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Advertising powerpoint

  1. 1. By Charlie Blackmore
  2. 2. What is it ?A sales display is a chance for people to be inventive to create an area of space which displays an object. In which peoplecould interact with and have a taste of what they are looking at and maybe considering buying the brands product. Thisallows customers to view products for mens aftershave in a simple but effective manor that customer are able o access theproduct easily and safely.Why is it a good display ?This in my opinion is the best display as it is able to allow the customers to view the objects easy also they can touch themwhich can have a effect on the selling costs. The stand should be a reasonable height also the objects are big enough tosee detail clearly on them. The colouring of the products reflect the lighting in the store which stands out to customers.Why is it a bad display ?This is a bad design as there is too many products on the stall which can confuse customers on what they are looking at.The sale display isn’t clear to what it is selling also a brands name for the products aren’t clear. Also the stall has a shelfand safety aspect as the products could fall and injury customers.This sales display is simple but effective as thecolours are vibrant which engages the buyer. Thetrays that they are displayed in are easy to get to apen to view. The prices are also easy to see at thebottom of each tray. The brands name is clearlydisplayed above the compartments. Animprovement needed would be that the height ofthe display for pens could be higher which can bemore visible.This is different as the fragrances arebehind a glass door with lots oflighting around them whichpersuades the buyer to go over andlook at the products they are selling.The colours of the products sold byindividual owners make the displayeven stand out more with the use oflighting. The height of the display isgood as it is accessible to products.I really like this display as the woods are therefor you to view yourself and see if they aredamaged or smooth. The sizes are visible alsothe cost. The frame of the sales display ismodern which has a influence to peopleviewing the product. The height of the displayis good as the wood is accessible. The display isdefinitely interactive for the customer to viewthe products.
  3. 3. This display unit is a vivid orangewhich stands out. The products areeasily accessible to touch and theprices are clear. I think this is a gooddisplay unit. Also the sizes of the traysare good ranging from the smallest atthe top and the largest at the bottomthis and influence the buyer to bemore interested to what they arelooking at. Also it can make them buyother things rather than just what theycame in for.This display unit is different as thecolour influences the buyer to buy theproduct. Also in this display imagesfrom whsmith they have there stickynotes next to another brand post itwhich are more expensive so buyersare more likely to but the whsmithsticky notes. Also the display is simpleas the cost is visible and the notes arevivid colours which stand out fromthe background they use for theredisplay.This display is vivid which sells theproducts very well to customerswho walk in as its eye catchy..These are candles that have beenplaced together as a group by theshop maybe to try and sell morethan one item at a time. Also thedisplay is simple meaning its not tohard to get to the products.The display unit haslights which areeffective. Thefragrances are on theoutside of the glass soyou can have a tasteof what the productsmells like. This isgood as it interactswith the customerhopefully wanting tobuy the product. Thedisplay is safe up to acertain way as theproduct can bedropped and smashas it’s glass. But thefragrances are out theway of children’sreach.This is a basic display buteffective as the curtainsare displayed high whichis seen by the human eye.The colour of the curtainsstand out also they haveadded the pillows belowmaybe to show you whatselse is in the range so youmay but it or just to fillthe display unit up.This is a good and bad displayunit as the good thing is thatits got lots of customerchoices also it interactive sothey can take them off thehook and see them. The baddisplay about this is thatthere may be to much on thedisplay which could confusepeople.
  4. 4. This display is clever as if you walked into theshop the word ‘ SALE ’ in big red letters iseffective also having the products hanging in theair can introduce the range to the customers.Also having the curtains in the backgroundwhich allow the customer to interact with is agood way to sell the product.I really like this displays the products inthis case locks and door numbers arevisible as the background, is dark and dullwhich can allow the products which aregold and silver to stand out. he hooksthat they are on can allow the customerto feel and see the cut of object.This display is uniqueas you can touch thecurtain rails and see theshapes . The stand issimple but effective forthe customer to viewthe objects they arelooking at. Also theprices are visible next tothe product.This is a charity shop display which iseffective as it displays the products theyare selling very well in the window. In myopinion I’m not bothered to what theyare selling. To me it is the display itselfthe shape of it how it has a open view. Bythis I mean you can see through it toother products in the shop.This is brilliant display unit as it represents the keys in a waythat the colour of the display background can show theproducts to the customer in a way that they would want owalk up and touch the keys and see the styles they wouldwant. The display is basic but effective as the hooks displaythe keys with an area where the are stored underneath.
  5. 5. Old spice use different advertisement posters and speeches such as ‘MANO A MANO’ this canencourage younger people to realize if they use this product they may turn into a man.I think that the old spice is encourages younger people from the start of there forties until aboutthere twentys when they are a man. I think that the customer range for this product is about 30-40 yrs old.Mr Natty uses different methods to advertise such as using old fashionedmoustaches to represent there logo this can engage people to see different butmodern looks they can have with there facial hair.. The new advert for Mr Nattyhas a difference in the nationality of person. Maybe the industry is trying to sellthere product more so there looking at the different age groups and cultures ofpeople. I think Mr Natty is aimed for men around 20-30 yrs old as they may belooking for different styles for there facial hair.Lynx have many different advertising skills such as creating videos which canmake people think that if they use lynx they could get women chasing them asshown in the photograph. Lynx create videos that they sell to the TV industrywhich go on national TV. This has an effect on the selling costs.Lynx is a powerful brand which is based around men between 12-30 yrs, thatare trying to attract. Also certain images, that Lynx use can make people thinkthat, that could be me.Fish are a old and new fashion hairdressers which style men and women hairs. Inopinion they are a hairdressers for middle age people that like to have differenthair styles beside the normal trim at the barbers.They use famous people to advertise there name so they can get business. I thinkfish are used by men around 16-40 yrs.
  6. 6. Point of SalesHackett are a old company that advertise in mens grooming. The company uses old fashionphotographs which are mainly business people. The company in my opinion is trying to advertise topeople that go to work in a suit. The age group for this company grooming I would say is peoplearound 20-40 yr olds.L ‘ Oreal use different advertising methods such as TV adverts andimages in there shops which talk about age concern. This appeals to oldaged Men and Women which have bad skin care. The adverts pullspeople in as they explain that they are professional people that cancontrol problems with skin care. I think that L ‘oreal is aimed for menaged 16-40 as they have sensitive products for older peoples skin care.Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings met in the Portobello Road, West London both combing the marketfor good second-hand traditional British men’s clothing. A business partnership soon started with a small stall inPortobello themselves, selling on the clothing after cleaning and repairs.Hacketts foundation happened in 1983 and is still selling, creating loads of stores world wide in 15 differentcountries such as, Great Britain, Germany and France for business.Hackett has a lot of history behind its name and has been created clothes for men and women and accessories.My chosen brand : HackettHackett today now sell a childrens wear. Which from their advertisement can persuade familys to dress their little kids in Hackettwear. The advert ‘Little Britons’ can appeal to familys that there are maybe big business men inside there little sons waiting to growup.Hackett, the British upmarket gentlemens clothing store with branches around the world is known to be organised and have a chain of business.Why Wear Hackett?Men may wear Hackett because they either find it a good menswear shop for clothes and fragrances or that it’s a good make for if you worked in abusiness making them feel smart and intelligent.Who Wear Hackett ?I think Hackett are mainly worn by men that are people that wear suits that work for a business mainly aged around 20-35yrs
  7. 7. Brief:Design a new point of sale display unit for a male grooming company. The unit must display atleast 1 product from their range and must clearly identify the brand. Possible brands are Oldspice, Fish, L’Oreal men expert, Mr Natty and Hackett.Situation :Hackett has a high price range that may be excessive for people. But Hackett have brought out anew childrens clothing range which this shows they are trying to change there target audience.Also on TV you don’t see a lot of advertisement for Hackett men aftershaves or other products.Solution :In my opinion to create a sales display should still resemble the old fashioned antique lookHackett try to show pride in when selling there product. But, there point of sale still shows andresembles the old style of Hackett in black and white.
