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Music genre

  1. 1. RESEARCHING GENRE Charlie Ungerechts
  2. 2. GENRE Genre is a loose set of characteristics. Each genres unique characteristics that the audience expects. Some examples of music genre are: • Country • Indie • Pop • Rock • Folk • Scremo • Heavy Metal
  3. 3. MUSIC GENRE There are different genres even in music, so in this power point I will research indie genre so I can make an indie music magazine.
  4. 4. STOCK CHARACTERS People or bands photographed for his type of magazine are generally ‘indie’. Indie Characteristics: • Alternative clothes • Laid back • Don’t follow the social expectations • Individual • Have their own style • Not clean shaved • Not in with the mainstream • Unique
  5. 5. FONTS AND THEMES Indie themes have a wide variety because indie is all about being yourself and unique, however the theme indie does suggest rebellion and youth. So its likely that the band in magazines such as NME are young and laid back. Fonts would be bold and edgy, and really in your face to prove the power behind this rebellious youth.
  6. 6. LOCATIONS AND BACKDROPS • Festivals • Woods • Forests • The ‘rough’ parts of city's • Stages • Graffiti
  7. 7. PROPS An indie band would use there instruments in a photo shoot as well a other things such as • Guitar • Drum sticks/ set • Mike • Amp • Megaphone • Banjo • Hats/ bandanas • Cameras
  8. 8. COSTUMES The costumes or rather clothes they would be wearing would be Unique and in heir own style. This is because they don’t follow social expectations. So they can be as dressed up as they want or on the other hand, as dressed down.
  9. 9. MAKE UP Indie make up on the front cover of a magazine is normally excessive. This can be bright make up or quite dark make up either way because its quite ‘in your face’ it grabs the readers attention. This model has very dark eye make up, but it defines them and draws the audience in This bright blue lipstick is out of the norm, and shows rebelion
  10. 10. REPRESENTATION The ‘indie’ group pride themselves in being unique. They are represented as being quite original they like to be the first to find new things such as bands, music, new hair styles, and clothes. For example the indie type would wear, skinny jeans, tops with bands on them, ‘skater’ skirts, converse, Nikes, hats, etc. Their make up would either be very plain or very full on unique. Events such as battle of the bands or Wakestock festival would be an ideal place for them to o as this would give them the opportunity to find new bands and new sounds to follow. Bands such a ‘Passenger’ and ‘Munford and Sons’ are every indie, and have their own style hat set trends for here fans and follows.
  11. 11. SUMMARY To make my indie music magazine work I need to use the information I have found doing this research. I will shoot the photo graphs in the studio to make them look professional, the models must be in the indie genre, so they must look, laid back and unique. Maybe coloured hair to make them stand out. Make up should be either dark to show mysterious or bright so it stands out to fit in with the indie genre. The clothing that the models wear must be cool and new, so skinny jeans converse etc. However to make them look the part for the music genre I will use props such as guitars and drum sticks. To add to laid back effect that indie people have maybe use sun glasses or a hat. My font will have a unique style and edge to them to ensure that they stand out when its on the shelf, so a strong bold font for the masthead and sell lines to draw in the target audience. If I follow all of these ideas it should bring in the indie audience I need for my magazine and make it look professional.