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Gae4 b for_atlanta_gtug (2)

  1. 1. Google App Engine for Business David Hoff, VP Technology
  2. 2. Agenda - GAE4B Introduction & definitions How much does it cost? Why would I use it? Road map Q & A
  3. 3. We help organizations Go Google Google App Engine to create custom apps Migrate data and integrate other systems with Google Apps APIs Connect to firewalled data with the Secure Data Connector Extend Google Apps with Apps Script and priv ate gadgets
  4. 4. Who trusts the Cloud Sherpas? SMB We've migrated hundreds of thousands of users to Google Apps from companies of all sizes in Manufacturing, Retail, Government, Real Estate, Healthcare, Education and other industry verticals. Enterprise
  5. 5. Terminology "By 2012, 20% of Global 2000 enterprises will be using public cloud services, up from under 5% in 2009" - Gartner Dec 2009 SaaS: Software as a Service Google Apps PaaS: Platform as a Service Google App Engine Azure IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service GoGrid Amazon EC2 Vmware
  6. 6. Why look at PaaS? Software maintenance, upgrades, patches License costs Data center costs IT staffing resources Application forecasting & scaling all adds up quickly
  7. 7. What is GAE4B? Rapid application development for the cloud Develop locally in Java or Python with your IDE Easy one-click deployment to Google's cloud Simple yet powerful cloud based administration Full featured application maintenance Log/error analysis, version control, app performance Worry free cloud environment maintenance No need for securing & provisioning servers, configuring VMs, performing backups, applying patches etc. On Demand Capacity Zero effort dynamic provisioning based on traffic needs In summary, App Engine with additional Enterprise Features
  8. 8. Enterprise Features Centralized application management console Integrated application navigation Enterprise Support and reliability Service level agreement (SLA) Dedicated support with guaranteed response time Hosted SQL Option to develop on a true relational SQL database Cloud management of your SQL database SSL on your domain Use Secure sockets layer (SSL) on your own domain "Naked" domain support Simple pricing: $8/app/user/month (Max. $1k month/app)
  9. 9. Is $8/user/month a lot?
  10. 10. Is $8/user/month a lot?
  11. 11. Is $8/user/month a lot?
  12. 12. But wait, what about Microsoft... Pricing
  13. 13. Road map Enterprise Admin Console Preview (signups available) Direct Support Preview (signups available) Hosted SQL Preview (signups available) Service Level Agreement Q4 2010 (Draft published) Enterprise billing Available Q4 2010 Custom Domain SSL Limited Release EOY 2010
  14. 14. Q & A