  8. 8. Position of product / Environment :I think that Hackett would use a differentangle of positioning their product such ashaving the sales display either facing towardsthe customer as they walk towards it or sothat the product is at an angle that mayinterest the customer. Also if the product iscoloured the positioning of the product hasgot to be laid out carefully such as the lightfrom the shop could make the glass bottlestwinkle which stands out more.Manufacturing :The sales display could be easy to make as it could come asa kit so that it save packaging so the store has to build itthemselves. Also the amount of time it takes to producethe stand for the product has got to show a profit on theresales effect.Purpose :I think that Hackett have a more distinctive classicstyle approach to selling there products. There saledisplays should show the old classic appearancebut with a modern touch to them ever so slightly.Also the purpose of the sale display is to attract thecustomer either that being that the area of the saledisplay has a slight aroma of the fragrance or thatit stands out more than other displays.Cost :The cost of the item that the sales display holdsshould resemble the prices of priced Hackett menfragrances. But what I think that the sale displayshould show is an expensive classy look so that itappeals to the nature of the product.Sustainability :The sales display materials must be recyclable sothat its good for the environment. Also thematerials must be long lasting because of the useof the sales display containing the product whichwill be touched regularly. The sales display mustbe sustainable for people touching it meaning thatit doesn’t break during use.User-friendly :The sales display must be easy to use so that theproduct can be easy to get to and stored in a safeplace so it doesn’t fall and break. Also to make surethe sale display has a simple but effective design thatcontains the product that the customer can accesswell.Social media :Hackett have different types of social media adverts.First they use adverts on TV which resemble mainlymiddle aged men around 20-30 yrs which can havean impact on the viewers at home. Also differentplaces for advertisement are areas such as,Facebook, sides of a website such as eBay .Size :A point of sale display unit needs to large and different tostand out from all the other brands on the market. Alsothe size should be all used for the product use only eitherwith shelfs, stands or a tester station to one side on theproduct.Material :Hackett is a high class brand which should display a highquality of materials. I would think Hackett would use highclass wood and glass as they are a expensive brand thathave a quality to there designs. I would of thought that thematerials should be bio-degradable. Also the materialsshould look expensive but not cost !Functions :On the display unit it could have aninteractive display such as you have to twistthe handles to open up little doors whichhave the fragrance in them. Or it could have aspray that you have to press yourself. Also itcould have a lighting system that could be eyecatchy on the display also on the product thebottle could be glow in the dark material.which sprays it onto your clothes, but it has tobe under eye level for health and safetyreasons. Hackett mainly use a simple display.Safety :I think this Is the most important as the display should beeye level to stand out but not have any parts of it stickingout. Al so when the user trys and touches the stand theyshouldn’t injury themselves in anyway possible. Thedisplay should be solid so if it got pushed it wouldn’t fallover and hurt anyone.The past :The look of the company for every company that sellsmens fragrance change over time. Meaning that the styleof there sale displays change due to the look and style ofthe products shape. Also the target audience has been formen around 30 years old as the adverts always show menwith beards or facial hair.The future :The future for Hackett mens fragrances are very bright Ibelieve. The target audience can change so that the agefor advertisement for men could be for 20-30 years ofage. This could be created by adverts using younger menmodels to influence a younger generation. Also theproducts could become more affordable but don’t defeatthe objective of Hackett being a high classy Londonbrand.
  9. 9. EnvironmentHow itworksDifferencefrom otherdisplaysSuitable forhumans useSocialnetworksitesAdvertsQRreaderscanSides ofwebsiteAngletoattractTowards thecustomersInjuryfreeSmoothNosharpedgesRecyclableStore ( Men )SimpledesignEasy tooperateSell theproductEngagesWaterFireSpraycardsTwisthandlesDisplayfits withProductsizePurpose+ SaleBio-degradableAcrylicGlassWoodAppearanceThemeWordplayColourModernManufacturepriceAffordableExpensiveReadybuiltTimeEasy tomakeMaterialRecyclableAdvertisingProductAudienceTargetAudienceLook ofcompanyProductHackettDisplayUnitSizeMaterialsAestheticsSafetyPurposeFutureUser-friendlySustainabilityFunctionsManufacturingCostPast EnvironmentErgonomicsPosition ofproductSocial media
  10. 10. L – logical / reasons for it. ( design + use )I – illogical / position of the display to be clearN- need / PurposeK- keep / DecisionS- scrap / DecisionF- form vs. function / look nice and work wellX- x factor / differenceBasically the link fx effect is establishing a need for thepoint of sale unit. I found relevant information on all ofthe links fx effects which I have used in my research tofind out specific details on work works well and doesn’twork well in a men’s sales display.Logical :: The brand of the product should be clearly displayed so that the customer knows what he or she is looking exactly at.:A example of the product should be clearly represented in the display to show the customer what they are looking at i.e. the shape of the bottle and name. Somaybe they can go home and research it.: The price of the product must be clearly presented either in front of the display so it stands out. But, sometimes the price being near the product display canput customers off viewing it.: The position of the display should be represented clearly. But in a store if you want that product to stand out but needs to be near the fragrance mens elseyou could position it on the aisle facing the customers walking through. But if its around the particular brand Hackett clothing the fragrance needs to bedifferent colours to stand out from the clothing parts.: The sales display in general needs to be clearly represented as one of the main points of selling.: The sale point needs to be eye level meaning the actual product needs to be eye level. But the stand could be higher to stand out above other sale pointsdisplaying other products.: Also the sales display could be near the tills which could persuade customers today the product whilst waiting to pay for others.: The sales display must be clearly labelled the brand so customers know hat they are looking at.: Also samples that customers can try and take can persuade them to buy the [product. On the sale display pieces of paper could be laid out with scentedfragrance covered on them for the customer to take with the brand name on the paper so they can remember what hey tried.: The sample product must be attached or linked to the display just if someone decides to walk off with the fragrance. But, it could be alarmed in the productitself with a meter alarm so, so many metres the fragrance sends a alarm.:The display should be 100 % honest as if the customer was to buy the product it must be the brand that’s on the display and the correct price not beingovercharged.:The sales display must have some sort of interactivity for the customers as easy as a simple spray tester. This can persuade the customer to buy the product.llogical :The sales display must be put somewhere the customer can see it clearly.The size of the display should be big enough so that it stands out. But also make sure that the display isn’t to big for the product that you are trying to sell. Aspeople may be distracted by the sale display design rather than the product your trying to sell.Where you sell the item should be either related to what the item is so a mens fragrance should be sold in a store either with mens clothing or fragrances.Expecting the unexpecting meaning that the display could be unique and much different in the way that it presented to the customer either being eye catchy orbold and stylish.Different interactive techniques such as spray onto a piece of paper isn’t a good sale technique as it is not what you will smell like. The customer would need tospray it onto themselves to get the full smell of the fragrance.Samples can be a bad idea as people could just take one for the sake of it and never use it. I you do have samples on your display the paper or sticks could havethe company name on them so the customer could still remember what the fragrance was.Being interactive can lead to you selling to much of the product rather than selling little hints of it so the customer may be persuaded to go back.
  11. 11. Need :: The sales display must have the brand on it so that the customer knows what he or she is looking at. This is a simple but effective and main piece ofinformation that must be added to the sales display unit.: The stand must be eye catchy to persuade the customer to look and see that sales display exists. Also that customers acknowledge the brands name clearlydisplayed either on the top of the sales display or around the sides. Lights can be used to be more eye catchy.: Also the sale display should attract men as they are the target audience. But women buy mens fragrances normally so the sale display should be both unisexdisplay.: Also different images can attract people such as male or women models displaying the product on the display mainly around the top of the display or the sides.: The stand must resemble and reflect the product which is mens fragrance.: The product must be safe meaning the materials used to create the display must be either smooth if there wood or if its glass it can have a protective layer ontop of it.: Lastly, security can be a issue as if the products attached to the display it can put people off of the display.Keep :I would probably keep the simple old fashioned look that Hackett try to represent there work as. I would use glass and wood. But to make it even better I couldcreate a rusty effect created by using metals or stones or even a waterfall.Scrap :I would probably scrap the price range of their products to make it more affordable. Also parts of their sale techniques such as the interactive parts. I wouldprobably create a new vision for sale display units. Certain materials such as glass and wood I may consider scraping as they area heavy dense look. Also theydon’t allow the stand to stand out to customers.Form Vs Function :The design must engage the customers by looking well presented and work well if it had an interactive design. Such as a light or a music stand to engage thecustomer.Something that you like must be liked by others because at the end of the day it will be you selling to the customers not the other way around. It should beinventive but it will not defeat the classic Hackett look.X factor :What can it do differently than other sale display units ?The sale display could have a water technique added to it. Or it could have a light instalment which can have an interest to customers views. This would all havean effect on the interactive features that the display will have,
  12. 12. Access FMAesthetics : What will the product look like ?The point of sale display should modern but resemble the classic look of Hackett. Also it should show the brand of the product clearly represented. The shapes canbe an inventive approach as you can changed the display unit to match the product or make it completely different so the product stands out more than thedisplay. The style of the point of sale should have the colours of Hackett which are grey, black and white. The material can be material that absorbs the smell alsothe design of the display could consume different shapes that appeal to the theme of the product. The material can be different throughout the display as the basewhere the display main unit is could be glass or wood where the frame of the display could be metal or aluminium to save on money and covered in table clothdesign that resemble Hackett.Cost :The cost of the design should resemble the price of the product but shouldn’t be so expensive that the materials coast hundreds. The display should in a way outperform the product colours and style, The display should be eye catchy for the customer so the material needs to stand out. Hackett don’t use vibrant colours forthere display so my display needs to stand out without being vivid. Also the material should be recyclable as this can reduce the cost of manufacturing. Thematerials used should make customers that have a obsession either with fashion or with style should look at it straight away.Customer :The sales display must make the customer feel that, that product for men aftershave they must have. The sales point must engage the customer pulling them overto view the display and try the product on their skin. The sales display should be looking to engage women as well as Men as usually women buy meansaftershaves. The display should stand out to the customer. I can do this buy either by design a multi coloured display using colours that Hackett use such as grey,black and white and pout them together to create a unique background on the display unit.Environment :Where the sale display is placed in a shop technically decides whether you sell the product. The display should come to life which engages the customer. Certainshops such as John Lewis are a great place to display the product as they are a trended classic shop. Shops such as Next, don’t give out the vibrant classic feel inthere display unit as where John Lewis do. The product should be clearly displayed also the display could be accessible as a 360 angle display so it opens a wideangle of the shop up for customers to see it.Safety :The display should and always be safe for the customer as when they go to handle the product to touch it on they should get caught or injured by the display. Sothe set out i.e. layout of the display needs to be thought out extremely carefully as people could accidently touch something and get a injury. Also the sales displayshouldn’t be a height so that children can reach in and try the aftershave as it can damage there skin also they could destroy the display. After , all the brandHackett is only and mainly for men around 20-30 yrs. Also the product should or can be attached to a wire so that it doesn’t get robbed. If the product did getrobbed the display could get damaged so you may needed to reconsider the materials so that if they break they wont harm any other customers.A- AestheticsC- CostC- CustomerE- EnvironmentS- SafetyS- SizeF- FunctionM-Material.
