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Task 7 magazine janet devlin

  1. 1. Janet Devlin Mark Wright in the jungle Janet Devlin gets voted off X-factor
  2. 2. Janet Devlin claims she’s not X Factor material. X Factor reject Janet Devlin declared she was never right for the contest - and insisted she did not mind losing out on a place in the semi-final. The flame-haired 17-year-old was booted out on Sunday night after a tense sing-off with fellow hopeful Misha B. Judge Kelly Rowland's decision to abstain from voting for either of her acts meant Devlin was automatically sent home. But the teenager insisted she was "fine" with her mentor opting out. "I'm glad Misha's there because she is so deserving of being there, she works so hard, she wants it so badly, it's so true that she deserved it more than I did," Devlin said. "I'm not X Factor material, and I've said this from the audition, I'm just who I am. I don't think it's what The X Factor wanted. I'm just glad they still gave me the opportunity to be on the live shows." "What I bring to my own music is the music that I like, which is quite underground." Devlin, from Omagh, Co Tyrone, forgot some of the words to 90s' Hanson hit Mmm Bop on Saturday night's show, later blaming the mistake on feeling like she was "going to throw up". "People make it out to be such a huge bloody deal, but life goes on, music never stops, music is a continuous form of expression, why does it have to stop if I get kicked off a TV show of all things?"
  3. 3. Ah, lucky us! The adorable and affable Joey Essex called us this afternoon to talk about his favourite Finalists, his dating technique and to reveal what’s really going on between him and Jessica Wright. Tell us, was Saturday's show reem? It was reem, absolute quality. The Finalists sounded incredible – even better than on the TV! I loved Little Mix and I didn’t agree with Gary. They’ve got a winning R ‘n’ B sound and they should stick with it. Who's your vote to win? Little Mix! If not, then Craig or Amelia. She’s fit. I think Tulisa and Kelly are great judges too. If those two came to Essex, I’d take them to my favourite restaurant in South Woodford called The Bel-Sit followed by a bit of club action – we’d reserve a table and dance all night. So, are you dating Jessica Wright? Ah, she’s a lovely girl. We chat every day and we’ve snogged a few times. It could potentially develop into a relationship so watch this space. You’re quite good at pulling, aren’t you? I do alright. My favourite chat-up line is 'Do I know you?' I follow this up by pretending I met her the week before at a party so she has no choice but to talk to me. It works! You came up with ‘reem,’ any other Joey-isms? Yes, I say ‘excited united’ all the time and ‘numsay’ which translated means ‘you know what I’m saying?’ Tell us a secret… I wear my socks inside out. I can’t put them on any other way – I reckon I must suffer from OCD. Hidden talent? I can skateboard pretty well. Do you fancy Essex girls? I do, but I think the ladies need to ease up on the fake tan and bleach a bit. I prefer natural looking make-up, but the girls on the show are gorgeous though. Are you and Mark Wright arch enemies? Not at all – I’m really close mates with him. Just the other week we went out in London on the razz together and woke up the following morning with very sore heads. And finally, how sexy do you think you are? I’d give myself 9 and a half out of ten. I don’t wanna sound too cocky!
  4. 4. I'M A Celebrity runner-up Mark Wright has revealed how the pressure of his hit show The Only Way Is Essex drove him to tears. Mark said the hype surrounding his womanising image got so bad that he begged producers to tone it down. He continued: "I am so grateful to TOWIE for putting me where I am today, but I did get upset a lot over the way I was portrayed. "My family and friends, and my sister Jessica, would get upset too. "I had several discussions with producers about it." In The Sun's exclusive interview, Mark, 24, also revealed he now can't wait to capitalise on his I'm A Celebrity success.