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Virtual Reality Presentation at #HybridLive


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HLI is an organized group of teachers, administrators and subject-matter experts seeking to create a more student-centered approach to learning. This presentation was a look at how virtual reality tools and applications can be used in k-12 education.

The live poll suvery (via have been removed and the video files are now available via YouTube.

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Virtual Reality Presentation at #HybridLive

  1. 1. Virtual Reality Fake worlds for real adventure to increase student engagement.
  2. 2. Introduction  Charles Palmer  Harrisburg University  Program lead and Professor of Interactive Media  Executive Director, Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies  Gamification author  Game developer  3d Printing enthusiast  Budding data scientist  Social @charlespalmer (Twitter)
  3. 3. Harrisburg University  Only non-profit science and technology-focused comprehensive non-profit university between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh  Urban campus in the heart of the State Capitol  Supports the academic success of members of groups historically under-represented in applied science and technology fields  Private not-for-profit 501(c)(3) university  Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education June 22, 2009  14-story $73-million state-of-the-art Academic Center  Wireless, laptop campus  Student/Faculty Ratio: 13 to 1  HU has NOT raised tuition in the last 4 years Undergraduate Programs  Analytics  Biotechnology  Computer and Information Science  Geospatial Technology  Integrative Sciences  Interactive Media  Management & eBusiness Graduate Programs  Analytics  Computer Information Sciences  Information Systems Engineering & Management  Learning Technologies & Media Systems  Project Management
  4. 4. Overview  What is VR?  A little bit of history  Current technology  How it works  Examples  What’s next…
  5. 5. What is virtual reality Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces where the user views a screen, these systems immerse the user inside of 3D worlds creating a richer, fuller interactive experience.
  6. 6. “Students with access to virtual reality in a geometry class have a better understanding of those geometric shape (especially planes) and in geography students have a better understanding of spatial relationships in terms of landscapes and cityscapes” Richard Byrne, President Byrne Instructional Media, LLC
  7. 7.
  8. 8. A little bit of history. How did we get here?
  9. 9. Hugo Gernsback (August 16, 1884 – August 19, 1967) Born Hugo Gernsbacher, was a Luxembourgish-American inventor, writer, editor, and magazine publisher, best known for publications including first science fiction magazine. His contributions to the genre as publisher were so significant that, along with the novelists H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, he is sometimes called "The Father of Science Fiction”. In his honor, annual awards presented at the World Science Fiction Convention are named the “Hugo”.
  10. 10. Timeline 1956 - 2015
  11. 11. Timeline Morton Heilig Sensorama – 1956-1962 The Sensorama was able to display stereoscopic 3-D images in a wide-angle view, provide body tilting, supply stereo sound, and also had tracks for wind and aromas to be triggered during the film.
  12. 12. Timeline Ivan Sutherland Head Mounted Display The Sword of Damocles is widely considered to be the first virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) head- mounted display (HMD) system. It was created in 1968 by computer scientist Ivan Sutherland with the help of his student Bob Sproull. Before he began working toward what he termed "the ultimate display", Ivan Sutherland was already well respected for his accomplishments in computer graphics.
  13. 13. Timeline DataGlove Thomas G. Zimmerman US Patent 4542291 Various sensor technologies are used to capture physical data such as bending of fingers. Often a motion tracker, such as a magnetic tracking device or inertial tracking device, is attached to capture the global position/rotation data of the glove. These movements are then interpreted by the software that accompanies the glove, so any one movement can mean any number of things.
  14. 14. VPL, Inc. One of the first companies that developed and sold virtual reality products. It was founded by VR pioneer Jaron Lanier in 1984. VPL started in the corner of Lanier's cottage in the San Francisco Bay Area. "VPL" stood for "Visual Programming Languages", and Lanier said that the goal of the company was to create a visual programming language to bring programming to a mass audience. Timeline