  13. 13. Access FMSize :The height of the display should be eye level to the customer age you are trying sell to. This doesn’t encourage children to try and look at the display as they maynot be able to see it. Also the display could be massive or small it depends on the product size. But, in a shop you don’t see massive display units for products,normally they are simple but modern effective display. The display should stand out to the customer, also it should be made suitable for the human body. (Anthropartmetrics. ) So the display should be suitable for a human to view the product in the display without injury.Function :The display should show and relate to the product its selling this shows how good the product looks. Also you could have a tester station where they can try outthe product. Or it could have lights that are underneath the product and the rest of the product is dull so it stands out more than the display. Also the differencebetween other displays make a huge difference in your selling costs as more people like the look of your product sop they buy it rather than looking at other saledisplay selling products that may be the same as yours but it was your display that took an eye catchy approach to them.Material :The way the display is laid out can be used using different materials such as the base of the display could be wood and the top of it could be covered in velvet togive an classy approach. After all Hackett are a classic classy brand. Also the cost of the materials should be expensive as it can decrease your total profit. Also thedisplay could have materials that absorb the scent of the product so it can spread through the store. Also the tester strips could be made from velvet or anothercloth material that can absorb the smell so when the customer takes it way they can still smell the product and think I really like that and buy it. If they werentable to remember the brand the name Hackett can be placed on the material. Materials allow display to be unique and tell a story of how there mens fragrance isthe best smell around.
  14. 14. Research Plan DesignTime planQuestionnaire :I am going to conduct a research onwhat makes a good sales display. I amgoing document information fromcustormers,shops and companys tofind out what they think makes a goodsale display. The relevant informationwill be displayed in a bar chart or linegraph. I will conduct my researcheither up London in Bond Street wherethere are expensive shops as Hackett isa expensive brand. There I will askcustomers that go into shops such asCalvin Klein and Armani.Market Research :My market research will be analysed byfinding information from relevantbrands that sell high class mensfragrance. I will want to know whatbrands are doing what in there saledisplay that are enabling them to sellmore and where my brand is on themarket and other brands that matchmine. My research will be of, Pricerange. Customer age, Interaction parts,Product advertisement.Competitive products :To find out this specific informationabout other brands displays I amgoing to conduct a research tablethat shows 10 brands that I feel havegood sale display materials,advertisement, customer age andFragrance cost range. I will speak toshop owner to find out thisinformation.Person and productinteraction:This I am able to what differentdisplay do different jobs. Wheresome may have a spray tester oranother may have a button youhave to press to smell the product.These can all be shown on adisplay unit that can have an effecton the customer to engage them.The colour of the display couldmake them stay longer at thedisplay interacting with thefragrance,Environmental snapshots :My research for this topic will bespecific to find what safetyaspects the sales display is placedin, in its environment. Such as, Iwant to find out whether thefloors are slippery so just in casethe display fell over I can addedrubber feet to the bottom of thedisplay to make sure its doesntmove. Also the height of thedisplay compared to other shopsdisplay needs to compatibleagainst them. Also where thedisplay is placed in the shopneeds to be facing towards thecustomers to be eye catchy.Customer Profiling :It is important that I find out everything I need to know about my customersuch as , how much money they have, where do they shop, hats there aspectson display techniques, what job they have, what car they have, how old theyare, what fashion clothes do they wear. All this research can provide me withanswers about howBrand Profiling :I need to research my brands Hackett that I am going to produce a sales display.In which I will find out history of the company and relevant information of,colours,custormer age,advertsing and represent this in a timeline prices. Thisinformation will help me to get an overall aspect of the company when I go todevelop the look and style of the men’s sale display.Moodboard :The mood board will consist of imagesthat relate to different colours , shapes, materials and products that relate towhat brand I have chosen i.e. Hackett.This will consist of different colourssuch as blacks ,browns ,grey andwhite. Also different material texturesthat will show the classic style lookthat Hackett show in there displayedwork.First Handling Design Analysis :This is important as it shows me what display look like on the market and Iam able to gather information from customers that visit the display andaccess FM them to see which display works best for mens fragrance.
  15. 15. MoodboardMaterials Shapes Colours ProductsElementsThis shows me what different materials,shapes,colours and products I could use to create a sales display. This mood board allows me to see differentmaterials that customers are attracted by. Also the shape of the display and its interactivity with the products. I think that this research opens up a widerange ideas that can be put together and developed to create a new design for sale displays. From the research I will most likely use glass, acrylic and metal.The shapes that I would use will consist of circles,traingles and rectangles. The colours need to be vivid to engage customers but don’t over style the look ofHackett. I would like to use water in my display as it would be different and could make my display be more engaging and interactive for customers.Top three findings that I foundrelevant is that the shapes could becircular and rectangle, the coloursneed to be black, grey and white.Also the materials can be wood, glassand acrylic but still show theHackett classy look.
  16. 16. I am going to find out Hackett’s company information from when they first started advertising till todays date where theyhave changed there colour,displays,custormer aims of advertising.Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings meet in thePortobello Road, West London both combing the market forgood second-hand traditional British men’s clothing. Abusiness partnership is soon started with a small stall inPortobello themselves, selling on the clothing after cleaningand repairs.1983Jeremy and Ashley open up there first store called ‘Hackett.They now start to sell British classic clothing andaccessories.1985Jeremy finds that it is time to manufacture from new insteadof using second hand clothing. The range they haveproduced was to create new bold uses of colours, patternsand presenting a new fresh design on British fashion.1986In 1986 they open up other shops for styles such as, shirtsand ties,tailoring,formalwear shop and a sportswear shop.Known as ‘Hackett Cross’1987Hackett become involved in Polo. This is where therecasual polo shirts and t-shirts get developed and thecolours soon appear of,red,blue,green,yellow and pink.19791989Hackett start to attract Spanishcustomers as they a open a shop inMadrid. This provides Hackett with apositive attitude to there brand.1988Hackett start to advertise in two small waysby displaying images of there products onLondon buses and advertising in shopwindows.1992They attract a man called AlfredDunhill who buys a majority ofthe shares and supports Hackettto stay open.1993Become the first sponsor ofGoodwood festival speed.1994‘Le style anglais’ becomes thenest step in Paris, Franceopening a new tailoring shop.1995When customer start to ask abouta childrens range Hackett firstproduct there first childrens rangecalled ‘Essential British1997Hackket embark on a long termsponsorship of the England RugbyFootball creating a special first everteams suit.1999Hackett start to make tweed clothesand advertise in a magazine called‘Horse and Hound’2000Hackett then use a spaniel rescuedfrom batterseas dog home whichmodels and make a campaign ofintroducing Hacketts clothing2002Jonny Wilkinson becomes thenew face of Hackett advertisingthere sportswear.2003England win the rugby worldcup and appear on a Londonbus displaying their Hackketsuits to the nation.2005They become sponsors ofAston martin racing.2006Investors gather in Sloanesquare to review the progressof Hackett Company.2009Hackett expand into Parisdisplaying a new range oninternational tennis and finallysnow polo.2011Hackett then open two stores inGermany.As you can from the timeline that Hackket created a new fashion and British style. They created different colours which I can use in my display. Also advertising techniques which allowedthem to create there business in other countries such as using Johnny English as there sponsor when they created there sports range.. Today I still think that they are trying to change the wayfashion is represented and displayed in stores.
  17. 17. These are some samples that I picked up in John Lewis and boots of test strips thatcompanys produce for there customer when trying a fragrance. As you can that all ofthe test strips have the brand on them. Also these are well known brands as you can seethat the colouring is mainly black, gold and white. Apart from Hugo,calivn Klein andTom Ford their test strips are either shaped or coloured differently which appeals andstands out more to the customer.This is my favourite test strip which Ifound interesting as the image is a darkgreen blue colour. Where theforeground is a light blue it enhancesthe image of the product to be clearly.Also the products name is clear which isan important feature of creating a salesdisplay. The material of the test stripwas made from card this is a great teststrip as the image of the product reallystands out also the brand name is clear.From this page I have found that the tester strips aren’t the mostimportant parts of the display but can be eye catchy for the customerwhen looking at the fragrance and trying it out. I found that they hadgood colouring, shape and all displayed the brands name on them foradvertising.
  18. 18. The mood board shows the type of customer that I think maybe interested in the Hackett range. The customer could either beinterested in money,watches,cars,houses,fashion as it describes the customer well as a classic person that links well with Hackett.The customer must like classy classic clothes and like to look smart and intelligent. This informations is relevant as it will help mewith further research .From this information I found that my customer would be interested in watches,cars,phone and suits. Thebrand Hackett isn’t just a brand it is an art work that has been developing since the day it opened in 1979 . Ithat changes it colours and styles making them more bold. For this information that I found makes me believethat the customer must be a classic classy man.
