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Sense and sensibility: emotionally networked journalism


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Slides for a talk to Adelaide University history of emotions in news conference in Sept 2017. You can access the full text here:

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Sense and sensibility: emotionally networked journalism

  1. 1. Sense and Sensibility: emotionally networked journalism Professor Charlie Beckett Polis, LSE Adelaide, September 2017
  2. 2. Fake news 1844
  3. 3. The objective phase
  4. 4. ‘Human interest’
  5. 5. Drivers towards subjectivity • Economic (competition, attention) • Technological (sharing, engagement) • Data and behavioural science (audience, sentiment)
  6. 6. News now part of our intimate, personal lives
  7. 7. Truth, trust and technology: a new agenda for information and the public sphere
  8. 8. Truth: who decides?
  9. 9. Trust: an emotional relationship
  10. 10. Technology: ethical & emotional choices
  11. 11. Networked Emotional Journalism
  12. 12. Reinventing human interest as emotional literacy
  13. 13. Data + empathy = emotional networked journalism
  14. 14. “The challenge for the networked journalist is clear: how best to sustain the ethical, social, and economic value of journalism in this new emotionally networked environment.” Beckett, C and Deuze, M (2016) On the Role of Emotion in the Future of Journalism (Social Media + Society)
  15. 15. Stay in touch: • E: • Twitter: @CharlieBeckett • Blog: • Slideshare: • LSE Dept of Media and Communications: • LSE Truth, Trust and Technology Commission (Media Policy Project)