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Pro track


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ProTrack is an online place where the Giertsen Company can store your disaster plan, and you can access it remotely via the internet.

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Pro track

  1. 1. Are you prepared for disaster?
  2. 2. What is ProTrack?1. A secure online storage place to store a copy of your disaster plan.2. Gives you quick access to locations of critical building systems3. Written protocols in place if a disaster happens.4. Scalable to any business size.5. SIMPLE yet loaded with features.
  3. 3. What value does ProTrack offer?1. Minimizes restoration time.2. Decreases restoration costs by preparing restoration team.3. Improved communication due to preset restoration expectations.4. Offering an extra amount of security to tenants and clients.
  4. 4. What features does ProTrack offer? 1. Detailed contact list for emergency usage. 2. Building information page with details of locations of shutoffs. 3. Exterior satellite images with important utility outlets and shutoffs notated. 4. Interior floor plans notated with important utility information. 5. Pre-loss images of facility and utilities. 6. Full disaster plan downloadable. 7. SIMPLE layout and easy to use.
  5. 5. How does ProTrack work:1. Direct your browser to Log in with your username and password.3. Once logged in you are presented with a list of all documents and photos.
  6. 6. Contact Information:
  7. 7. Building Information:
  8. 8. Examples of Photos on ProTrack:
  9. 9. Compatible with Mobile Devices: Tested on: •iPhone •Android •Windows Phone •Blackberry
  10. 10. Easily make changes: Simply click on the “Email Us.” link. OR Click the “Add Document” button and upload your updated document.