  19. 19. First Hand Existing Design AnalysisFrom this research I will be able to find different styles of mens engage displays that interact with the customer. This will show mewhich designs work best. To find out this data I have taken 10 images and access FM this will give me an influence to what designswork best in stores.This display has good range of colours. You see this by the product colours.The display is a vivid light effect which works as the actual display is dull.The glass used reflects the product well into the store. The cost of thedisplay is probably quite expensive as the display is large. Also the displayprobably interests younger people than its actually target audience as ofthe bright light and the tester easily to reach. The function of the display Ito get the customer to interact with the product tester. The display ingeneral is rather safe as there is no where that the customer could injurythemselves. The customer age f0r this display would be around 16-30This display has good colourscheme. This is a weird andcompletely different design.As you can see that thedisplay is not that clear. But,then again the sale displaydoes interact extremely betterthan other displays. The costof the display would be verycheap as the fragrance iseasily stored in thealuminium tubes. Thefragrance is easily accessible.This display mainly interestpeople that are walkingaround other fragrances. Themain function purpose of thisdisplay is too get thecustomer interacting with it.The display is safe as thereare no edges that a customercould injury themselves on.The customer age f0r thisdisplay would be around 16-25This display has good range of vivid colours. The displayshows the brand name extremely clear also the logo helps acustomer to notice the brand. The display is a small unit buteffective. The cost of the display is extremely cheap as itsmade of plastic so its probably vacuum formed. The targetrange customer is probably around 20-30 yrs. The display isnot so interactive. The cost of the display is probably around20-40 pounds to build as its easy to manufacture in avacuum former. The display has no function in reality butsimple design by holding the products is simple buteffective. The display is safe but the products could be heldonto the tray display better.This display has no vibrant colours but the image on the wall engages the customersto look at the sale display and interact with the fragrance. Also the brand name is clearabove the image that allows customers to know what brand it is. The cost of thedisplay looks quite expensive as it is a black vinyl colour over the wall. With displaycabinets on each side. The customers age for this is probably around 20-30 yrs. TheDisplay has an interactive function that the products can touch and use the product.The display is extremely safe as the products are on shelves. The display is organisedvery neatly as the lighting on the shelves engages the customer and the products areeasy to reach .I found that the display needs tohave a good range of colours. Alsothe brands name clearly displayed.Lastly, it will need to have some sortof interactive function for thecustomer.
  20. 20. This display has no vibrant colours. The colourscheme is mainly gold, and black. The brand nameand logo is displayed extremely clear. The gold on theblack really stands out. The cost of the display isprobably expensive as it is big and the materials usedcost money. The display engages men around 20-30yrs. The function is to allow customers to view theimages on the back wall and engage them to try theproducts on the table. The display for the products isbasic but in my opinion has a lot of objects in oneplace at a time. The display is rather safe as the tableis stable and the floor is not slippery.This display has mainly red and greencolours that engage the customers.The brand name is displayed clearlyabove the products. The lighting helpsto shows the name and the productsotherwise the display could be quitedull. It would probably engage malecustomers around 18-30 yrs. Thedisplay is safe as it has no sharpmaterials also the sale display is in eyeline for the customer. The display isbased around other brands. Supposingthat the display stands out more thanthe other displays.This display engages very well with thecustomer as it has vibrant colours and thebrand name is highlighted around lightextremely clear. I would think that as it isRalph the display probably looks expensivebut doesnt cost so much. The displaymaterials are glass and metal. Thesematerials fit in well with Ralph designs ofthere products. The products show moredetail which the colours serve the engaginginteractive part of this display. The customerage for this display would be around 17-30.The display has a good sale approach tocustomers. The display is on the islevisible for customer sight. The colours asvivid. The colour scheme bleb and blackworks well. The display clearly showswhich products are for men and women.The image also interests the customer asthe brand name is clearly represented on itin white on a black background. Thematerials are safe for customer use. Thecustomer age for this display would bearound 18-35.This display revels different brands in a row in the menssection in House of Fraser. The display is laid out clearlywith the brand names up top in the view sight of customerswalking around the shop. This display is great as I havedifferent brands in a row and I can see that Ralph have themost colour brightness. Where the others have used suitecolours that don’t stand out so much but still for fill displaypurpose. The materials are safe as they have used smoothcut glass only. The customer age would be about 20-30.This display has its brand name clearly on theimage up the to. The colours which are purpleand black are dark which link with the image.The light function in the background enablesthe products to shine out from the display.Also the customer age for this band would bearound 20-30 yrs as the image shows a youngage couple. The materials which are mainlyglass and acrylic suite this design very well asthe products are spaced along the shelveswhich engages the customers to look alongshelf to shelf.First Hand Existing Design Analysis
  21. 21. Person and product interactionThis research shows what customers look for when looking for fragrance. Theycould choose a display that is vivid or large. After, they would have chosen thedisplay to interact with they investigate how to operate the display to smell thefragrance. Normally of displays today they are either a tester spray or touchsomething to get the smell or even turn a button on and off to operate a systemthat allows the fragrance to spray.From what I saw at certain shops such as, John Lewis a large department storefor fragrances. I was able to se that mainly Women buy mens fragrances. Buthow they try the smell is all different. Some spray it into the air, some spray itonto there skin. Also some use the tester stick and some look at the display first.Tester spray paperSpray in the airSpray onto own skin Look at display before interactivityInteractive buttonsPeople that spray on thepaperMaleFemaleOtherAs you can see that 10 %of male and 35 % femalespray it on paper. But,around half sad thatthey would use anothermethod of testing thepaper.People that spray ontothere skinMaleFemaleOtherAs you can see thataround 40 % male and18 % female spray itonto there own skinwhen trying afragrance. The rest isaround 42 % thatchoose anothermethod.Do you enjoy interactivebuttonsWomenMenOtherAs you can see that 15 % ofWomen and 35 % of men enjoyinteractive buttons. Where as50 % said they wouldn’t bebothered by them or they don’tlike them at all.Look at the displaybefore using theproductMenWomenOtherAs you can see that 45 % of Menlook at the display before use and 50% of Women. While 5 % chooseotherwise. So from this I can seethat the display sells the productfirst rather than the product beforedisplay.Spray product into the airWomenMenOtherFrom this data I amable to see that 25 % ofwomen and 20 % ofMen spray the productinto the air before use.Around 55 % say otheruse for display.Conclusion :As you can see that more men and women look at the display before the product. This tells me that the sale display needs to be eyecatchy this will be made through the access FM data that I have collected on customer and brand profiling. Also that people enjoyinteractive points that they can try the product but in a different way rather than spraying the product on there skin or in the air.I found that the men seem to be the most interactive lot. Where women like tolook at the display and brands name before interaction.
  22. 22. Yes No Yes NoYes No Yes YesYes No Yes YesYes No Yes NoYes No Yes NoNo No Yes YesYes No Yes YesYes No Yes NoNo Yes Yes NoYes No Yes YesPaco Rabanne 20-30 yrsThere are only about half that have lighting orsound effects on there display. This research ishelpful as I am able to see that interactivebuttons have not been created on a display assuch and I need to think about where I candevelop my designs of a sales display from.This table shows me what different brands choose to engage customer ages. As you can se that all the brands are aimingfor over 20yrs as they are trying to appeal for middle aged men. These brands are expensive so maybe having a highcustomer age makes the public think that the brand is expensive and trendy. Also this market research allows me to seewhat brands aim for customer ages, this helps me with the design of my further development of making a sales displaychoosing colours and materials.Market ResearchI will create charts and tables that shows at least 10 brands including Hackket London which shows the price range, where they place there brandsadvertisement , what different interaction parts they have, also what customer age they target for and last where they display there brand.. This researchwill be conducted in graph’s and table which will display the information clearly and will be easier for me to conduct relevant information that I can usefor my own sales display.Price Range of most expensive FragrencecomparisonRalph LaurenViktor and RolfPaco RabanneTom FordOld SpiceBen ShermanGantHackett LondonPaul SmithTed BakerRalph Lauren £45-60Viktor and Rolf £20-40Paco Rabanne £30-45Tom Ford £15-30Old Spice £30-60Ben Sherman £10-30Gant £20-45Hackett London £25-50Paul Smith £15-30Ted Baker £20-35This pie chart shows me the 10 brands that I picked.I have researched what branded mens fragrancecost more and completed a pie chart to show thedata. I have done this to find out what brands havemore expensive products and why in my furtherresearch is it that they have a better, interactivequality maybe it is that they have a better customerselling point of view. As you can see that RalphLauren have the most expensive fragrance andHackett is around middle class for price range. Thistells me that maybe Hackett show more pride inthere clothing range rather than there fragrancesale displays.Ralph Lauren 20-30yrsViktor and Rolf 20-30yrsTom Ford 20-40yrsOld Spice 25-40yrsBen Sherman 20-40yrsGant 20-40yrsHackett London 20yrsPaul Smith 20yrsTed Baker 20yrsTester spray paperCustormerSprayin the airInteractive buttons Sound/ lighting Visual effectRalph LaurenViktor and RolfPaco RabanneTom FordOld SpiceBen ShermanGantHackett LondonPaul SmithTed BakerThis table shows me that certain brands have different advertisement. I am able to see that only ted Baker has a glasscabinet that the products are displayed in. Where everyone has a piece of paper for the customer to spray onto the smellthe fragrance.