  15. 15. Timeline USAF Super Cockpit Program 1986-1989 Dr. Thomas Furness is a pioneer in the development of interfaces between humans and complex machines. Most of his work has centered on the concept of virtual interface technologies which prove a circumambience of three dimensional spatial information to the human using the visual, auditory and tactile sensory modalities.
  16. 16. Timeline PC Power VR 1998-2000 The first personal computers capable of running virtual reality came onto the market in the late 90s. But the head- mounted displays were cumbersome and of lower resolution.
  17. 17. Timeline Oculus Rift August 2012 In just 30 days, the Oculus Rift Kickstarter campaign raised $2,437,429, a mere 947% over their intended goal. It was a testament that the average tech consumer was ready for a VR device.
  18. 18. Timeline Facebook Buys Oculus April 2014 The $2 billion acquisition deal of the virtual reality pioneer becomes official. The exact price of the acquisition came out to $2,001,985,000. The VR startup will operate somewhat independently and maintain its main offices in the Irvine and Los Angeles areas.
  19. 19. Timeline Major Players enter the VR Market Aside from Facebook, 10 other companies were added to the VR Watchlist: Amazon, Google, Virtuix, AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, Nvidia, Microsoft, Sony, and Valve.
  20. 20. How did we get here … $750,000 $700g1985 2015
  21. 21. Today in VR Desktop Mobile Head-mounted Platforms $600 $800 $11 $18 $75
  22. 22. Poll Question Describe a VR title or demonstration you’ve seen or experienced. Visit with #2085 to participate
  23. 23. View on Youtube
  24. 24. View on Youtube
  25. 25. How does it work Capture or Create
  26. 26. How does it work: Stereoscopy The technological development of three-dimensional photography was also a social innovation. The new ability to share visual experiences gave rise to mid-19th-century viewing parties. Guests at these social gatherings would pass around individual stereo viewers, which permitted them to gaze at distant lands, unique botany, or even art. Usage: 1850-1920Stereoscopic viewer 1970s Stereoscopic viewer marketed to kids and families
  27. 27. Stereoscopy via Head Mounted Display (HMD) How does it work
  28. 28. How does it work: Stereoscopy
  29. 29. How does it work Display Room system
  30. 30. Demos Education  The Body VR  Fight for Falluja  Shark Shipwreck  Elephants on the Brink  Google Expeditions  Safety in a Box  Google VR in the Classroom  VR in Education (AMD) Entertainment  I Expect You to Die  Trials on Tatooine  Snow World  RCSI Medical Training Simulator  The Presence  The Void  What is the Void  Ghostbusters The Body VR: An immersive tour through the human body using the Oculus Rift.
  31. 31. VR & AR @ HU
  32. 32. VR & AR @ HU Plasma Racer Interactive game for anatomy and physiology students Race against time through the circulatory system Virtusphere Title Description Goal Platform View on Youtube
  33. 33. VR & AR @ HU Plant Safety Training simulation for industrial plant employees Complete a series of orientation “shifts” to illustrate facility knowledge and organization competencies. Virtusphere Title Description Goal Platform View on Youtube
  34. 34. VR & AR @ HU Gaze Analytics Recreate grocery shopping experience in VR. Track shopper’s gaze path to see which packages and locations attract the most attention. Oculus Title Description Goal Platform
  35. 35. VR & AR @ HU AR Exploration Explore usages of AR technologies in STEM education Work with zSpace and Aayuna to develop the next generation of AR applications and technologies. zSpace Title Description Goal Platform
  36. 36. ways virtual reality could change education 1. Collaboration in virtual reality classroom fosters social integration of learners Dr. Conor Galvin, University College Dublin School of Education and Lifelong Learning 2. Not possible in reality is possible in virtual reality Inge Knudsen, Learnmark Business College (Central Denmark) 3. Virtual game-based experience increases students’ motivation Jane Wilde, Instructional Designer at Linfield College (Mcminnville, Oregon) 4. Virtual reality introduces new approach to rewards 5. Virtual platforms and headsets are the new tools for inspiring creative learning Tom Chatfield, Author, Broadcaster, Tech Theorist 5
  37. 37. Slido Survey Results Visit for the results
  38. 38. Thank you  Thanks for your time  Contact me via  Twitter @charlespalmer  LinkedIn  Download this presentation from
  39. 39. Alternate Reality Games: Gamification for Performance leads us through the advantages of applying ARGs to the workplace and the classroom, revealing how businesses and schools are using them to shift their focus from efficiency to an ability to learn and respond rapidly to external changes.