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Super Bowl.Indianapolis.2012.Jan9


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Meet and Greet the Ultra HNW fans coming to Super Bowl by private jet.

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Super Bowl.Indianapolis.2012.Jan9

  1. 1. TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATIONTouch Down Celebration - 2008 Super Bowl XLVI Indianapolis, IN 2012
  2. 2. The Bombardier Touchdown Lounge About Bombardier Business Aircraft Largest Private Jet company in the World. Builds three families of high-performance Business Jets. - Learjet - Challenger - Global Bombardier is a world leader in innovative transportation solutions, from jet card membership, fractional ownership to entire aircraft purchase. Million Air, Indianapolis Million Air is one of the largest fixed-based operators for private aviation in the world, providing fueling, ground handling services, charter, maintenance, overnight hangar accommodations, including a brand new state of the art facility, recently acquired in July 2009.Bringing a Touch of Luxury to Super Bowl XLVI
  3. 3. The Bombardier Touchdown Lounge What is the Touchdown Lounge? Bombardier has teamed with Million Air - Indianapolis International Airport (IND) to provide a V.I.P Arrivals & Departure Lounge for all customers arriving/departing on jet aircraft over the Super Bowl weekend using a transformed Hangar. A Most Exclusive Annual Event- -- “So exclusive you can only get in if you arrive in a private jet.” On Sunday the V.I.P space will be used to host a viewing party for all pilots departing that evening. They will be joined by the owners and passengers after the game as they wait for their position for departure.Bringing a Touch of Luxury to Super Bowl XLVI
  4. 4. The Bombardier Touchdown Lounge What Will It Look Like? The hangar has over 18,000 square feet usable space The hangar will be transformed into an intimate comfortable V.I.P arrivals/departures lounge. Catering & beverages will be provided Jumbo & flat screen Monitors for the viewing party arranged into mini living rooms Gift area on arrival & departure. Bombardier staff will greet each arriving aircraft and usher guests into the arrivals lounge.Bringing a Touch of Luxury to Super Bowl XLVI
  5. 5. The Bombardier Touchdown Lounge Other Events Bombardier has held successful Touchdown Celebrations in San Diego, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix, and Tampa. Bombardier will have two aircraft open & on display outside the hangar. The Bombardier Touchdown Lounge will be used to showcase a limited number of new luxury products & services that guests can interact with and be entertained. High end departure gifts and sampling. Rolls Royce in Fort Lauderdale, see video clip: Efe4D7Q&feature=plcp&context=C323 7641UDOEgsToPDskLGFkWGWy1O1 IO6n0FfrHHFBringing a Touch of Luxury to Super Bowl XLVI
  6. 6. The Bombardier Touchdown Lounge Audience Private jet owners are the Core Customer for Luxury Brands: Average individual wealth is greater than $3.5 billion for Bombardier owners Average individual wealth is greater than $50 million for Million Air clients 46% interested in yachting 38% interested in fast cars and motor sports 25% play golf and travel to golf destinations 25% collect fine art 90% purchased fine jewelry 85% purchased fashion/accessories 79% stayed in a hotel/resort & spa for business and leisure 25% took a cruise 85% purchased wine or spirits 90% own multiple homes and own or lease luxury vehiclesBringing a Touch of Luxury to Super Bowl XLVI
  7. 7. The Bombardier Touchdown Lounge Celebrity Athlete AppearancesTouch Down Celebration - 2008 Touch Down Celebration - 2008 Quarterback Brady Quinn, Phoenix, AZ - 2008Bringing a Touch of Luxury to Super Bowl XLVI
  8. 8. The Bombardier Touchdown Lounge Schedule Thursday, February 2 Set-up Friday, Saturday Bombardier Touch Down Lounge (February 3-4) Open, Catering 11:00AM-7:00 PM Bombardier Aircraft on Display Meet & greet each aircraft Arrivals Gift area Flat screens on Sunday, February 5 Meet & greet each aircraft 8:00 AM - Midnight Bombardier Aircraft on display Gift area and Catering Pilot viewing party for Super Bowl XLVIBringing a Touch of Luxury to Super Bowl XLVI
  9. 9. The Bombardier Touchdown Lounge Logistics Location: Million Air – Indianapolis International Airport 6921 Pierson Drive Indianapolis, IN 46241 (317) 554-8400 Sponsor fees vary per category and space requirements. Payment due with signed agreement. Partners are responsible for all additional costs, including construction of company/product branded area, staff, travel, hotel and transportation. Sponsor Information: Charles Ward (214) 995-5584 Please Visit, Katie Turpin Katie@IdeasUSA.comBringing a Touch of Luxury to Super Bowl XLVI