  23. 23. Market ResearchBrandsWhere is a men’s display for aftershave is available from ?Mens clothing section Men’s fragrances department Near Tills in astore Entrance of storeRalphLaurenViktorand RolfPacoRabanneTom FordOld SpiceBenShermanGantHackettPaulSmithTed BakerThis table shows me data of where certain brands display there fragrances in a shop. I am able to see that most brands advertsie a sales display fora mens fragrance near the clothing section. Maybe this is done to make the customer feel they need to but the aftershave as well as the clothing.Also, every brand apart from old spice has a advertisement for a mens aftershave in the fragrance department. From my other research I found outis that most of these brands have put there mens and womens fragrances together to advertise more and make more profit. Also, there are only acouple of brands that sell there fragrance near the tills in the store. This is a great advertisement as it means that when it comes to sales the queueswill be waiting in line and the fragrances will be some of the products they see. This can persuade them to buy the product. Only, Ralph, BenSherman and Hackett advertsie mens fragrances at the entrance of there stores. This a good selling technique as it can introduce the product tothe customer before entering the store. Every brand has a online advertisement for mens fragrances this is a good selling technique as it shows thedifferent availability of products they sell over a wide range of stores. This can also be used as a selling opportunity of selling other products suchas clothing and accessories.Yes Yes No Yes YesYes Yes Yes No YesYes Yes No No YesNo Yes No No YesNo No No No YesYes Yes No Yes YesNo Yes Yes No YesOnline advertisementNo Yes No Yes YesNo Yes Yes No YesNo Yes Yes No Yes
  24. 24. Market ResearchThis table will show me what different advertisement each brand has on marketing ranging from, Magazines, Websites, TV and Newspapers. I haveconducted a research table of the same ten brands that I have researched all my data on and represented in tables and charts.Magazines Internet TVNewspapersBrands1) Ralph Lauren2) Viktor and Rolf3) Tom Ford4) Old Spice5) Ben Sherman6) Gant7) Hackett London8) Paul Smith9) Ted Baker10) Paco RabanneNo No Yes YesYes No Yes NoNo No Yes NoNo No Yes NoYes No Yes NoNo No Yes NoYes Yes Yes NoYes No Yes NoYes Yes Yes NoThis is the table of results shows me different brands including my own Hackett. I have gathered information of where these brands advertise there companymainly only looking for men’s fragrance. As you can see that only Ralph Lauren advertise on TV this shows that they have a different strategy ofadvertisement compared with other companies. Also all brands can be found on the internet advertising there products. All of these brands had a mensfragrance and all had different colours and shapes and backgrounds on there website for advertisement. Newspapers have rarely any fashion advertisementbut normally around certain holidays brands put adverts in sometimes 1 -2 pages that advertise there brand either selling clothing or fragrance. Magazines is amajor aspect for men fragrances as there are certain fashion magazines for men such as ‘GQ’ mens fashion. I know that this magazine displays anadvertisement for fragrances as certain brands have decorated pages filled with samples of the fragrance and information about there product and brands.This information has been helpful as it has helped me conduct a positive research about other brands and explain why certain brands do better in the market.Yes No Yes NoOverall, form the research Ifound that from each researchpart that the cost of thefragrance can engage customers.Also the sales display needs tobe eye catchy for 20-30 year oldcustomers. Also that the displaymust have some interactivefunctions that the customer cantouch to try the fragrance. Thisseems to help with the profit ofthat brand when selling.Next, the display is usuallyfound in the men’s section ofclothing, near the tills andonline. When I did my researchnot many brands had theirdisplay by the entrance and exitof the store. Last, theadvertisement of brands mensfragrance s where displayedmainly in magazines, internet.Not many where advertised onTV and newspapers.
  25. 25. Competitive ProductsThese are some companys that I feel have a good sale display, market advertising, product shape and customer age appeal. I willresearch materials, advertising, customer age and product shape to find out what works best on customers.1 ) Ralph LaurenSale Display Materials Market Advertising Customer age Fragrance cost2) Viktor and RolfMetal and Glass 20-30 £45-603 ) Paco Rabanne Metal Men magazines 20-30 £ 40-754) Tom Ford Metal and Glass Magazines Men 20-30 £50-755 ) Old Spice Plastic and Wood TV adverts 30-40 £206) Ben Sherman Wood and Glass TV and Magazines 20 -40 £ 20-407) Gant Wood and Glass Magazines 20-40 £20-408) Hackett London9 ) Paul Smith10) Ted BakerWood, glass and acrylic Side of websites and Magazines 20 + £ 20-40Metal and GlassGlass Magazines 20 + £15-40As you can see that most brands have a wooden and glass effect to there display. Also there adverts show the products mainly on TV and website andmagazines. Their main customer age is around mid twentys and the product costs are £ 20-50 . All this information will help me process a sales display. Theprice of the fragrance is important as I do and dont want to make the display stand out more than the product they are trying to sell.Wood and glass Magazines and side of websites 20+ £10-45Adverts on TV , magazines Mid Twenty’s £30-40MagazinesFrom this tables research I saw that mainly glass, wood and plastic where used as materialsin a display. Also that the advertising was mainly in Magazines and TV. The customer agefor each brands seemed to aimed for 20-30 year olds.
  26. 26. Environmental snapshotsThis will be photographs of area where mens fragrance displays are placed in shops and what shops sell certain expensive brandsthat help me to see what type of customers goes to which shops to find a mens fragrance.This display ‘ Jean Paul’ is in a great position in asshop as it can interact with the customer as thewalk past. The display safe as its been placedaround non-slippery floor. Also the display has asolid base fixed to the ground. The height of thedisplay is eye level but the materials used aresmooth so it stops customer injury. This display iscompatible against other displays as it is facingcustomers walking around where as other displaysare in corners surrounded by other brandedproducts.This photo shows different brands such as, FredPerry and Ralph Lauren on the isle in customereye sight. The displays are safe as they are stableand on a non-slippery floor. The height of thedisplays range from some being eye level andbelow and some being over eye level. I really likethe displays that are over eye level with the brandname above clearly displayed.This is a range of displays of brands inBoots that are in there own littlecontainer doors. The way they aredisplayed is mainly in a row that is easyto access and see them. Also they are ina safe environment as they are closeddoors none of the products can fall outand break. The brands of the productsare also displayed visible above eachdoor to tell the customer which door iswhat brand. This display of mensfragrances are all equal to each other.This display by ‘D AND G’ is in a cornerposition in the shop which also is on theisle this engages the customers as theyare walking along. The display is placedon a stable floor and the materials of thedisplay are strong that hold the productswell on the shelves The height of thedisplay is over eye level with the brandname up the top to engage people.Conclusion :This information that I have conducted will help me to see where branded mens fragrances are displayed. It will help me to consider the size and the heightof the display. This tells me what sale display engages with the customers and where it is placed in the shop. The environmental images how mainly saledisplays on the isle of a corner or a row of brands with the branded name clearly labelled on the top of the display. The images I have taken I can use myknowledge of ACCESS FM to evaluate what brands build the best displays and why they do so well in the market. In my market research I will go into furtherdepth of what brands have a better selling point of view to the public.The sales displays where mainly advertised around the rest of the mens fragrance. Butsome where around the brands clothing sections.Safety : As you can see that all the actual products have a stand to sit . So in my evaluationagainst specification I will say that I researched this after looking at it and found that my displayhad no thought of product placement positing which is the main priority.
  27. 27. Questionnaire1 ) When you go into a mens store is the product sales display for a mens fragrance clear or not ?2 ) What colours do you think suite Hackett London well ?3) What stores do you expect Hackett aftershave to be sold in out of these ?4) Should it be advertised to Men or Women ?5) Where do you think Hackett advertise ?6) What type of display materials do you expect Hackett to use ?7) What type of customer is Hackett advertising to ?8) What price range do you think Hackett cover ?9) What look do you expect to achieve when wearing items from the Hackett range.10) Would you buy Hackett ?YES NOGreyBlackHarrodsJohnLewisWomenHouse ofFraserBothMenTVMagazines WebsitePlasticMetalWoodSelfridgesCinemaBrownWhite10-20 20-30 30-40 50 +£0-100 £100-200 £200-300 £300 +Classic Modern PrepYesTown and countryNoCasualFrom this page where I asked the questions I asked relevant questions that showed a understanding of what a sales display shouldbe created from, where its placed and who could buy the brand Hackett. I used Hackett’s website to create the questions as youwill see with the questions such as, What look are Hackett trying to achieve. I used the styles they had on their website.
