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Audience feedback

  1. 1. Audience Feedback
  2. 2. Things the audience liked about the camera work• One of the things that came up most in the comments we were given was that the audience loved the use of the underwater camera. They said it helped our project to stand out in comparison to the others that they watched and made it more interesting for the viewer. We were extremely happy with these comments as it took us a lot of effort to get this shot right and it had the impact we wanted it to on our audience.• One other comment the audience made was that they loved the use of the camera as the mirror in the shots with the girls putting make up on. They said this was a really creative idea and we were pleased with this as it meant we had achieved the artistic look we were going for.
  3. 3. Things the audience liked about the use of sound• The audience felt that our song choice fully suited our genre. One member of the audience said the music was ‘happy, perky and went well with the actual work and genre’. They generally felt that we made good use of diegetic sound and used it appropriately in our film.• Nobody from the audience recognised that the music had been sped up and cut to fit in well with the film which we found quite interesting. We were glad however that they did not recognise as it shows that we managed to keep the music really clear and managed to cut and edit it well.
  4. 4. Things the audience liked about the Mise –en-scene• A large majority of our audience commented on our use of make-up throughout the film and thought that we made really good use of it. We felt that the use of make up to convey the idea of being beautiful was a typical convention of a Chick Flick and so tried to make good use of it and our audience also agreed that this tied in well with the Chick Flick genre.• Many people also commented on the use of the nail polish shots as they thought that it helped reinforce that this was a Chick Flick.• A lot of the audience also commented that they really liked our use of costume. They loved that the twins had matching costumes and socks as they thought it reinforced their quirkiness as characters and felt it was typical of teenage girls copying each others style as they havn’t yet found their own identities.
  5. 5. Things the audience liked about the Editing• The editing I feel was one of our strongest points in this process. The audience loved the use of the motion tracking to make our credits move alongside the characters and they were all asking us how we managed to achieve this. They felt our editing was smooth and we said we used good match on action throughout the film. If we were to make this opening credits sequence again we would definitely use the motion tracking again as this really stood out in our film compared to others.• The audience also felt that we had good continuity which is always important when making a film. I feel that working in a small location helped this as we were easily able to see everything in the shot and recognised quickly if something wasn’t supposed to be there.• Finally the audience commented that our editing was snappy which really pleased us as this is a convention of Chick Flicks. Quick, snappy intercuts are often used in Chick Flicks to show the quirkiness and excitement of the characters.
  6. 6. Things the audience thought could be improved on Camera Work• Although the audience mainly felt that our camera work was good some members felt that we used too many close ups in our film.• The audience commented that the beginning of our film was quite shaky, however they said this definitely improved throughout the film. We explained to them that it was shaky as a result of us using a monopod while being stood on the bed in order to try and achieve the particular shot we wanted.
  7. 7. Things the audience thought could be improved on in Mise-en-scene• One thing we found that the audience thought we could have improved a lot on was that they wanted to know if the story was going anywhere. They said it needed more mystery behind it and I would definitely agree with this. While we were planning we decided that each character would get a text message that the audience would not see and they would all look confused. We felt this would give the audience a sense that something was coming, however when we came to film we thought that we had enough footage already and didn’t realise the huge impact leaving this out would have on our film. If I were to do this again I would definitely add more of a sense of mystery to the film as it helps to give it some direction and keep the audience focused.
  8. 8. Things the audience thought could be improved on in the use of sound• One member of the audience mentioned that we used no diegetic sound. We did not feel that it was really necessary to use diegetic sound in the opening of the film as in a large amount of opening credits scenes there is no diegetic sound. If we were to do this again we may have looked into areas where we could have added diegetic sound as this may have led to our film being more realistic and people may have been drawn in more by this.• The same member of audience also felt that the song was not related to the film. However the majority of the audience thought the song and film went really well together so I don’t think we would change the song if we had to do this again, unless we had the option of using copyright free music.
  9. 9. Things the audience thought could be improved on in Editing• We only had two criticisms on our editing and these were that:• The being Mia font at the end didn’t really go.• We should have cut the part at the end when Mia has to close the door a second time as it didn’t close properly the first time. If we were to edit the opening of this film again this is something we would definitely change. Although we did actually leave it in intentionally as we thought it would show Mia’s character as being clumsy, it didn’t really work. If we had carried on with the film we feel it would have become more apparent that it was supposed to be there as it showed how she was a bit clumsy and this characterisation would have been developed throughout the rest of the film.
  10. 10. How helpful was the audience Feedback• Overall I feel the audience feedback was really helpful. It was sometimes frustrating as we knew that we could not improve on any of the audiences comments, however it has given us an idea on what we would improve on if we were to do this again in the future.• I think the audience generally enjoyed our film and they did say that some of the shots stood out from the other films, especially the film that was similar to ours.