops Magazine, meaning they are all created to attract hip-hop/ pop fans. Thepurpose of this over view is to highlight and compare the features which create typical pop music magazine convention. Each of the eight fronts cover have similar features and patterns within the front cover conventions, within the genre of pop we have typical conventions we expect, one of them most common convention is for a main image to dominate the whole of the front cover, this is clearly displayed within all of these front covers, alongside with sell lines that wrap around the image,alongside these there are also smaller images which refer to the articles withinthe magazine, to follow this it as has a masthead which is intended to be of an suitable text. Alongside these similar feature they also consist of trending patterns such as, most of the artist appear on front of the cover are usual strong confident female or girl bands, however one of top of the pops conventions is the appearance of heart throb boys or boy bands which also appear on the front of the magazine. These are common to be seen on the front of the ‘top of the pops’ magazine, as they artist which are within his music genre are usual very pretty, independent woman, as well as boys which take the hearts of the girlsin the nation. When a band is placed on the front cover, we see that they are all standing equally and there is not one seen as ‘the leader of the pack’ this represents the genre of the music, as in a typical rock magazine such as Kerrang, a band which would be displayed would have one band member which would dominate and the rest standing behind, this is a typical rock convention which highlights the difference between the two genres. However with the solo artist which are seen on the front cover of these magazines usually dominate the whole of the front cover, this is too attract the readers and fans of these solo artist, such as many artist which feature on the front covers of this magazine, will be heart throbs the girls as well as their role models. The artists which feature on the front cover consist of stylish, edgy and independent females alongside the heart throb, hunky males; these areartist such as, Cheryl Cole, Jessie J, One Direction and others. The mix of both male and female artist featuring on the front cover is conventional towards a pop magazine. From looking at the front covers, the mise-en-scene, it highlights lots oftypical iconography for this music genre, this is shown through factors such as
  2. 2. the costume, the costumes in which the artist were are usually stylish andcolourful, as well as this there costumes have a very smart feel to themhowever still have a casual edge to them. This look is usually seen in a popmagazine, as the bright stylish clothes are conventional to the artist as well asthe front cover these costumes give a ‘fun’ feel to them as well as a free spirit asit is very colourful and out there. As well as their costumes being brightcolours the colours usually clash with the rest of the magazine, this is seenthrough these front covers as there are many vibrant colours in one place, thismay be seen as a method to attract the readers. The typical look of the artistare very ‘glamed’ up with a lot of attention that has been paid towards themakeup and hair, yet try’s to look effortless towards the audience. As well asthe boys looking almost perfect, with natural glowing skin and the perfect hairwhich many boys may envy. A feature which is commonly seen in the eightfront covers would be the appreance of feature articles photographs. Thesephotographs are usually seen in smaller forms, which will then come in largerforms within the magazine further on, this is typically on a pop magazine tohighlight the other artist as well as the poster which are offered inside.Each front cover displays the trade mark of top of the pops, masthead, as wellas always appearing on the front cover it is always in the same placement aswell as being in the same font or design, however within the front covers abovewe see a transformation between the logo, as a new era evolved, so did themagazine changing their style and iconic look. As well as this the backgrounduse to be on a solid colour however has now changed the simple whitebackground allowing it to appeal to a more wider audience of teens and notjust girls, as well as the top of the pops logo being there it shows that they arenow well established that it can be covered by the image and if seen is so iconicthat people would recognise it. Another feature which is commonly repeatedwould be the strap line in which every time sits on top of the masthead, whichuncovers the information based in the magazine, as well as promoting acompetition or a giveaway.The eight magazines displayed above show us the amount of sell-lines andtheir placement, on a music magazine they are usually seen ath the sides,however on the top of the pops magazine they are seen spuradically all overthe front of the magazine, as seen in the eight front covers the take up a lot ofthe front cover as well as covering the main image of the artist, however thesell line in which cover the artist, are usually about the artist to attract thereader and find out what the sell line actually means. Alongside these the selllines in which usually are seen on these magazines consist of, ‘omg’,‘confessions of..’, ‘he has a crush on you’, which all attract the specific targetaudience, as the target audience would be young girls in which this slang
  3. 3. appeals to, for example teenage girls, this feature allows them to have a quickidea of what will feature without having looked inside, this feature will teasethe audience and make them want to buy it.The layout of each of thesemagazines all have simular features, as all eight of the front covers such thatthere is a strapline above the tittle which consist of showing a piece ofinformation which will feature within the magazine. As well as this the mainimages is always the full cover, with seel lines scattered over the image yet thesel lines do not cover the face fo the artist.After highlighting these features within this overview , its clear to many peoplethat top of the pops have their own unquie brand identity, this is a signaturelook in which is easily recgonised and predicatable towards the targetaudience, this is done through the top of the pops magazine keeping a consistlayout as well as maintaining the features in which support the magazine inthe amount of sales it recieves as wel las its success.