  28. 28. The 5 Questionnaire Results that I found most important1) As you can see from the chart that at least 55 % said that a sales display for men was clear.Where 45% said that it wasn’t. The 45% that said it wasn’t said that there where no coloursthat stick out also that the brand name wasn’t clear when looking at the produce in a store.From this I can see that making a display with the product name and colours is a major partof customer sales. This research for finding out if the product is clear is important as it helpsme to look at other displays in the mean time and investigate where my display should befor. So I can find out the size and height of the display for storing the products on it in atore.Is the product clear ?YESNOWhat materials work best ?WoodMetalPlastic2) As you can see from the chart that more people found that wood and plastic works best forHackett. As they are a high class brand. 40 % people said that wood works well and 20 % metaland last 40 % plastic. So from this I can see that wood and plastic would be good materials to useon the sales display. This research helps me to see what materials work and how I can apply themto a sales display making them safe and secure for the customer to use. Wood and plastic can begood materials used together if they are the correct colouring. But, metal can be used for theframe of the display as it will be stronger and more stable on the floor of a shop.3) The chart show what colours the public suite Hackket London better for a sales display.White and Grey seem to be the best colours that would suite Hackett best for displaying anfragrance display. 30% said black and 30% said grey. 30% white and 10% brown. These resultsshow me that researching colour schemes will helps me with the overall sale display of selling aproduct. Colouring is another important factor as it engages the customer to come over a viewthe display and product. The display should not over do the product so that all the customer cansee is the display and not clearly see the product. This research will allow me to understanddifferent colour textures I can use to apply to the materials I will use to create a design a men’ssale display.What colours suite HackettLondonWhiteGreyBlackBrown
  29. 29. The 5 Questionnaire Results that I found most importantWhere Hackett is advertised ?MagezinesTVWebsiteCinema4) This chart tells us what the public think where Hackett are advertised. They only saidfour options such as, Cinema, TV, website s and mainly magazines. This chart shows thatmuch more people said that it would be advertised in magazines 45% and 5% said TVadvertisement . I would have thought as Hackett’s is a classic brand they would reallyadvertise in Magazines. 55% said website and 35% said cinema. This research will help meto find out now that they think that magazines are more of a advertisement place formens fragrances.5) The pie chart shows the public voting on sale displays for mens fragrance eitherbeing liked only by men or women or even both. As you can see that the public thoughtthat the idea of a sale display was to interact both men and women. This is informationallows me to see which customer gender the display should be advertised towards. Asyou cab see that most of the public said it should be more women and men engage atthe same time. As women tend to but mens products.Should it be advertisedtowards men and women ?YesNoBothOverall conclusion:This questionnaire is able to show me answers to questions that have problems when building a sales display for the market. From the pie chart theproduct must be clear as at least 55% said it was clear but 45% said it wasn’t so I must make it clear. People said that wood works best for Hackett Londonwith a plastic framing. But some people did say metal but I would mainly use metal for the structure and cover it over with another material. Colours suchas grey, white and black were voted by the public being eye catchy for Hackett London displays for a mens fragrance. This can be made clearer by usinglight from the display. Where the product can be advertised can be created on mainly men magazines. This is better advertisement as men buy magazineson fashion clothing and normally mens fragrances are displayed in the mag. The sale display should always be advertised towards both parties men andwomen. As I know that it is a mans display Im developing. But, more women buy mens fragrances. From my research In john Lewis for takingenvironmental photographs I found out that mens displays are advertised by womens so if a man or women goes to buy themselves a fragrance they maythink I may get that for my partner.This research has been very helpful and I will consider these changes towards the planning and development of my sales display for a mens fragranceHackett London.
  30. 30. As you can see from the first page of my research I gathered information and displayed it in a mood board. I found out differentmaterials,shapes,colors,element and products. The information I found out is that the materials need to be relevant to colours of Hackettso, Black, grey and white. The shapes can be a different but still need to be formal as Hackett are a classy British brand. I was wondering about anelement put it may be a safety hazard.Next , I researched the brand Hackett. I found out that they change they changed there colour scheme to make a brand new British style on themarket. Also they discovered different advertising techniques such as having images of their products on London buses and shop windows.Lastly, for the brand research I picked up different branded test strips and looked at the shape, size and colours scheme this will help me with thesales display.The customer profiling is research where I find out what my customer may be interested in. I provided this information in a picture board. Ishowed images like modern classy cars, business suits and watches. These objects describe my customer well as a highly classy man.For first hand design analysis I took pictures of 10 displays in shops such as, John Lewis and House of Fraser. I found out relevant information byusing access FM which I found out that most brands use brightly coloured colours and modernised shapes. The sale displays have many differentfunctions that interact with the public such as tester strips, interactive buttons, a spray that they can use to test. But, also I found out that mostcustomers are interested by the brand name and the colours of the displays. Also that customers don’t exactly think about the safety side of adisplay they are just interested in the brand and what new product is being advertised.Next, research I found out was what different interaction parts a display has this basically covered but I found out a percentage of men and womenwho prefer certain interaction qualitys to a fragrance display . As I know that women buy mens aftershave more than men buying it forthemselves. Overall my research I found out that more people prefer to spray it onto there skin.My market research was basic information on 10 brands I researched. I found out price range, customer age,advertsing in store and outside of thestore, lastly interactivity advertisement. The information led me to believe that a sales display need to be different and must display the brandsname clearly.After, I found competitive brands that appeal to Hacketts quality I found out what price range, customer age, sale display materials andadvertisement. This backed up my information from the market research. I found that most displays used wood, glass and acrylic and showed off ahigh quality look.I also took some environmental snapshots of sale display in shops on where they are placed wither by a till, on the hall or around the brandssection in the shop. This gave me an incite to the size and height and style of a sales display when advertising in a shop.Last of my research I produced an questionaries that men and women answered questions about sales display such as the materials, colours andcustomers. I produced 5 tables that I thought had the best information and analysed them to find that them to find out answers to what makes agood sales display.All this research I gathered has given me information that will allows me to create a sale display that will fit all these categories of where some salesdisplays go wrong and go correct.Summary Of Research :Safety and modification and results: After producing this information I realized that my design needed more purposeto it. By how it functions and exactly how it displays the product and interactivity.
  31. 31. Summary Of Research :SummaryResearchShapes /InteractivityColoursBrandFirst designanalysisTest stripsAdvertisingColourSchemeBrandProfilingCustomerProfilingWatchesMoneyClassycarsBlackGrey /WhiteWood /GlassCirclesSquaresExpensivecarsSuitsSunglassesWatches/moneyHousesMagazinesGrey/whiteSun glassesWatches/moneyTest stripsAs you can see that black, white and grey are best suitedfor colour schemes for Hackett. Also that squares andcircles would be great shapes for the sale display. Lastwood and glass would be good materials for Hackett.A person who has a passion forExpensive cars and sunglasses, moneyand watches, houses and business suitsall resemble I believe a customer thatwould like Hackett. From my moodboard I presented in the research itshows that I have related the images tothe Hackett website.MoodboardMaterialsColoursShapesCircles andrectanglesBlack, Greyand WhiteTester SpraysInteractiveButtonsBrand name isclearlydisplayedAs you can see that circles and rectangles are shapesused in other displays. Grey, white and black are mainlyused as they are bold colours. The brand name isdisplayed clearly visible for custormers.Interactive spraysand buttons engage the customers very well.InteractionPartsCustomerInteractiveButtonsSafetyAspectsTesterStripsExamplefragranceSafe edgesInteractiveButtonsCustomerAs you can see that black, white and grey arebest suited for colour schemes for Hackett.Also that squares and circles would be greatshapes for the sale display. Last wood andglass would be good materials for Hackett.This diagram shows that the advertisement ofMens fragrances are displayed in magazines andwebsites the most. The colour Scheme of thebrand is mainly grey, black and white. I haveresearched this a found that they use black andwhite for advertising their products mainlyclothing and accessories. Lastly, every brand Ispotted in John Lewis had a spray tester paperwith their brand name advertised at the top of it.T6he colour scheme for the test strips weremainly white with a bold black or gold or whitefont of the brands name.
  32. 32. Summary Of Research :Customers andadvertisementColours andShapesMaterialsQuestionnaireSizeAdvertisingColour SchemeEnvironmentalSnapshotsCompetitiveBrandsPrice range ofproductsCustomer age /AdvertisingMarketResearchPrice ofProductsCustomerAdvertisingSummaryResearch£ 20-4520-30 yrs.Mainly Storesand WebsitesInteractiveButtonsSpray TesterMagazinesand WebsitesPosition ofDisplayGreyBlack andwhiteSize andHeight£ 20-60GlassPlastic20-30 year oldmenWebsites andMagazinesInteractivityMainly, £20-45 pounds is the average price that brands selltheir products at. Also the customer age is usually aimedfor 20-30 year olds men. The market research showed thatinteractive buttons and spray tester worked the best for amens fragrance display.Sales Displaymaterials.The materials for the display wouldmost likely to be wood, plastic andglass. The price range of products arearound £20-60 this is what the saledisplay would target to look like toback up the products looks. Mostbrands advertise for 20-30 year old menas a target audience. Most brandsadvertise in Magazines and Websitesides.For the environmental snapshots Ifound that the display always were eyelevel with the customer. Also the colourschemes of display had vibrant lightingwith an black, white or greybackground. The positiio0n of theproducts was either near tills or by themens section or at the entrance of thestore. I saw these all in differentpositions and the size of the displayvaried.Circles andrectangles20-30 yrsWebsitesMen’sMagazinesGrey. Whiteand BlackThe diagram shows that from my questionnaire that I researched.Before, it I had looked at sale display and made a little moodboardon paper of what customers want when they experience a Men’ssales display for fragrance. Customers thought that glass, woodand acrylic suited Hackett London best as they said it was a highclassy brand.Overall the research hasshowed me how to start tocreate a sales display. From allthe research I think that theEnvironmentalsnapshots, Questionnaire, interaction parts, first designanalysis and lastly the mostimportant Market research.These are the research partsthat I think gave me the mostinfluence on ideas and thoughtabout how the display shouldbe made. The others, such asMoodboard, Competitivebrands, Brandprofiling, Customer Profilingweren’t the most important asthey didn’t provide me withhelpful information that linksto designing a sales display for amen’s fragrance.
