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  1. 1. Institutions Charlie Ann Tredget
  2. 2. This film had a budget of £6million. It invested a massive £369million. Most profitable movie. - My big fat Greek wedding.
  3. 3. This film was the lowest profitable film made. They had a budget of £15,00. They invested to £197million. Lowest profitable movie. - paranormal activity.
  4. 4. The most profitable film, My big fat Greek wedding made £363million through investment of the film. The lowest profitable film, Paranormal activity made £185million through investment of the film. How much money was made from each of the films?
  5. 5. My big fat Greek wedding production companies are; HBO Films, Gold circle Films and Playtone. These production companies are well known and a popular choice of production film companies. Paranormal activity film production is Paramount Pictures. Paramount pictures is ranked one of the largest film studios. This would be a well know production company. How well known are the production companies for both the high-budget and low-budget film?
  6. 6. The differences between a high and low budget film is the amount of profit they made out of the film, the amount of viewers that watched the film and the amount of money that was put into making the film. Each film was different and one being a horror and one being a comedy this shows two different genres. In this case the comedy film made a lot more profit. Both of the films have different production companies. List the differences between the high- budget film and the low-budget film in terms of the institutions.
  7. 7. The similarities between both of the films would be that they are both suitable for the viewers, people wouldn’t get bored of watching the film. It will entertain them. List any similarities that exist between the high-budget film and the low-budget film in terms of the institutions.
  8. 8. HBO Films also produced a film called ‘How to make it in America’ This was a successful film and made a lot of profit from the film. Paranormal productions are a small production company that only film the genres comedy, ski fi, and horror. As this company only does certain genres they wont be as successful as the others. What other films has the production company made? Were these as successful? Why/why not
  9. 9. HBO Films usually do comedy films and a very successful company for this. Each film that has had HBO films are a production company has come out with a lot of profit on the film. Paranormal Productions produce films for the genre ski-fi, Comedy, and horror. Although they produce a lot more films not all of them are as successful as other film production companies. What genre of films does the company usually produce? Is this important when considering who could produce your film? Why?
  10. 10. I think each of the films are being made for 15+ this is because each film has an adult nature and theme. Depending on the comedy films and what scenes are in each one would depend on who the audience was for. Both of the films I have chosen are more for adults, and a lot more adults would be appealed to this films. What audiences do each of the institutions aim to appeal to? Is this reflected through their film choice, or does this vary?
  11. 11. I think that HBO Films are a lot more successful when they produce films as each film that they have produced has made a lot of profit. As the films they produce are normally comedy it would take a while for them to produce and put together, so for the amount of time that they put into the film, this makes a lot of profit compared to paranormal production. Which institution do you feel outperforms the other and could claim to be more successful, considering your research? Explain your reasons.