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Giertsen Company Overview


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An overview of the services that the Giertsen Company offers

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Giertsen Company Overview

  1. 1. Restoration Specialists since 1918 Giertsen Company-Presentation: 24-Hour Response: 1-888-670-1918
  2. 2. Introduction: • The Giertsen Company: Restoration Specialists• Introduction • Since 1918Who we are • Fire, Water & Wind: 24-hour Response, Remediation andWhat we provide Restoration.ServicesQuality Assurance • Our clients look to us in times of severe crisis & loss.Conclusion • Giertsen understands yourReferences needs, and believes you deserve a company that knows and cares.
  3. 3. Who we are: • Giertsen Company: Fire, Water & Wind Restoration Specialists Since 1918.Introduction • Regional offices in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago allow us to quickly meet the needs of our• Who we are • customers.What we provide • Giertsen Company provides services for residential, multi-tenant, commercial and industrial devastationServices throughout the region.Quality AssuranceConclusionReferences
  4. 4. What we provide: A 24-hour Response Team - Protecting your Interests when you need us the most...Introduction • With Giertsen, you can be assured that we will mobilize aWho we are task force swiftly to respond to your emergency – 24 hours a• What we provide • day, 365 days a year – no matter where you’re located inServices the Midwest.Quality Assurance •Giertsen Company goal is to minimize business interruptionConclusion and get you back up in operation.References
  5. 5. Full Service Company: Disaster often strikes unexpectedly, but you know exactly what to expect with Giertsen…Introduction Giertsen provides the following services: • Emergency ServicesWho we are • Reconstruction Services • Cleaning ServicesWhat we provide • Specialized Services • Catastrophe Response• Services • • ConsultingQuality AssuranceConclusionReferences
  6. 6. 24-hour Emergency Service The Giertsen Company Provides: • Complete Pack outIntroduction • Board-up & SecurityWho we are • Water Out DryingWhat we provide •Air Scrubbers• Services • •HEPA filtrationQuality Assurance • Dehumidification •LGR’sConclusion •DesiccantReferences • Monitoring Equip. •Thermo Image • Temporary: • Power & Lights • Heating • Plumbing
  7. 7. Reconstruction Services The Giertsen Company Provides:Introduction • DemolitionWho we are • CarpentryWhat we provide • Roofing• Services • • MasonryQuality Assurance • Drywall & PlasterConclusion • PaintingReferences • Wall&Floor:cover • Electrical • HVAC • Plumbing
  8. 8. Cleaning Services The Giertsen Company Provides:Introduction • Structural CleaningWho we are • Personal PropertyWhat we provide • Furniture Restoration• Services • • Carpet CleaningQuality Assurance • Dry CleaningConclusion • POI Scanner SystemReferences • Temperature Controlled Crated Storage
  9. 9. Commercial Drying Services With the addition of our new rapid response WaterOut Drying System, the Giertsen Company provides aIntroduction solution for fast and effective structural drying.Who we areWhat we provide• Services •Quality AssuranceConclusionReferences
  10. 10. Specialized Services The Giertsen Company Provides:Introduction • Mold RemediationWho we are • Electronics RestorationWhat we provide & Data Recovery• Services • • Deodorization of Building and ContentsQuality Assurance • Asbestos AbatementConclusion • Bio-hazard CleanupReferences • Crime scene and Trauma Cleaning
  11. 11. Catastrophe Response The Giertsen Company Provides:Introduction • Mobilization of nationalWho we are response teamWhat we provide • Commercial drying and moisture detection• Services • • Structural repairQuality Assurance analysisConclusion • Proactive scheduling to minimize businessReferences interruption
  12. 12. Consulting Services The Giertsen Company Provides:Introduction • Scope of Work EstimatesWho we are • Assembly of Team ofWhat we provide Experts• Services • • Engineering and Architectural ServicesQuality Assurance • Project ManagementConclusion • Business InterruptionReferences Reduction • Contingency Planning
  13. 13. Quality AssuranceIntroductionWho we areWhat we provideServices • Giertsen Company will ensure efficiency & accuracy:• Quality Assurance • • Utilizing the latest call tracking and project schedulingConclusion • The moment your call comes in, it’s registered by date and time to ensure prompt action.References • Our Team will be On-site with-in one hour • Giertsen Company 24-hour number: 888-670-1918
  14. 14. Conclusion: Giertsen Company appreciates the opportunity to work with your Company.IntroductionWho we areWhat we provideServicesQuality Assurance• Conclusion •References • Giertsen Company understands the key to our success is communicating effectively with our customers. • Giertsen Company knows the importance of quality work and strong customer satisfaction - we’ve been doing it for 95 years... •For more information visit us at