  33. 33. Further Specification :I am still going to decide to keep the sales display looking modern but have the classic style of Hackett. Also I am still going to display the brandsname clearly for customers to see. I have decided to use; circles, triangles, squares and rectangles to make this display. As I feel it would a modernbut classic finish to the end design. I am still going to use the colours grey, black and white and blue for the display as they are eye catchy if usedat the correct tones. The material will be wood, plastic and a possibility of glass. The glass could be the catchy material that can reflect light ontothe display. Also I am going to incorporate the design of Aston Martin into the design.The cost of the design will be a medium price range to allow myself to use materials that have a strong, classy look. The display will have arange of colour tones only including colours, black, white and grey which will over perform the look of the product. As I think that it wouldbe much that the customer is only being engage by the sale display. The material will be recyclable and can be re-used material in themanufacturing process. The display will have materials that customers find modern and traditional at the same time.The display will show an engaging feature most likely an interactive one which will persuade the customer to buy the product. The idea ofunisex sale display is a good idea and I believe can still be created using colours,black,white and grey. Shapes can also persuade customers tolook at the display. Also an background of images of Men can persuade both Men and Women to look at the fragrance being displayed.From my research I am going to decide that the display will be placed around the mens fragrance section. As it will be on the isle around thestore which will engage customers walking past. The display must show at least a 180 degree angle that can been seen from different angleswhen walking towards the men’s fragrance section. As I believe that the display should be accessible at any angle the customer walks towardsthe area that it is displayed in. The back of the display will have the brands name showing this engage customer from other areas to come andview the product.Aesthetics :Cost :CustomerEnvironment :
  34. 34. Further Specification :Size :Material :Function :The displays height will be eye level with the customer to engage them in the product that’s being sold. An advantage is that children won’t be able totouch the display by damaging it in any way. The size of the product is quite small so the display should not be massive in case it over looks the product. SoIve decided it should be medium size but built wide and high so it’s engaging. The display should considerer ergonomic issues which include how thedisplay is built, how it is safe for humans and also how the size is suitable.The display will relate to what the products name is called and what it looks like meaning colour tones. I am going to have a supply of tester strips with thebrands name on them this is another method I have learnt from brands for advertisements. Also I will be using L.E.D’S underneath the product where itwill be standing so it stands out. I may also consider an motored turn table where the product can be sat on that captures the eye’ of an customer. Thesefunctions will make the display eye catchy and engage customers to view the product.I would like to incorporate a luxury fabric such as velvet to highlight the display product to make it stand out on the display unit. The materials used willshow an expensive and classy look that shows that the display is expensive and extraordinary. The fabric could be sprayed with the fragrance in order toattract customers to the display unit. The materials will always allow the display to look unique, tell and show a story of Hackett’s aftershave for Men. Iwill use materials such as wood, acrylic and metal.The materials that the display will be made out of will be smooth so there will be no customer injury. Also the product will be a stable display just encase itwas to get knocked and fall and injury someone. The display should be unreachable for little children as the design is to aim for Men around 20-30 year. Iwon’t be using an security wire which is attached to the product. The materials such as glass can be dangerous if the sale display got knocked as it could causeinjury but the idea of the display will be in the middle a display table so that it reduces the risk of damage and safety.Safety :
  35. 35. These are my first quick design sketches, of which I believe that an Hackett fragrance sales display could look like. In thesedrawings I inspired myself by shapes mainly in which I shoed in my mood board. I found the shapes from the Hackett websitein which I was inspired by Aston martin as one of their linked companies.I made sure that all of these sketches made my further specification lists. In which they all did while using shapes suchas, triangles,rectangles,circles. Also I made sure that they were all a safe standing sales display. As their isn’t much pointdesigning an display that’s unsafe for the customer to interact with.
  36. 36. These are the first 6 designs that I made into ideas, of which I was inspiredby all of my research that I found out. In which works best in a store. As youcan see that the ideas made my start of development occur. My basic quicksketches were able to be transformed into a design idea. With the ideadevelopment I transformed the quick sketchesusing, size,material,views,joints,function. As you see that each design had anew feature that resembled Hackett.In these next 6 design Ialso developed thequick sketchs into anidea in which couldbecome a visible salesdisplay in a store. Ithought about, lighting, sounds and mainlyinteraction in thesketches. As in myresearch that it what Ifound that all of thesales displays in storehave no interactionfeature on the saledisplay.These were my last 6 design ideas in which from already creating ideas for othersale display’s. I though of different interaction parts that I could use such aspress buttons, lighting that dimed on and off. As you can see that these ideas allused my specification that I created for Hackett. I also created different designsfrom the ones before. I am proud that most of the ideas don’t use box shapes tocreate the display as I think boxes are dull and not entertaining.
  37. 37. This is my first concept in which I picked from my 20 idea designs. I felt that the shapes and design resembled Hackett extremely well. For this concept I talkedabout, height,materials,where it would go in a shop,interaction,where the fragrance sits, joints. Using the cylinders as either acrylic or aluminium relates to myfurther specification of that it should still resemble the old classic Hackett look. The name of the product is called splash that is why I am going to design an acrylicwave on the top of the display. As acrylic can easily be shaped and you can use different colours. I also thought of safety that’s why rubber feet will be applied tothe bottom of the display. I also designed a shelf for where stock of the fragrance can be placed easily for customer to reach. The shelf where the products will beplaced can be made from oak or mahogany, which gives a classier wooden finish. A veneer can be applied to make it look more expensive. In this concept I appliedall of the points that ere need for designing a sale display.The interactionis the mostimportant partof the displayas I usually findthat you gointo a shop andyou just pickup a tester cardwithout anyinterestingfeature. Hereyou have topress a buttonand the testercard will dropfrom inside thecylinder downthe pipe out forthe customerto take. Themiddle of thedisplay willhave a sponsorimage of AstonMartin and aTV screenadvertisingother Hackettproducts.Modifications:Thewavessupportallowsthisdesignto havemoredevelopment inthedesignprocessandallowsmorespace tobecreated.
  38. 38. This is my second concept of which I was inspired by the lively beach feel Hackett have in some of their advertisement images. For this concept I once againdecided to create an interaction feature as I felt that this is the way forward into sale displays. Materials such as, wood for the base could be made fromMahogany. Also the tubes holding the top of the simply made from glass as this would make the display look high quality. Also having an wooden top probablymade from pine as it’s light weight. The fragrance name is splash so the feature for this is a water fountain on the back of the displays base which will containthe sales display interactivity. Which is that the tester cards will be attached to a hook that the customers will have to take off. Also the safety of the displaywill contain rubber feet to stop it from moving about on slippery surfaces. A veneer can be applied to the wood to make it look classic. Also having l.e.d’s alongthe glass cylinders can engage customers more.
  39. 39. This is my third and final concept in which I designed around the Aston Martin car parts. As you can see that the cylinder shapes are based around carcylinders. Also the top are based from headlight shapes. I used materials such as, aluminum,wood and glass. The cylinder tubes would be made fromaluminium and the tops of where the fragrance would be supported would be glass and the wave at the back would be wood. The tubes would be supportstruts that hold the design together. Also the interactivity feature would be that the customer would have to un hook the test card from the display. Thebrands name will be clearly visible on the front and back this gives a better appearance in a shop of a 360 degree angle. Also L.E.D’S would be used tobrighten the design up so it’s more visible. Last the bottom cylinders will have rubber feet so that it is solid on a surface.
  40. 40. This is my design ofwhich I have chosenfrom my best 3concepts. During mydevelopment processI am going to changethis design slightly.These will beimportant changes inwhich I will lo0ok atusability, materials, components andother importantfeatures.Materials:I am going to look atthree different materialsin which I find arecompatible to thisproduct design. I willlook at how resistant thematerial is. Also howeasy it is to cut.These are the following:: Aluminium: Acrylic: ChromeAluminium Acrylic ChromeAluminium iseasily shapedunder heat. I canmake the cylinderseasily hollow.Also aluminiumcan be colouredusing a processcalled anodising.Examples: Useddrinks cans forman inexpensivesource ofaluminiumsheet, in whichthey get anodisedto be coloured.Acrylic is easily shapedusing a manufactureprocess called lasercutting. Also anadvantage is that thesheet of plastic canalready be coloured.It’s also lightweight, but doesntlook as expensive assome materials. Thismay be not as good asHackett are anexpensive brand. Butthe acrylic may begreat for another partof the display.As you can see chrome, acrylic and aluminium can be shaped into acylinder.Chrome is easilycut using anhacksaw.To bend thematerial you woulduse heat pressure.Sometimes theyfill the tube withsand so that itdoesn’t kink.This materialwould beencouraged fromthe design AstonMartin.
  41. 41. Manufacture process of materials:This will show me how easy it is tomanufacture these materials into cylindershapes. I will look at how they are able tobe made into cylinder shapes. Also howthey are shaped to create cylindersMaterials Processes Aluminium ismanufactured in a steelmill. First, the ores aremelted together in aliquefied way. Thentheir poured intomoulds depending onwhat may bemanufactured. theprocess starts by rollingthe aluminium into flatsheets. Then they coolthey are cut into certainstrips and rolled to forma cylinder in a jig. Thejig creates a cylindershape in which theythen use a machinecalled a press punch.The press punch isforced against the solidaluminium mould andpushes the centre out.Leaving the cylindershape to be produced.Chrome is manufacturedby starting with a processcalled electroplating whicha thin layer of chromium isplaced on a metal orplastic object. Thechromed layer can bedecorative, which canprovide corrosionresistance. First theprocess starts withdegreasing to removeheavy soiling. Thenmanual cleaning to removeall the surface impurities.After certain pre-treatments are placed onthe chrome depending onthe substrate. After, aapplication of platingcurrent, under which thecomponent is left for therequired time to attain thethickness. Last, it is heatedand bent to producedcertain shapes such ashollow cylinders.Construction of aluminium CylindersAcrylic ismanufactured using aprocess calledinjection moulding.This is where plasticcoil balls are placed ina hopper. Which arepushed down into theArchimedes screw.The screw then heatsup and compresses themelted plastic alongthe screw. Until theend where a mouldhas been specialcreated i.e. a cylinderin which the liquid isforced into and createsa solid cylinder shape.After, its cools you usea ram to push thecentre out and create ahollow cylinder.I have chosen aluminium to be my solid structure.The reason for this choice is that it easilymanufactured and made. Also it is cheap andproduces an expensive look. Also the aluminium isused in car parts and I have decided that the designis going to look around the car parts of an AstonMartin.Aluminium, cylinders are created using a jig inwhich hot liquefied metal is poured into a chamberinside a jig template. Then its poured into sheetforms and rolled into a cylinder form. From which itis shaped. To, get the centre out a press punchpushes the centre out leaving the cylinder behind.
  42. 42. Aluminium Cylinders :I have shown that I have selected chromecylinders to create the structure of the design.Research :These cylinders will be 60 mm diameter of .The reason for this is that it will be easier forthe customer to access the display. Also thethickness of it will be 3mm. I will also makethe length of the tubes 50cm. (Anthropometrics )Size / Usability :These chromecylinders have a shinyfinish which is helpfulto me as they are moreable to stand out in thestore and reflectnatural light.How they will stand up:A big issue that I never thought about was how the chrome cylinders will stand up ontheir own. Before having no stability, a customer could have had just touched them andthey could have fallen.My solution:I have taken the idea of having a wave at the top of the display displaying the name ofthe fragrance ‘ Splash’. I have decided to create back and side supports that look likewave. This will help my problem with the stability. Also the waves will be smooth sothat no customer can injury themselves.Usability / Anthropometrics :The reason for the cylinders being a certain height is that thedisplay will be on an table. The average height of a table in a store isaround 80cm. By the time the display of a height of 60cm is addedto the 80cm the height will be around 140cm.In research I have found that the average height of a male 20-30 yrsis around 5’’10. This shows that the height of the display being130cm is a perfect height for a male to be in contact with thedisplay.An important feature of the display isthe safety of the display. Rubber ringsfit to be 60mm fit onto the bottom ofthe cylinders to stop the display movingabout when the customer interacts withit. I can purchase these from amazon anonline storeSafety :60mm x 3mm FluorineRubber O Ring Oil SealsCoffee Colour
  43. 43. This shows the new stabilitydesign that I have made. Thissupport will be made frompine wood as it is cheap andcan be cut easily. Also as Iwant the colour to be blueacrylic is a material that canbe coloured easily.Manufacture of supportive waves:Research :The cut and size of these stabilizers. Both of themwill be the same length of 50cm same as thelength of the cylinders. But the height will be30cm and decrease in 5 waves until the bottom ofthe cylinders. The thickness of the wood will be22mm roughly.Size and cut :I will cut a shelving of wood around22mm in which will support thecylinders. The wood can be cut andlayered together to create the 22mmthickness roughly.Pine can be manufactured in schoolin which I can make measurementsthat will show the exact dimensionsof the cut of pine.As you can see that pine can bebought from companies online at ahigh cost.I have researched where I can buypineSize and cut 2 :Attachment of stabilizer to cylinder:I am going to have 2 screws in each wooden waves having a gap of25cm between. After, I will leave the screw head out and create 2 holesin the aluminium. The holes in the aluminium will be 30cm apart fromone another big enough for the screw head to be fitted onto on theinside. Then, last I create a small 5cm drop down on both of them sothat when the join of these connect they will drop 5 cm to create thesame length between being 25cm originally.To make the wood look like a splash colour Iwill be painting it light blue in which I candraw on the name Splash.Colouring of waves:Material:The material of the wooden waves are going to be pine aspine is easily cut. I have researched where pine can bebought from and found that a length of 100cm + for bothsides at a width of 30cm will be around £15.Testing: As one the model it showed hoe to jointhe waves by using a nail. Using acrylic as thewaves allows a neat hole to be drilled throughprecisely on the wave and cylinder to join together.
  44. 44. Manufacture Process:To advertise who is advertising a fragrance. I amgoing to make the name Hackett London extremelyclear. Before I was going to create a sign that went in-between the cylinders. But after, consideration Idecided with other features going to represented inthe middle that it was going to be to much to look at.So I have decided to put Hackett London on thecylinders facing the customer.Sand Blasting : Etching: Stencilling:After applying a stencilto a material (i.e. coverthe parts of thematerial you don’twant sand blasted ).The material is placedinto an air tight unit.When the unit is airtight you put yourhands through theprotective gloves anduse the high pressuresand blasting gun andgently pull the triggerand direct at stencil onthe material you wantto be sand blasted. Thesand blast effect can bethickened by the usersdesire by spraying overand over again on theselected area.Etching is theprocess of usingan acid and aresist to createshallowmarkings in thematerial. It is agreat way ofadding patternsor text and alsocan be seenundertransparentenamels.Etching is anprocess whenyou create atemplate overthe selectedmaterialBasically thisprocess is theeasiest. Youcreate antemplate to goover the material.After you markthe letters ontothe material. Youthen use a drill tomake holesthrough thetemplate.After, you applyan coping saw inwhich you gentlymake the lettersa fine graze cut.Each of these processes create a different effect ofthe name so it depends on the manufacturingprocesses I can access.Electro-Chemical Metal Marking :Electrochemical etching starts by first creating an image on a stencil.The image is then transferred to the metal surface with electrolyteand electric current. Electrochemical marking can be used to markhardened, thin, or already assembled metal parts. On mostmetals, you can create either a black or dark mark on AC or a deeperwhite or frosted mark on DC. This process creates a clean cut an highclass finish.After, the research of different manufacture process I have decided that stencilling theletters onto the aluminium would be the best process. As it is simple, you would create atemplate for each cylinder. The template would be able to stay on the cylinders without itmoving by taping it on. After, use a marker pen and draw the outline of the letters usingthe template. I would then drill holes into the outline of the letters, after using a juniorhacksaw I will saw the letters out.To be safe using this tool I will need toconsider wearing, goggles, gloves andapron.Stencilling my chosen manufacture process: Safety:Results: An easy process that produces the same quality is laser cuttingthe words in vinyl then placing on the cylinder in a straight line.
  45. 45. What I will want to be stencilled ?I am going to stencil on each cylinder first ‘cylinder’ 1 being Hackett and cylinder 2 ‘London’. The size ofthe letters consider to fit in with the other parts of the interaction in the design. This image shows howthe lettering will look on the cylinders.Research :I researched the font Hackett use toadvertise their brand. I will talk aboutthe cut and dimensions of thelettering.Size of lettering :The left cylinder will say Hackett, as the right will say London. The sizes differ on bothcylinders as one cylinder has one more letter. Cylinder Hackett, will have size for allletters of 5cm height and 6cm width. So will cylinder 2 so they both look the same. Asthe cylinders are 50cm I am going to need 10cm at the bottom. So both cylinders willhave just 40cm to space the letters. The spaces between each letter both differ oneach cylinder.HeightWidthSpaceCylinder 1 Measurements 1 Measurements 2 Cylinder 2 Measurement 1 Measurement 25 cm 5 x 5 letters = 25cm 40cm – 25cm = 15cm 5 cm 5 x 7 letters = 35cm 40cm – 35cm = 5cm6 cm 6 cm3 cm 15cm left for spacing = 15 divided by 5 letters = 3cm spacing 1.4 cmWhich leaves 10 cm for hole.5cm left for spacing = 5 divided by 7 letters = 1.4 spacing.Which leaves 10 cm for hole at bottom.Finalizing table of Stencilling lettering :I worked out using the measurements from the cylinders how bigthe lettering will be. I managed to leave 10cm at each cylinder atthe bottom. The table shows clearly the height , width and spacefor each letter on each cylinder. At the bottom of eachmeasurement it shows an formula on how I found the shapingsize out by leaving 10cm available to cut a hole into the chrome.